Happy Birthday, Mayawati ji

With the potential nuclear conflict looming at our borders, and our economy spinning out of control, thank God at least one politician had the sense to celebrate their own existence and her own birthday. Who cares that the system of government is collapsing and who cares that the country’s resources – even our fresh water – is being sold to the highest bidder, and who cares that gradually we are slipping back into the poverty ridden state we were 20 years ago in only a few months.
And who cares that politics now is the biggest franchise in India, where seats are ‘leased’ to the highest bidder. Not caring where or how they got the money. Who cares the democracy has become just another form of corporate business in your state, and it’s people trapped in the poverty of democracy. What we really care about is that you had a jolly good birthday party, with a beautiful resplendant white cake and we loved your ever charming beaming smile.
We hear that your goons that beat the engineer to death, for he dared to say no to give you a birthday gift, were singing ‘Hap Hap Happy Birthday” as they kicked him senseless.
Happy Birthday Mayawati ji

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mayawati ji

  1. I was born in a small village in UP and lived there till I was 18 (not so long ago)…Believe me Shekhar, Mayawati or Mualayam are just the mukhauta …The whole state is run by these small goons…There is no MLA or MP from east UP who is not a declared murderer. These leaders just use already existing machinery of corrupt small leaders to get to the big chair. Nithari case happened in the times of Mulayam and Mayawati is leading the state to the same path. No honest person either desires or dares to be a politician.

  2. But Shekhar Ji, if there could be happy shappy Christmases and lovely dovely New Years(in your other thread) after what happened so recently in Mumbai, why there cannot be happy shappy B’day of Mayawati Behan Ji after whatever is happening to/in India otherwise as told by you above!
    You know Mumbai/engineer bashing are secondary…chalta hai…

  3. Curiously Shekhar had the bandit Queen been in Behenji’s place would things have been different?
    Obviously one of the queen’s goons would have been an MLA if not minister.
    Imagine, the queen’s revenge was on a much smaller scale and much cruder than what behenji could bring about at the center/national level the way she is going up south.
    God knows what kind of end would she put to the cast system.
    Could it be shes just laying low-soft-n-proper in UP with an eye on the sovereign post at New Dilli.
    No doubt she does represent the Bahujan Samaj and is in a way shaping up as their messiah. Also nodoubt coalitions and third fronts can throw up any thing in May.
    Surely India has its own ghosts to tackle.

  4. Behenji has never been the one to shy away from controversy. Multi-crore celebrations add to her bday revelries. Shameful? Yea well…anybody know how to deal with goondis? (female goonda)- splashing big bucks is the way to go and she seems to be following bollywood style celebrations in her own way!!
    Years ago it was large stadiums and maidans being used as venues, special songs blaring out Mayawati’s praises and elephants glorifying the BSP election symbol, to huge cakes, garlands and laddoos, the bashes now had elements of the real baddie daughter who bashes up people who dont donate to her bday fund (B grade flick if you see it that way!)- her extravaganza!!
    But what really takes the cake in these birthday parties is the “presents” that the BSP faithfuls bring for their leader. Mayawati has repeatedly used her birthday as an occasion to ask party members to raise funds.
    In-fact, one of her past birthdays was titled Swabhimaan Diwas, and party workers were directed to raise funds through specially-printed coupons.
    Differing “targets” have been fixed for party members of various ranks to rake in funds, which run into crores at the end of the final tally.And to think that some think she is PM material?! Shudder shudderrrr!!

  5. I have always maintained that it is in the interest of our politicians to perpetuate illiteracy, sectarian and communal divides and to distribute poverty. Mayawati is the proof.

  6. Mee-nakshi dont underestimate the strength of Bahujan Samaj-Its not about what material one is but how many votes one gets.
    High material-Low material is their very fight.

  7. Sir,
    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”- John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
    I wonder the media some time back portrayed her as the future PM of India. What did they mean?
    Vinod Agarwal – saving money for her as PM’s Birthday. Pay and Smile at least you live your full life.

  8. The lack of my own reaction frightens me. Too often repeated a story. Happens.
    Is desensitisation a survival skill?
    I don’t know.
    But I don’t like it.

  9. Rajesh Tripathi,
    So true in UP no honest person desires or dares to be in politics, they come to Mumbai with hope and get beaten up here.
    We should have minimum qualification requirement for getting into politics. But knowing the system here perhaps a fake one would be easily avaliable.

  10. I’m amazed at what is going in UP in the last decade or so. First Mulayam, now Mayawati – from the frying pan into the fire. Most of the UP politicians have a criminal background and Maywati defends that. She was one of the top income tax payers last year in India – around 25 crores. Mostly gifts according to her – why is she allowed to keep gifts (US politicians are not allowed to for instance). She embezzled around 700 crores in the Taj corridor issue.. and now she’s celebrating her birthday at a cost of 250 crores. I’m surprised there is nothing in the constitution to prevent the way she has been ripping off the state. The UP people really have to rally around next election and elect somebody sane, not on the basis of cast or goonda power, some one who can reform the state and let it recover from the immense damage meted out by her..

  11. My origins lie in UP. My parents migrated to Delhi after their wedding so we are in essence Delhites, but we still have some links with the place. It is amazing to see the depths to which the state has fallen. From the time in was the seat of the Indian renaissance during the 30s and 40s (along with other states from the Hindi belt) to today. I wonder how deep is the hole this region will dig itself into before the cycle turns.
    Here is a video that depicts probably what the ground reality of UP/Bihar is. As they they, the folk culture is nothing but the reflection of the everyday life for the common man.
    And if this is the folk culture and the kind of things people are singing and celebrating… god save!

  12. She is insult even to the humanities worst nightmare…poor and marginalized people. As if beeing poor and outcast was not enough for them that they have a leader like her.
    Its shame!!!

  13. With most Indians selfish and unconcerned about others,Nationalism is a far cry.Why blame PEHALWAN MASTERJI MULAYAM or BEHANJI. They exist and get to do all that is wrong because they have a unpatriotic people to rule who get swayed by caste,creed,colour,and material wealth.I feel it is easy to be critical of others, but difficult to practise goodness.Once this thought comes in goons and goondas will be a thing of the past.Let us therefore change ourselves.I am sure not many will like my comment for we are rigid to any sacrifice for good of all.

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