I am travelling in Gujarat with my daughter visiting the villages that keep the traditional handicrafts alive from generation to generation, the Rann of Kutch and now in the Gir forests in search of the last of the Asian lions. Many of these things will probably not survive the onslaught of our times by the time she grows up. So I would like her to see where India really grew up.
No fast internet access here – so will post some pictures and more details soon.

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  1. Hi sir,
    Please give some points to be learnt for the upcoming directors like me. I want to ask u something dat is, is really experience required for a director to direct a movie?

  2. Wish you safe and wonderful travel, time …
    Its rare moment, and lucky to travel with your daughter…
    Nurture your soul and live these moments to enjoy the memories …
    Look forward for the updates …

  3. It’s wonderful you’re sharing this with your daughter while you still can. Nothing can ever be taken for granted and you never know if you get another chance when you procrastinate. I’ve stopped procrastinating since Heath’s passing… Carpe diem… Have a wonderful time with your daughter – I’m sure she’ll treasure the memories…

  4. Dear Shekhar ji and to your daughter,
    It may seem little bit personal but wish to thank you that you are touring Kutch or Kutchchh…
    It is also nice that you are taking your daughter to places which otherwise very few will go…hope you get good purchase of Kutchi Bharat-Guthan (embroidery)it is made by people called ‘Rabaris’ who sew wonderful art and if you look more you will also find nice traditional shoes, those kind which maharajas use to make.
    Have you already left Kutch? if not please relish some ethnic food there na…this season you will find ‘Dhebras’ or ‘Theplas’ good for your touring health with ‘gur saag’ , Kadhi-chuti daall also good there…dont forget to order ‘Undhyu nu saag’ at hotel it is available…for road side chat…(little) go for ‘kone chat’ kind of kutchi version of spring roll (lol) and Bhuj ice-cream is cheap but really best will tingle your taste buds…I have seen you in kurtas…you can buy ‘Bandis’ they are never out of fashion though a little less embroidery will suit you and sober as fine…in sharaff or danda bazaar you will find ethnic silver jewelery , this silver never gets dark you know…dont take ghatiya/jalebi/tea for breakfast because its not good for travelers tummy lol…
    and enjoy and must say you giving good sight to your daughter , hope she enjoys and have a great time…

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    That is a great gift to a daughter you could ever give on this new year.Have a great Tripp.How old is she now Shekhar.

  6. Happy new year Kaveri,
    Ur father too is a lion of Asia.
    We all love him.
    Enjoy the Girs and Krishna’s Dwarika as well(He with brother Balrama are said to have left Mathura in the south of Delhi about 5000 years ago and developed a new city here with the help of the mythological Vishwakarma).Here they settled and for decades studied what religon,politics,society,geo-political situation of their time was.
    Later when the time was ripe they intervened the national politics of their times and brought about such great changes for which a large part of the Indian community considers them to be incarnations of God.
    The orginal Dwarika is said to have drowned in the Arabian sea after the death of Krishna and Yadvas but it was very much near todays city of Dwarka.

  7. What a lovely journey it sounds like…it made me look up that on the internet and I see that there is some sort of Indian safari through that region through a salt dune?
    To me the first thing that comes to mind when I read Rann of Kutch is really the Rani of Kuch Naheen…as talked about it Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children.
    Growing up my mother used to talk about the Rani of Jhansi or Rani Ki Jhansi although my mother was born in Trinidad and my ancestors had already been here for a while when India got independence in 1947 I think they saw it as their independence too and Rani Ki Jhansi is one of my mum’s heroes. Luckily for them not being on the continent anymore also meant they were not part of the slaughter that then ensued. My mum would have been 7 then.
    Of recently I researched about the Rani
    (of Jhansi) on the internet and I can see why…perhaps Shekhar a film on Jhansi ki Rani one day not just Elizabeth?:) I know you’d need the funding of course…
    I also look fwd to seeing pics of the Asian lions if you catch any…would be interesting to see the lions then of Hindu iconography.

  8. Hi sir,
    i belong to kutch region.i must tell u i am glad that u visited this place & i learn from local new paper also that u will try accomodate kutchi art into movies..well..please dont forget to have dabeli of kutch..and njoy ur stay with kauvery

  9. And what if one is destined to become a creative producer.What if he produces films in 2010-2020 decade which harbinger very good relations between all conflicting nations especially from Indias point of view.
    And secondly concentrates on Millenium Goals.
    And thirdly Environment.
    While weaving enough ‘masala’ within to sell the film to all major distributers in all continents with the blessings of all major Govt.s and the United Nations.
    Sounds too ideal.Well I’ll just say I want to do a Sooraj Barjatia on the World.
    If someone says Babel was a truly global film he/she ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  10. shekhar, will look forward to seeing the pictures.
    this is such a great idea, so much more refreshing than the more commercialised things in india which people generally visit.
    love, shivani

  11. shekhar, will look forward to seeing the pictures.
    this is such a great idea, so much more refreshing than the other places in india which people generally visit.
    love, shivani

  12. shekhar, will look forward to seeing the pictures.
    this is such a great idea, so much more refreshing than the other places in india which people generally visit.
    love, shivani

  13. I remember going to Gir with my Papa way back in the mid-seventies- we’d gone for a long walk in the forest-I remember how dry the Gir is, all yellows and browns.. we’d reached a bharvad’s home right in the middle of nowhere, a simple mud home with a cactus fence- that meal of bajri rotla and fresh cream, they were so hospitable, had to force them to take money.
    Are you going to Chorwad as well?

  14. Dear Shekhar,
    Enjoy your trip! I’m sure Kaveri will cherish these moments that you are spending with her as some of the best in her life, when she grows up.

  15. Hi Shekhar ji,
    Hope you are enjoying Gujarat. Gujarat is an entrepreneurial state. The local handicraft, Small factory machines , High strides in Agriculture, and the age old Culture needled through time by Krishna the Lord Himself and by Mahatama, Ambani and many others.
    Any ways through this pleasing journey in Gujarat as well at this blog we find very disturbing news of war and pain around the whole world. The Lankans have destroyed the LTTE Base, Israel has vowed to end HAMAS saga. What is INDIA Doing?
    Rather then advising Israel to restrain, India too must take a hard-stance against the ‘Lakhshar and the types’ and be with the Lankans and the Isreal.
    Or are we waiting when will the Taliban get Pakistan’s nukes?

  16. Very interesting thought. Travels make us grow, as we meet different people with different culture. I am glad you are introdcuing this to your daughter at this young age. This must a great learning experience for her

  17. Hello Shekhar,
    Feels good to hear this.
    Last feb I visited few parts of Gujarat.It was my first trip inspite Kutch(Gujarat) being my native place.
    View from the top of Gir Mountain is awesome, but it is tough to reach till their. (Not tough for the local people). I still remember that scene.
    Museum depicting the culture and history of Gujarat is also a good place to see, located close to Bhuj station in Kutch.
    And the Famous Vijay Vilas Palace and the Mandvi Beach is not to be missed.
    And Happy New Year!!!!

  18. Happy Trails.
    Never been to the hinterlands of Gujrat, but have always admired the resilience it takes to make a life in an arid environment.
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the region.

  19. Hi Shekhar,
    your movies have a certain sense of earthliness in it, which is bare & naked and yet subtle at the same time. I feel enriched watching your movies.

  20. dear sir,
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    aap milne ka samay denge is binti ke shath aap ka viswasu,
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  21. That’s so nice of you to take your daughter to such places to witness the wonders before they disappear! I feel the same way about many places in India, that might not stand the so called “development”. Happy exploring the road less traveled! 🙂

  22. I excite my self when I saw your photo.
    You are the proud of India.
    You will be the Bharath rathna making few more greatest films for the society.
    I am having great physical structure and photogenic
    face. lot of obedience. if possible admit me in your school.

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