Delhi descends into savagery : a personal experience

Hi Shekhar,
I was in West Delhi at that time and was around 6years old. Although I was very young at that time, I can almost clearly remember everything that happened.
I was suffering from chicken pox and my little brother was only 4 years old. My dad had an accident earlier and had a plastered leg. My mom was the only person who was taking care of my dad in bed, myself and my little brother. My little brother wore patka and we also had a ‘Khanda’ outside our house. My mom didn’t know what to do and just hung a sheet outside to cover it. She could hear the crowd going to each street one by one and doing the killings and loots. She could see our local Gurdwara on fire from the roof. Since my dad was always in the front room…she moved him to the back of the house along with us, without thinking that once they are in the house, we can easily be found at the back too.
I remember vaguely seeing her rushing up on the roof to see what was going on and to come and try to take care of us. The loud noises could be hear and she could see smoke and fire around us in different streets.
It was lucky for us that once the mob got to our street they decided to go to the other streets first which had more Sikh houses and leave our street for last, as we only had a couple of houses where Sikhs lived. As they went further up, there was a family where one of their relative, who was visiting from US, had a pistol. And as he fired in the air the mob ran away. Due to that one person, my family was left unharmed. I do not know who that was, but wherever he is, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Lot of lives changed after that incident! I went back to school and found my friends crying all the time as there families were killed, and the horror stories I heard and the people I saw, when I visited my doctor, will stay with me forever!
Just thought I would share my experience on this day!
My prayers are with all those families that suffered losses during the riots in 1984.
P.S. I would also like to add that one thing I noticed after the riots was that all the Sikhs who suffered during the riots, lost there business there families, have come out to be even more successful and have been flourishing even more. Which shows that history repeats once again…every time an attack has been made on Sikhs they have come out of it even more stronger and flourishing!

8 thoughts on “Delhi descends into savagery : a personal experience

  1. Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    And Sikhs are not exception to this.

  2. violence begins with injustice at level of individuals. starts the moment one looks upon another as unequal. Systems are build afterall by people.

  3. System did not failed during those days, it was a part of that system which created that situation..
    But even after that, I really feel very proud to call me an Indian because my family was saved just because of some really good people who were not hindus, not muslims, not chtistians but only INDIAN…

  4. If it were America, The Police Chief and the Delhi Governor of the time would have been held responsible who failed to do their basic duty for which they were paid and allowed Sikh massacre to happen for 3 days continuously in broad day light. These Heads of the administration are guiltier than Kana Bagat or Ganda Turtler. Sikh Community and Indian Teeth-less justice system is going in wrong directions to find the culprits. It is very clear.” The Heads of administration” are guilty. No witness is needed. Death of so many and inactions of Police is enough a proof of their failure and hang these culprits . Otherwise such violence will keep happening again and again because murderers know they can get away from Indian joker judges who are playing in the hands of politicians . Witnesses and investigators are continuously threatened. Why do you need witnesses for thousands of murders??

  5. Kapoor Sir why don’t u make a movie on this event.
    I think u have no reason to downplay his request.
    You movie will be the voice for the victims.

  6. Kapoor Sir why don’t u make a movie on this tragedy.
    I think u have no reason to downplay his request.
    You movie will be the voice for the victims.

  7. i would want to interact with the ppl who had been present during the incidence to have a better picture.for a project i wan to make based on 84 riots.kindly let me mailid-

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