Mumbai in mourning

Yet again. And as the day dawns in Mumbai the city will wake to count its dead and injured, and inevitably, as it always does, the count will rise painfully. And yet again the government of India and its members, whether on the national or state level, will make the right noises. And yet again the government will soon forget and go back to blaming each other and make political capital out of the tragedy of the ordinary citizens of India. And then back to electioneering it is. Back to political machinations and negotiating it is, with only the next elections and political power in mind.
Or maybe not this time. For this time the very bastions of the elite were attacked. The Taj and the Oberoi Hotels. Where some of the rich and powerful were caught in the cross fire. Even a delegation from the EU parliament. Maybe this time the political bosses of India will accept that a cancer of communal disharmony and terrorism is destroying the fabric of our society and we stand at the brink of the end of a society and civilization that the fathers of our Constitution dreamed of. Destroyed by the politics and politicians of our nation.
But all that does not help those who’s loved ones were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those that have lost their lives or injured. Those that were just ordinary citizens going about their daily lives expecting that the least the elected government would do is protect their lives. The war is not at our borders any more. It here at home against the forces that are trying to destroy our society from the inside.
Why are we spending all our resources fighting for an inhabitable piece of moving ice called the Siachin Glacier when our major cities are under threat ?
Yes, the people of Mumbai will once again show courage. As they have done before through floods and bombs and terrorist attacks. I just hope that the Hindu fundamentalist forces do not come out in the streets, provoked as they usually are by political powers. That is exactly what the terrorists want – a disruption of our society and fighting, killing and carnage on our streets. We need to mourn and we need to be compassionate – and when the period of mourning is over, we need to re evaluate what is happening to our society.

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  1. And Deepshikha,
    If you have any inclination for the truth, type in “converted kashmir chapter 14” into google, and read the first link that comes up.
    The reason i keep bringing up history is because history often repeats itself..the Islamic radicals will not stop trying to convert India.

  2. i would like to share a few lines i just came across with all so called brahmastras and antibrahmastras in context to what all has been said in this room of yours Shekhar –
    The opposite of a correct statement is a false
    statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.

  3. Brahamastra
    I dont want to waste my time reasoning out things to you because i think you dont deserve an explanation much because you are incapable of appreciating anything but your own beliefs!
    However I would like to teach you something we learnt when we were kids, and that is you should not comment on other peoples life if you do not have a clue about them and their experiences. Attacking someone in the personal front are done by people who are too weak and in-confident of themselves– generally its their way of self defense. Also, for the sake of my own conscience, I would like to tell you we are natives of Sylhet (hindus of Bangladesh/East Pakistan). During partition our families (who were affluent zamindars there with a huge legacy and extensive wealth) were forced out of their homes and we got into what began to be called India. Many of my close relatives fell prey to the communal violence there and ofcourse life was difficult for my family because they had to start from scratch. But, neither me nor my parents (who witnessed all this) is bitter about it. This is the difference between people like you and people like us.
    And, also, I think I should be happy that even at a ‘little’ age I understand far more things than perhaps you do ‘uncle/aunt’ brahmastra!

  4. Brahmastra,
    I asked you to answer some questions, without deviating. And you deviate precisely, to skip the questions i asked. Dont you have answers.Ok,i have registered your answer about psuedo-secularism,although it is vague.You are saying people who have no idea about history and rich heritage of India are Psuedo-secularists. I am afraid that is wrong. Anyways, other questions still remain:
    What, according to you, is secularism? You say you dont want muslims to be killed.But,do you want them out of India?If No,then what is your idea about peaceful co-existence (i am making a huge assumption here that you want peaceful coexistence). And finally, what exactly do you want Muslims to do? Go away? Convert into Hinduism? Can you answer these questions, without deviating (hopefully this time)?
    Secondly,tell me frankly, bcoz i am just trying to understand your psyche.what makes you treat others so badly here?I mean,you insult people here, you get personal, you belittle their knowledge,you wish for their death and all(and this is the height).. what does all this mean?I am not asking in anger but I am asking a genuine question.why so much of rancour against people here?because they have a different ideology?Cant you argue by giving some respect to your opponent?U claim to have read our epics and all.Dont you know that a true warrior fights only for the sake of what he believes in and not because he has no respect for the opponent.People can have opposite views.But one must learn to respect the opponent too, no matter how much you disagree with them.
    What gives you the liberty to assume that Deepshikha is just another MTV Youngistan junkie?Or for that matter anyone!why do you get personal?Is it because you cant argue properly, with rational content?Or is something wrong with your manners itself?
    Anyways,i have asked too many questions.If you really think that you have a sensible answer to literally each and every question i have asked here, Please post the answers in the same order.Not just answers about secularism, but also my questions about why you get into personal attacks and all.
    And Atleast now…talk to the point, without deviating like Indian politicians. I dont have much hope..but still..i am really trying to understand your “Creating Awareness” thingy..which you do by demeaning people here.

  5. Aakarsh,
    Q) then what is your idea about peaceful co-existence?
    A) The only peace is inner peace. There will never be a world without conflict or wars. The ancient Vedic ways of life are the most efficient solutions to bring about inner peace. What i am saying is beyond your limited box of labels of communalism and such. The world is heading towards doomsday..only solution to invert that is the rise of ancient ways in India. I don’t know how muslims figure in this equation, but humans automatically evolve towards higher no conversion necessary..only good amounts of exposure of authentic stuff.
    Q) what makes you treat others so badly here?I mean,you insult people here, you get personal, you belittle their knowledge,you wish for their death and all(and this is the height).. what does all this mean?
    A) Since you are so needful to figure out my psyche, how about reading some of the posts that were directed towards will see that mine were just subtle mirrors. Then there’s this mongrel called antibrahmastra – i don’t know if he is a closeted brahmastra fan or what – so just spontaneous replies to ones directed at me personally..i’m still human.
    Q) Cant you argue by giving some respect to your opponent?U claim to have read our epics and all.Dont you know that a true warrior fights only for the sake of what he believes in and not because he has no respect for the opponent.
    A) Refer to answer 1 as well. India (Hinduism) has given me the ultimate gift. Trust me, i have to come down several levels to communicate with you guys..but i feel the need to spread the awareness of our real founding fathers – the ancient rishis and sages – because they were some of the most advanced people that have graced this planet, and if you need the root solutions, you have to look no further than India’s past. But for obvious reasons, this is being thwarted by anti-hindu forces. for example, did you know that the ancient city of Dwarkha was discovered along the coast of much exposure did such an herculean find get? Do you know that the Vedic library is ripe with texts such as the Vyamanik Shaastra, a book about building flying machines, with full details? How much exposure do these things get? Go back to your roots..all the answers are there. So far as the depth of the soul goes, the India of today is on a downward spiral, full of mediocrity and subjected to poisonous emotions through media and such.

  6. Deepshikha,
    Maybe someday you’ll see that you are just talking about your own personality. Nonetheless, its admirable that you have gotten over your rough past, and just hope that it is not a matter of reverse psychology to become so anti-hindu. Because you have been hatching some crazy conspiracy theories here..the most recent one being that you thought Hindus were responsible for ATS Karkare’s death. You gotta have a more balanced view.
    But you are a good little girl. I am really not much older than you to call me uncle.

  7. Brahmastra,
    Your every post, with all its impulsive,far-fetched conclusions coupled with heightened level of inflated ego and also disrespect towards others (i still dont understand why you think that you are the only enlightened and highly evolved creature and others are mere mortals living in darkness) gives me more reason not to respond at all.Whats outrageously funny is that you say you have come down many levels to communicate with people here.what a great deed! You think you are a reborn Shankaracharya or what?
    And regarding your snippets about the glory of Hinduism…you are trying make people agree with what you are saying, using the shield of what you have read.What do you expect?people look at you in awe of your knowledge? Nobody here is refuting the glory of knowledge passed on by Hinduism.People here are only questioning the violence? That too, violence not just by a particular community,but by any community. But you dont talk that. You are always after Islam and Muslims and you talk as if you want to decimate Islam completely to solve today’s problems. And to win an argument,you, posing as highlighting the glory of Hinduism, are infact boasting that you are highly evolved.
    Vymanika shastra!! Do you want me to send a treatise on it to you? You think you alone are the most well-read.Will it please you if i tell you that even i can give u snippets about Arthashastra and how the governance was in those times? The theories of Economics advocated in it? Or about Aitreya Upanishad? or Taithreya Upanishad? About Vedanta? or Rig Veda? Advaita theory? About Great sages like Bharadwaja, Vashishta?
    I choose not to do so,because unlike you,i dont want to boast and prowl around like a Psuedo super-enlightened individual.And i have no interest in pleasing you too.But the bottomline is: you need to come to terms with reality, shunning the myth that you alone are well-read about roots of Hinduism and its glory.I still dont know how you, being so arrogant,claim yourself to be ‘evolved’ (if at all you know what it means) if you really have knowledge about our roots.Because arrogance and knowledge,that too the spiritual and vedic wealth of knowledge, do not co-exist anywhere, in anyone.Do you know this atleast?
    Anyways, you still missed few questions of mine. What do you mean by Secularism? What do you want Muslims to do,finally? Since you despise them the most, do you want them killed? or Do you want them out of this country? do you want them to take up Hinduism?
    If you have a clear answers to these questions, howmuchever brutal they may be, please put it across.Else,just stop this self-aggrandizing talk, in the shield of Hindu Glory.

  8. Aakash, I would just suggest you to leave this discussion because this is going nowhere. People like us still have faith in our belief system. And also we have been taught through scriptures and also by experience that silence never means that one has given up, it could also mean that he/she chooses not to speak where the audience is not flexible.
    Best Rgds

  9. Aakarsh,
    90% of the composition of your post is geared towards attacking me personally rather than talking about the issues at hand. Don’t you are hardly the messenger of peace and harmony that you are so vainly trying to portray of yourself. This is what I want to show you try to claim some high moral ground, but you do not realize that the extremism is in your every post of yours, you keep mentioning about killing muslims and such, while twisting my words. And by dong this, you are part of the cancer of confusion that you have spread in India, and through your cowardice disguised as non-violence, you manage to paralyse needed action. If you don’t understand these things, why don’t you just shut up and carry on with your mediocre lives. Be humble, accept your lack of wisdom, and be open to trust, learn and follow.
    So far, you have failed in completely absorbing the stuff that you have “read” about Hinduism. Rest assured that I’m not sharing from mere book knowledge..and yes, i am quite close to the states of the sages you may not agree because you try to fit me into your limitied mental construct of how that should be. The main reason i keep mentioning this is to make it easier for those humble enough to absorb what i share..but you have some time to go. You may want to read your Gita again, and it may probably upgrade your mind this time.
    But even then, I do not have a concrete answer to your question. All I can say is a strong movement of authentic Vedic awareness needs to start in India from beyond the recent past, back from the times of the Saptarishis. This may be a remnant ego fantasy, but if you want a solution, that is it. You have to get out of your limited “communal” mindset to understand this.

  10. are right.
    and Brahmastra…your answer says it didnt answer my questions anyways.i guessed that you would evade and u precisely did that. Anyways, now, i give up before your ‘greatness’ and ‘evolved state’. as you said, i dont have your kind of wisdom and i am not at all chasing it too.Cant help it man…mediocre lives right.all we do is just a bit of reading and sticking to the plane of rational and reasonable thinking. you obviously rose much above us. goodluck.may some miracle happen to you, for you to recover.Bye

  11. Aakarsh, I’m your friend not the enemy. To answer your question, the solution is not to go after people of any religion, but to go after the religion itself.
    These revelationary religions were corrupted alterations of originals borne of politics and power struggles before and during dark ages, and do not contain any efficient tools for spiritual evolution, but rather contain emotional formula to create division and wage war under some copyrighted mental idols called by various names.
    The only God is within, and it is realize it is what in Hinduism is refered to as self-realization. That is why higher teachings of Hinduism ‘click’ with so many advanced souls. These souls have probably gone through some or all other externally directed religions which have failed them, and it’s time for their minds to go inside.
    Any organized religion that claims exclusive rights to an external God is a virus. So, this fanatic brand of Islam – and any religion – can only be dissolved with exposure to higher truths. But this is not to say that all Hindus in India are sages..far from it..those monkeys also need to absorb some of it. That’s all i can say..if that will ever happen or not is to be seen.

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