Oh no ! IPL leaves India for boring foreign shores

What is IPL without the crowds screaming, howling and cheering ? What is IPL without all the controversies of what the sexy cheerleaders should or should not wear ? Without all that IPL is just … well .. cricket. In India cricket sizzles and IPL was cricket mixed with heady festivities of a pop concert. We will miss the melodrama of it all. I know everyone is making the right statements like ” we are doing this for the good of the country as national elections are coming up”.
National elections are good for the country ? That’s debatable. And does our inability to provide adequate security for the matches mean that there will be a ban on big political rallies for the lack of adequate security cover ? Now that’s a good thought.

9 thoughts on “Oh no ! IPL leaves India for boring foreign shores

  1. IPL is las vegas of cricket.the shift takes place to make sure that shows go on and money keeps pouring in.It was never to promote cricket in india..what a paradigm in watching rajasthan royals cliching fierce battle with chennai superstars on a videshi dhartee

  2. IPL outside India is no issue to me
    1.afterall there is a huge NRI crowd all over the world who can watch them.
    2. World sells Pepsi/Coke/Toyota/Honda to the world , why shouldnt India spread Movies and Cricket outside the world .
    3. Its good decision from money point of view.
    4. Good from security point of view
    5. TV will still be broadcasted in India so people can watch it .
    What is wrong in this decision ??

  3. LOL Shekhar…that is a real good one…would love to see those meaningless rallies banned…as for IPL…really sad day for India….are we being cowed down by the threat of terrorism? or is it lack of political will?..or are the netas too busy at the ringside creating tamasha of their own, scheming and politicking and afraid another bigger, snazzier, show will overshadow them and take away all the attention from them and their wheeling and deeling?? or are they scared ppl will prefer cricket over elections and voter turnout will be dismal?? I wonder..

  4. Shekhar,
    While I have already spoken my mind regarding IPL’s harakiric decision here I will only enjoy your phrase “boring foreign shores”. Jai Ho!

  5. The elections should entertain us just as well, I suppose. Especially since these elections’ share of communal violence is already over, hopefully, in the form of church-breaking, burning Christians alive, rape of nuns, etc. Hopefully, it should all be good, clean fun now.

  6. Hey shekhar, i agree with you that the cricket will not have that charm in some other country as it is in here.Moreover, if we are talking of security problems only,then one should remember that if terrorist could breach into US security (WTC attack)then its no big deal that they can do it in some cricket playing nation(if they want to).But one thing that is picking my mind is that didn’t the IPL organizers know about the elections date.

  7. Its foolish to imagine that IPL is about cricket! Its about glitz, fun and glamour like you rightly pointed out but is more importantly about Cash, Politics and lobbies of Power!

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