The NY ‘Indie’ approach to film and Deepak Chopra. NYC musings

Whenever I come to NYC the first couple of days are a little strange. I do not feel like being alone and constantly ask my assistants or others to come and have breakfast or to just hang out. But in a couple of days I become quite independent and begin to get used to the streets and cafe’s of NY. I rediscover myself as fundamentally a street person again.
Of course NY to me is hugely associated with one of my best friend Deepak Chopra, who unfortunately is away promoting his new book on Jesus. I miss the hours of walking around drinking coffee exploring ideas on consciousness – and whether we truly exist and who we really are. All on the streets of NY as all of life (and many beautiful women) pass us by. And of course he invites me to his radio show where I become his co host ! Imagine speaking about consciousness to the world with Deepak Chopra. Life can be such fun sometimes.
Deepak is also the most productive man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. he just does not stop doing things. he makes me feel completely useless as he writes book after book, does lectures all over the world, runs his Alliance for New Humanity, teaches, trains and beyond all that he still retains time to be compassionate, kind and loving to strangers. Still makes time for his family. Ask him and he will tell you that it is because he has seen life as play and he does things without looking for any reward. I truly love this man.
I am here to edit and do the post on the short film I shot called 3 Graces in Beunos Aires. My editor is Jacob Craycroft who also cut the short I did for the series called ‘New York I love you” Jacob has a different approach to film which I could best describe as the ‘NY Indie approach’ to film. It is quite distinct than the ‘Hollywood’ approach and I must say that this being my second film based out of NY, I prefer the Indie approach as it is far more edgy and exploratory cinema than the ‘Hollywood’ approach. And it permeates through all skills like scripting, producing, production design and photography. I think I am going to enjoy this process very much even though we work with much lower budgets here. maybe that is why we can be more exploratory and edgy.
Will write more about NYC and how the edit is going. Right now we are still finding the film. There are so many stages of making a film and at each stage you are finding new meanings and and new point of view. But nothing is more exciting a process as editing in finding new meanings in your film, provided the editor and you are willing to evolve together. For film is the one art that is so collaborative that compassion, love and the art of communicating with other human beings is a gift that one tries to acquire.

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  1. The less visible the work the more it is. Ramana Maharshi once said, the fastest rotating toy seems standing still.
    The less number of books are written the more valueable they are. Darwin and Marx realy wrote one book each – The Origin of Species and the Das Capital – but both brought paradigm shifts in the world.

  2. Welcome to NY and great to hear your lovely thoughts, we wish Deepak the best for his new book …
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  3. Thanks for sharing this Shekhar.
    I too find NYC as a place that takes a little time to get into the rhythm of, if you are alone. It can be the most lonely place on earth, and the next day the most vibrant and friendly city. I also find that it really does have a small-community feel to different parts of the city, and just when you’re used to one area and one people, you go from the East Village to the Upper West Side and it’s another culture shock. I’m a very proud Melbournian (Australia), but NYC is the greatest city in the world, no doubt.
    One place I went to last time was Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was heading to DUMBO to research the setting for a novel and found this little place to be so friendly, so fun, so artistic — yet another side to NYC that was new to me. I recommend heading over there for a drink sometime!

  4. thanks for sharing this shekhar.
    i was in new york few months ago, and i found it very harsh: maybe i was not with the right set of people and did not do the right things. as you said, it hits you to start with and maybe i just too long to recover. maybe i am too used to the red buses of london,….
    look forward to your film.
    love, shivani

  5. God if Deepak Chopra can make you feel useless, I wonder what would I feel if i ever meet him. Reading your blog I use to feel you make such a conscious effort to keep things in harmony and at the same time grow in the inside and the outside world.

  6. Its your bigness that makes you say such good things about everybody!:) That is not to doubt your friend at all, but just to put perspective on what you say- for my own self. After mtg you in Bombay,in your office, when I met the Creative folks and briefed them, for the ad scripts, they could see the adulation in my eyes for Mr SK! So now you have many fan followers dipping into your blog to get an insight to your mind:), you are fairly warned now:)

  7. Dear Shekhar,
    Hamare gaon mein aapka swaagat hai. Welcome to NYC. Hope you have a fruitful stay here and yes, I shall keep my eyes open and hope to bump into you :). Are you in Manhattan by any chance?
    P.S Folks, it is true, New York (infact even Bombay) needs some time to get used to. I hated NYC when I first started working here. Now I love it and hope fervently that my next assignment is in the city. The city has it’s own rhythm, you have to tune to it’s frequency, once you do it is addictive. And yes, it is street culture.

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  9. ha ha austere, that is good – yes the day u can match it’s chaos – and be part of it – u r home !

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