Other people on our blog ?

I have long struggled with that. Not that I wish to be the only voice, but because blogging requires commitment. If I am going to invite someone else, then they should commit to us that they will be regular. For we begin to look forward to their entries, and we look forward to discussing them amongst ourselves. My web administrator was totally against it – but I have convinced him that we should include other voices on this blog. Sonya Dutta Chowdhary writes regular book reviews for many papers and magazines, runs a book reading club in Mumbai and teaches reading and writing skills to children. She has committed to writing regular reviews on books and about authors etc. under something called “Desert Island Lists”. Welcome Sonya.

16 thoughts on “Other people on our blog ?

  1. Welcome DQ!!
    Eh heh WicKEd!
    Hum khudko welcome kar lete hai…
    Hiya Sonya…You must be someone Shekhar knows…Join the shake clan!!
    Dont know how many will read you…but yes I love to bully n pull legs…and Shekhar is helplessly watching ki kya kiya jaaye…
    Welcome aboard!!
    Psst Shekhar is not the captain…he is da sea pirate!!

  2. Hi shekhar
    i thought it would be himashu hehehheheh……any ways welcome sonya…..

  3. dear shekhar………considering it is your blog we come to, we do not have a problem with you being ‘the only voice’…… :)…. (hey……are the rest of our voices not LOUD enough…..ha ha ? )
    …….besides, you HAVE put up blogs by other people which have been thought provoking or moving…..ALL ALONG. your ‘voice’ is doing ok so far 🙂 !

  4. Dear Shekhar (or anyone else here),
    I’ll first come straight to the point of this post. There was an old old series on Doordarshan that i’ve been wracking my brains to recall the details of. All i can remember is that it starred you with either Deepti Naval or Priya Tendulkar, titled something beginning with K (Kashish / Kashmakash… something like that) and it was about your relationship. I think it may have had something to do with a live-in relationship or the struggles of a modern-day urban Indian woman (in those days) in a live-in relationship… something like that. The serial had quite an impact on me and i’m dying to jog my memory. Please help.
    I apologise for this out-of-topic post. Really sorry. I spent 3 days scouring the web and nagging all my friends (they don’t seem to know what the heck i’m on about) and haven’t been able to find out anything relevant. So this is sort of a last-ditch effort, born out of the rather wild idea of trying to contact you directly. I would be thrilled to bits to hear from you or anyone else on these posts.

  5. Thanks, Junaid, Ritu, and everybody else, for your welcome.
    Looking forward to talking books with you.

  6. Welcome Sonya to our online community… I look forward to your writings………… 🙂

  7. The idea taking books to desert , just doesnt click….how can one think of it? can we enjoy a book or a movie when we r under extreme hardship…but if the question is reframed as the favourite books…then its ok and definitely good choice…

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