Nicole Kidman to Baba Ramdev to Isabelle Adjani and the Parisian world of fashion

I was supposed to leave for Paris to edit my commercial with Nicole Kidman, when I got a call from Baba Ramdev to come to the opening of his new Yoga and Healing center in Hardwar. And who could say no to him ? The last time I met Baba Ramdev at a friends house in Mumbai, he just sat me down next to him and held my hand. There was such an auro of peace around him and I just hoped he would not let my hand go.
Can you think of a big center for Yoga and healing ? Whatever you thought multiply it 10 times. The centre can take in 10,000 people at a time and most of the treatment and yoga lessons are free. It amazes me how people like him get things done ! There is something about faith, passion and clarity of purpose that moves the impossible. The universe seems to buckle under the force of your passion and creates the path, like the seas parting for Moses.
There something there that we ordinary mortals can learn. That people with extraordinary passion and clarity refuse even to acknowledge obstacles, for in their vision they are already at their goal. They see their goal and themselves as one, almost in an eternal relationship. The do not conceive failure.
One night of being surrounded by the yogic ambiance and I was in Paris in the thick of the advertising world. Bold, creative, brash, but completely out of the box, French advertising is quite heady and out of the box. I worked with a new agency called ‘Fred & Farid’ run by two young men called (of course) Fred and Farid who have won more advertising awards than is possible, and are turning advertising into an adventure. More power to them. I really enjoyed working with them (and fighting with them over the cut of the film)
And so they arranged for me to have lunch with Isabelle Adjani to bribe me. They won hands down. Who could resist meeting one of the great actresses of her time ? Remember Le Rein Margot ??
After losing my wallet all my cash and credit cards ( it’s Paris – what do you expect ?), I arrived last night to my favorite place on earth. The Hotel Speckbacher near Innsbruck. Came to my room and opened the curtains to let the full moon stream in as she lit up the snow clad peaks in the back. Ahhh , I sat down and did some Pranayam as Baba Ramdev had taught me.
It all comes around in the end.

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  1. whatever you wrote is so much sense, that it all comes around in the end. My wife has lupus and her kidneys are 80 % damaged. Doctors here in US, have suggested Dialysis and she just believed Ramdev so much, inspite of me telling her not to risk her life, she did all that therapy diligently that she is feeling better.. all her edemas are gone and the blood reports are getting back to normal. She had this clarity & a positive mental Attitude that works wonders for her even at times, when most of the people would probably give in. Now I, not only respect her, there is this feeling that is indescribable. Sometimes, when I am into some trouble, she would just say ” Bhagwan jo karta hai, achhe ke liye karta hai” and now I realize that simple statement to be so true..
    So it all comes around.
    I have been an avid reader of your blog and read and forwarded your articles to thousands of people (I know off)all around the world to know and understand, atleast try once a day to understand as to WHY and WHAT you write…
    This world should be better because of people like you.. Like you said ” we must be responsible bloggers”.
    PLEASE keep writing. Always.
    Manav Malhotra

  2. Shekhar, have you read Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem SAVITRI and his other book – LIFE DIVINE?

  3. no, but I want to, ideaunique. If you have would you describe your interpretation of the books ?

  4. What to say about such selfless caretakers of humanity with a vision to make world a better place …
    I’ve myself seen the benefits to the needy
    Even my own family members being helped…
    I tried for 2 years to bring him to Sunnyvale but … many don’t understand … we arranged even helicopter to bring him from LA for few hours during his visit but organizer didn’t understand … no regrets, maybe right time will come …
    You spoke most important words, with meaning, care for India …
    It was great pleasure to see you on Aastha TV ..
    Sure you contributed a lot to the efforts and changing your schedule to attend the event …
    You looked greeaat sitting with Ramdevji …
    and a Sadhu in Safforn …
    Wish you the best

  5. (There is something about faith, passion and clarity of purpose that moves the impossible. The universe seems to buckle under the force of your passion and creates the path)
    I get conflicted about whther to live life with passion or dispassion? Attachment, passion and egoism are’nt they impurities of the mind? I get further confused when the above comes from you.

  6. Dear Shekharji,
    I saw that photographs of yours with Ramdevji and Hema Malini…I could not miss the twinkle in your eyes and you were blissfully happy in his company.
    Just an hour back, I was doing recce on various schools to shoot children in age group of 2-12 as I am making a documentary for them, co incidently I met a principal Mr.Murthy, to take permission for shoot tomorrow. He was in spiritual mood and he spoke what you write in this blog…he said about meditation and how we are in this stage connected to the real world and if this we do with dedication, even our real material action become so clear…he went on and on with this and I forgot that I have to shoot a film, immerising my own self in his thoughts.
    Today, I resolve that no matter how much busy life makes me to be, I will meditate. I would suggest others too to do the same.

  7. ahhhh
    even the power dissolves
    something of nothingness
    can be experienced
    so vast
    so boundless
    we cannot
    bring it to mere words…
    but you, Shekhar…you have such a beautiful way of expressing your experiences
    makes me feel as though I am there watching the magic unfold.
    Namaste and thank you for sharing,
    In deep appreciation and awareness,
    one question…
    Have you any thoughts on the movie “2012” and it’s meaning, to be released November 13, 2009?
    Not sure if my question is asking what I am seeking, but I am interested in your thoughts on the subject.
    Now reading, “Beyond 2012” by James Endredy, A Shaman’s Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness.

  8. Sir,
    Only you can do this and willingly EAST and WEST.
    Vinod Agarwal – Not qualified enough to judge you.
    Must wait for your BIOGRAPHY or AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

  9. I was confused about something in my life, and by reading this I understood why was I confused and what did I lack. Just passion is not enough, faith and clarity is needed. Thanks for bringing a clarity in me.

  10. The book I mentioned ‘The Secret’..Your words ‘There is something about faith, passion and clarity of purpose that moves the impossible. The universe seems to buckle under the force of your passion and creates the path, like the seas parting for Moses.’ sum up the essence of the book.

  11. Baba Ramdev?
    I have never consciously heard of Him…until this post, I was so moved by your description…I googled his bio and youtube presentation of yoga.
    On April 3,4,5, here in Toronto, Spiritual Master, Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji was present for pujas, blessings and talks. I was fortunate to have many blessings and healings from Swamiji, I know waht you speak of Shekhar when you say about “not let my hand go”.
    Swamiji then toured in the US (Datta Retreat Center).
    Upon returning to India, His tour included
    get this…
    Haridwar on 11th April 2009 to perform in the Music for Meditation and Healing programme at Patanjali Yoga Peeth – the internationally renowned Yoga Institution of Yog Rishi Pujya Swami Ramdevji in Haridwar, Uttarkhand State in Northern India.
    There are even photos with Swamiji and Ramdevji smiling together
    Have a look!:)
    Honouring the connections of the universe…how we are reminded of them daily, moment to moment, but just sometimes they come with an exclamation mark!!!
    Namaste Shekhar,

  12. Hi shekhar sir…i read your blog about baba ramdev and your paris visit, which is published in a hindi paper. Actually it is very enlightining because there are few similarities between you and me…as you are film maker so am i…i am assistant director in hindi film industry, aspiring to be a director like you and Pan Nalin and you will be surprised to know that i met you once in Sudhir Mishra’s office in mumbai versova when you came there for the screening of the film SIKANDAR directed by Piyush Jha…i did some work of post production…
    and the other similarity is that i am also interested in sprituality since my childhood… i am disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas who wrote the world famous book LIVING WITH THE HIMALAYAN MASTERS. His ashram is also in Rishikesh and incidentally i was also there when you came to haridwar…and ofcourse i am an ardent reader of your friends deepak chopra’s books…so you are my role model in a sense that i am still trying to adjust my spritual life with the great material life of MUMBAI ha ha ha… so your blog helped me in my eternal pursiut of amalgamation of the inside and the outside which in truth are not two but ONE…advait the pure conciousness The Self.

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