Slow poisoning of India

When death comes slowly, it does not create sensational news. We need to be vigilant on many fronts, especially on the environment, where corporations knowingly destroy communities and our land for short term profit. This is a difficult video to watch, but it is worth the effort

7 thoughts on “Slow poisoning of India

  1. Hey Shekhar now thats a 21st Century blog.
    But I must add as my Baapuji(GrandDad) used to say “thoda ghana taan jeher vee changa hunda kitanu katunu maari chad’da”-(even a little bit of poison is good as it keeps germs in check.)

  2. yeah maybe we should all start using absolutely environment friendly goods(phew… how simple was that)

  3. My Baapuji (GrandDad) used to say “thoda ghana taan jeher vee changa hunda kitaanu kutunu maari rakhda”-even a little bit of poison is good as it keeps those germs(poverty and backwardness) in check.
    But yeah sure it sucks.
    I dont know why much prominence is not given to the special Chakra in our flag-I think what it stands for is the invisible weapon of Time( like Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra).When extremes of one kind are commited their end is also around the corner(“Rabb da te att da vair hunda”) by natural design.
    Prior to “Globalisation and its discontents” Joseph Stiglitz had written “The roaring nineties” which showed American extereme in the last decade of the 20th Century.
    As per the law of the Chakra here we are facing global recession and a possible American depression.
    When the roots of hardcore capitalism start shrinking and withering away these desi corporates will soon be toeing the green laxman rekha.Dont you worry “humara chakara hai na”-that could quite well be our next fillum.

  4. Jaane kaun sa chakra chalaya tu ne barra maza aiaa.
    In fact if asin iss chakar vich phas gae tan jaldi hi kujh vi khan joge nahin rahaange…(If we got entanlged into such niceties soon we will be left with nothing to eat). Rab da nam leke sabh chhakki chalo lol (with God’s name on our lips let us eat whatever is available. In the long run we will all be dead anyway, to quote economist Keynes.
    If the best of our financial brains can bring us to the present financial catastrophe what insurance is there that the best of our nutrition brains will some day not take us to the point where these so-seen germ-splashed vegetables will not look like the food of the wisest.
    Silence is golden.

  5. Dear SK,
    It is really heartening to see the aforesaid video. The irresponsible use of pesticide in quality and quantity often brings such miss-happenings as with the people of Gods own land-Kerela. I may be wrong but the poisoning problem does not come up from the corporations of repute but from the lowly poor ‘Am Adami’ of India. The corporations rarely need such foul play to earn profit they have wider and bigger visions to destroy the communities (lol).
    The poor farmer and poor businessmen often fell into this small money making traps where in he has to use ‘irresponsible material’ or ‘method’ to increase his lowly incomes. He puts stones in pulses. He cements out the potatoes to increase its weight. He uses outdated hormone injections to get milk from barren cows. And he gets all this materials and methods not from the corporations but other ‘Am Adami’ government or corporation workers who knows the ways and tricks and have this as means to add to their incomes.
    On a deep thought I really find no one profiting from this ongoing MADNESS. GOD SAVE US.

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