Daddy, we are all God’s dream

So as usual my 7 (almost 8, but try telling her that) year old daughter came up with this simple answer to complex questions.

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  1. may be she read a few pages of my book Soul Search Engine. i think i had given a copy to Suchitra when she was in Sonya’s house. 🙂
    if not – she is not too off the mark anyway

  2. Hello Shekhar! Welcome back!!
    And your daughter is right. (And given your awareness and the fact that she is your daughter it was expected of her.)
    In my book I have said the same thing through an imaginary dialogue with Nataraja aka God as below:
    “But pray, Nataraja, why did you allow yourself to be entangled in Parbati – in those four forces – in the first instance?”
    “Ha, ha, ha…” Nataraja, perhaps, would laugh his heart out on hearing this question.
    “Entangled! Entangled he says…hooooh! Who says Ive been entangled ever? Its the vested interests of the people like you to first show me entangled and then struggling to get disentangled. With what else will you, you funny scribblers, otherwise fill your books?”
    “…But…but…those tears in your eyes Your accusing finger towards Parbati…” Now it was my turn to shed tears.
    “Oh, that…I see…one of those stormy visions of yours…!”
    “You dream all sorts of dreams and then you say I, who am to you as youre to your dreams, am entangled in them? Are you entangled in your dreams? You are not entangled my child, though you may feel so while dreaming. Wouldnt you yourself laugh if one of your dream creatures were to ask you questions involving your first instances? First go and exhaust your dream, go and write your dreamy book, go and win your dreamy name, fame, and fortune, only then you will know of my first instances. While dreaming ye may not talk of first instances, lest talking of first instances ye may lose your dreaming mid-way through.”
    PS: Those interested in the website of my book may pl click on my name.

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    I guess if Kaveri is making such statements at such a tender age she must be very intelligent and I think some of your thoughts have already passed onto her. Yes we are all part of God’s dream but I tend to believe that we also have some control i.e. god may have even predestined events for us but we never know about them in advance – they only unfold with time and we are not sure if God is also changing the plans in the process. I think the plans change with our intentions and our detachmemt to results – I think God values it. When ever I want something deeply, like any big goal, I say it to God, write it on paper and it unfolds in a few years i.e. God incorporates it in the dream that has been decided for me. So I belive if we focus on what we want with pure intention and detachment we can make God’s dream our own. This is how God does it for us:
    God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants His footsteps in the sea,
    And rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable mines of never failing skill, He treasures up His bright designs, And works His sovreign will….
    Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, But trust Him for His grace; Behind a frowing providence-
    He hides a smiling face. William Cowper
    Best Regards,

  4. God’s dream, yes…I remember I use to think when I was young, that we are all characters in a game that the Gods are playing. They dont control our actions but they control our surroundings and how things unfold… I still think this actually!!

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  6. Himanshu wrote :
    “I think the plans change with our intentions and our detachment to results – I think God values it.”
    That is an interesting take. The detachment bit. I have observed one thing in my life. At any point in time if I have wanted something really desperately and with all my being it has never happened. On the other hand the best things have come to me when I have not really pitched much into it. I never thought one could abstract that phenomenon into a philosophy. I just thought it was a pattern in my life, something determined by my temperament.
    Would love to have to elaborate on that one, if you have analysed it i.e

  7. Dear Ritu,
    Thanks for the post and I am just a student who is trying to understand detachment. A couple of years back I attended a talk by Deepak Chopra in Edmonton where he talked about Synchrodestiny, and how we can co-create with God. I took notes on my laptop the whole evening and the most important thing that I took away from it was the Law of Detachment i.e. Intentions with detachment lead to results. I am posting this long article below, which is complete golddust and one of the most important learnings for me, so please do read it and I hope you like it.
    THE LAW OF DETACHMENT – by Deepak Chopra
    The sixth spiritual law of success is the Law of Detachment. The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention to create your desire. You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result.
    This is a very powerful thing to do. The moment you relinquish your attachment to the result, combining one-pointed intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire. Anything you want can be acquired through detachment, because detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self.
    Attachment, on the other hand, is based on fear and insecurity and the need for security is based on not knowing the true Self. The source of wealth, of abundance, or of anything in the physical world is the Self; it is the consciousness that knows how to fulfill every need. Everything else is a symbol: cars, houses, bank notes, clothes, or airplanes. Symbols are transitory; they come and go. Chasing symbols is like settling for the map instead of the territory. It creates anxiety; it ends up making you feel hollow and empty inside, because you exchange your Self for the symbols of your Self.
    Attachment comes from poverty consciousness, because attachment is always to symbols. Detachment is synonymous with wealth consciousness, because with detachment there is freedom to create. Only from detached involvement can one have joy and laughter. Then the symbols of wealth are created spontaneously and effortlessly. Without detachment we are prisoners of helplessness, hopelessness, mundane needs, trivial concerns, quiet desperation, and seriousness the distinctive features of everyday mediocre existence and poverty consciousness.
    True wealth consciousness is the ability to have anything you want, anytime you want, and with least effort. To be grounded in this experience you have to be grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. In this uncertainty you will find the freedom to create anything you want.
    People are constantly seeking security, and you will find that seeking security is actually a very ephemeral thing. Even attachment to money is a sign of insecurity. You might say, “When I have X million dollars, then I’ll be secure. Then I’ll be financially independent and I will retire. Then I will do all the things I really want to do.” But it never happens never happens.
    Those who seek security chase it for a lifetime without ever finding it. It remains elusive and ephemeral, because security can never come from money alone. Attachment to money will always create insecurity no matter how much money you have in the bank. In fact, some of the people who have the most money are the most insecure.
    The search for security is an illusion. In ancient wisdom traditions, the solution to this whole dilemma lies in the wisdom of insecurity, or the wisdom of uncertainty. This means that the search for security and certainty is actually an attachment to the known. And what’s the known? The known is our past. The known is nothing other than the prison of past conditioning. There’s no evolution in that absolutely none at all. And when there is no evolution, there is stagnation, entropy, disorder, and decay.
    Uncertainty, on the other hand, is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom. Uncertainty means stepping into the unknown in every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities, ever fresh, ever new, always open to the creation of new manifestations. Without uncertainty and the unknown, life is just the stale repetition of outworn memories. You become the victim of the past, and your tormentor today is your self left over from yesterday.
    Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities. In your willingness to step into the unknown, you will have the wisdom of uncertainty factored in. This means that in every moment of your life, you will have excitement, adventure, mystery. You will experience the fun of life the magic, the celebration, the exhilaration, and the exultation of your own spirit.
    Every day you can look for the excitement of what may occur in the field of all possibilities. When you experience uncertainty, you are on the right path so don’t give it up. You don’t need to have a complete and rigid idea of what you’ll be doing next week or next year, because if you have a very clear idea of what’s going to happen and you get rigidly attached to it, then you shut out a whole range of possibilities.
    One characteristic of the field of all possibilities is infinite correlation. The field can orchestrate an infinity of space-time events to bring about the outcome that is intended. But when you are attached, your intention gets locked into a rigid mindset and you lose the fluidity, the creativity, and the spontaneity inherent in the field. When you get attached, you freeze your desire from that infinite fluidity and flexibility into a rigid framework, which interferes with the whole process of creation.
    The Law of Detachment does not interfere with the Law of Intention and Desire with goal-setting. You still have the intention of going in a certain direction, you still have a goal. However, between point A and point B there are infinite possibilities. With uncertainty factored in, you might change direction in any moment if you find a higher ideal, or if you find something more exciting. You are also less likely to force solutions on problems, which enables you to stay alert to opportunities.
    The Law of Detachment accelerates the whole process of evolution. When you understand this law, you don’t feel compelled to force solutions. When you force solutions on problems, you only create new problems. But when you put your attention on the uncertainty, and you witness the uncertainty while you expectantly wait for the solution to emerge out of the chaos and the confusion, then what emerges is something very fabulous and exciting.
    This state of alertness your preparedness in the present, in the field of uncertainty meets with your goal and your intention and allows you to seize the opportunity. What’s the opportunity? It’s contained within every problem that you have in your life. Every single problem that you have in your life is the seed of an opportunity for some greater benefit. Once you have that perception, you open up to a whole range of possibilities and this keeps the mystery, the wonder, the excitement, the adventure alive.
    You can look at every problem you have in your life as an opportunity for some greater benefit. You can stay alert to opportunities by being grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. When your preparedness meets opportunity, the solution will spontaneously appear.
    What comes out of that is often called “good luck.” Good luck is nothing but preparedness and opportunity coming together. When the two are mixed together with an alert witnessing of the chaos, a solution emerges that will be of evolutionary benefit to you and to all those that you come into contact with. This is the perfect recipe for success, and it is based on the Law of Detachment.
    Applying The Law Of Detachment
    I will put the Law of Detachment into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:
    1. Today I will commit myself to detachment. I will allow myself and those around me the freedom to be as they are. I will not rigidly impose my idea of how things should be. I will not force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems. I will participate in everything with detached involvement.
    2. Today I will factor in uncertainty as an essential ingredient of my experience. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, out of the confusion, disorder, and chaos. The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel, because uncertainty is my path to freedom. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.
    3.I will step into the field of all possibilities and anticipate the excitement that can occur when I remain open to an infinity of choices. When I step into the field of all possibilities, I will experience all the fun, adventure, magic, and mystery of life.
    Best Regards,

  8. Hey Shekhar,
    I was in the audience when you were interviewed by Sudhir Mishra at the NCPA Godrej theatre. At the risk of sounding insincere, I dare say that what you said really resonated with me, and that I would love to work with you in the future. I am a 24 year-old college lecturer who keeps dabbling with theatre.
    A few months ago, I finished an acting course with Barry John. I would like to send to you a compilation CD of my perfomances through the course. Would this be ok with you?

  9. hi,
    shekhar i do not know whether u believe in astrology or not, but if you give me your dob and time and place of birth i would be able to analyze your personality, and tell some facets about your life which u yourself will not be knowing.

  10. Hi Shekhar,
    Hope you remember me from Brunton Boatyard. My fiancee and I met you at the restaurant and had an interesting conversation. I distinctly remember you telling me that Kaveri (hope thats how her name is spelt) hates to be acknowledged as a 8 year old. It was really nice meeting you over there, away from crowd and media that follows you.
    I’m glad to inform you that Renu and I are now engaged and wish to get married on the 5th of Jan, 2009. She still talks about the advices you offered her 🙂
    I’m back in Wollongong now and waiting to get back to India for my wedding and then to get her here (post a lot of paper work for her visa). We would love to hear from you if you happen to visit this part of the world during your travels.
    Renu & Nithin

  11. yes I remember you Nithin. Good luck to you and Renu and your lives together in Australia, Shekhar

  12. shekhar,
    Your daughter is very evolved. She figured out at 7 the conclusion I reached at 37 after reading a lot of books and introspection. I hope she retains that feeling forever because it is the greatest strength in life.

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