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Whoever said that love is eternal was describing all of creation. Love embraces all existence. But when they added that ‘true love’ is eternal they allowed the wisdom of love to blow away. There is just love. Neither true nor false. We can be in denial of it. But nothing else would hold the universe together. It is what holds time and space together in a constant, beautiful and playful illusion. It always will. Love is what will forever elude scientists from being able to define our existence. For love is a never ending equation that wraps itself around all of eternity. Bounding in and out of itself and constantly evolving. And will do forever. Love is the song of the universe.
i love you
i love

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  1. Yes, LOVE IS.
    Love is the song of the universe.
    Love is the feeling
    Love is a state of being
    Strange that love is most praised, written word by poets etc… who never know what love is. They make it sound … without any experience…

  2. I feel when they added Love is eternal…
    They meant Love never dies….
    In nature seasons return, hence anyone with a broken heart could love again….such is nature thus such is Love….Eternal…
    And When love does spark, it shall seek it’s truth, none can blow it away..and when it does get controlled, its when the fight of need and wants begin…
    When we use wisdom to control it, we permit ‘wants’ to conquer…thus such wisdom destroys too…
    And ‘Love’ like nature seeks nurture…constantly…
    Love is love it just cannot be defined as True or False, well said…..When we question that then we put our entire self into question!!
    Shekharrr kaise hai aap?
    In silence I am …in me my silence eternal…
    Lol the above would be like a joke of the day…
    Dq aur woh bhi silent…….nahiiiiiiiii ye ho nahi sakta….

  3. hi shekhar…….
    very well written …..yet as abstract as it can get !
    just went back to……
    ” what good is your love ? my friend
    if it does not mirror that which i dont know about myself ?…………..”
    that was about love too…..also written by you.
    yet i guess we are all human…….sometimes in an abstract frame of mind…..and at others not so !
    the earlier one creates an image of you as a person while reading where as this one gives the feel of an ethereal spirit wandering in space 🙂

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    Beautiful thoughts indeed! Yes, there is only true love or false love. Love is also the source of all creativity.

  5. I love you
    I love
    I loved the three phrase ending of your note..a very apt post valentine’s message…
    “Mujhe sondhi mitti se…
    …zindagi ki mehek aati hai…
    …Arre suno…
    ….Kahin tum sondhi mitti ke bane to nahi?”
    Sondhi mitti sa pyar.. to tie it in the riot of True and Untrue is unjustified and uncalled for. If you feel it, enjoy it. Period. Why ask questions! Life is too short for that.

  6. A Journey…
    On the day they set for his judgment, he robed the dream in the garments of thought. And disrobed a plan of its veil of life.
    He had returned from the ocean of desire. It had pearls in black.
    He had returned from the day of beginnings. Its rays lightened loneliness on boundless roads.
    He had returned from the night of endings. Its sighs narrated tedious pieces of regret.
    He had returned from the wind of time. In its arms, romances swirled into obsessions.
    And when he sat for the judgment, the ocean and the day and the night and the wind smiled.
    They argued.
    They coaxed.
    They alarmed.
    They lured.
    And the ocean concluded, “It shall not have any depth.”
    And the day added, “Its journey I cannot gauge.”
    And the night said, “My cold shadow, it shall cuddle with.”
    And the wind summed, “Now or ever, a commotion shall carry.”
    When all fell into silence, he stood up and walked hand in hand with his dream robed in the garments of thought on a never-ending road, fenced with a journey he called love.
    Happy Belated V-Day to All!

  7. i love you
    i love
    I don’t know if everyone got the import of the above words. Here is my interpretation.
    These words denote the various stages of love. At the lowest level, you need the other to love. That’s why…….
    ‘I’ love ‘you’
    In the next stage, you don’t even need the other to love. You simply love. That’s why…….
    ‘I’ love
    At the highest level, even you are not needed. That’s why…….
    Even the ‘I’ disappears and the only thing that remains is love.
    Osho used to say, there are three levels of love. Sex is the lowest. Love is in the middle. And at the highest level, love becomes Compassion.

  8. I’ve been a voyeur of this blog for many years now and never posted my own comment before….
    You writing inspires me to want to learn more about the world I am in and makes me realise how secure my life is compared to so many others…It has become part of my morning routine to log on and read the new posts and their comments by the regular bloggers….so thank you and all the regulars who provide me with such interesting insight into their views and spark my interest into so many different things 🙂

  9. Good Afternoon Shekhar…
    This is for Navin…
    Can see and understand what you are saying here, tis in the eye of the beholder …..
    Have heard of osho….the last book i read was in school lol….
    I would put it this way…as per my perception…I prefer my own perception many a times…
    Three levels…
    Physical love too awakes emotions…thus it is based more on lust/sex
    Emotional Love based on emotions shared or percieved or felt, followed by physical
    Mental, this awakes due to the intellect in one character, thus rouses the other…
    I believe n feel…love by mental intellect, has no value for me loool (have no brains)
    Physical will never hold the depth without the equal emotional bonding…
    Emotional alone will make one feel incomplete too…
    Thus the beauty is all the levels plus a combination of these three in other categories…lust+emotion, emotions+intelligence etc
    And then…
    The truth…
    Love is love, it goes beyond all statistics…
    There are so many other factors…too…
    Love based on pity…
    Love based on fear…
    Love based on and on and on..
    Wohoooo wonder if anyone gets me now Argh…I knew it ‘Me talks too much’
    Shekharrrr rrrrr hum chali…
    Psst shekh sahab (lol) ab maare ko goil na maar dai huzoor…ek baath bolu???
    Kaann kaannn laoo

  10. “…Bounding in and out of itself and constantly evolving. And will do forever. Love is the song of the universe”
    …the song that makes the universe dance.

  11. Dear Shekhar & Himanshu,
    Loving everything now…
    I love you
    I love
    Filming in a palace like home in New Jersey built in 1987 by Actor Sylvester Stallone..And Living here as well for next 20 days. Very busy and hectic… and trying best to make this character believable…Lots of work but Ive no idea why its not stressful and chaotic anymore. May be this is another shade of time again..But last 2 days I missed, not coming to your blog. This is high time for me…but not getting used to of it.
    I Love you.

  12. Love at it’s core is pure. But sometimes it is expressed through the ego which makes it incomplete or selfish, and certainly not true to it’s eternal form.

  13. hi shekhar,
    the love you have written about is the purest kind and yet ‘ human love ‘ is what we yearn for as long as we are human 🙂 ! guess it brings with it the excitement, warmth, connectedness and happiness the human heart is looking for.
    the higher love is like our consciousness…….
    has nothing to do with karmas, fulfillment, emotions, giving, receiving……..
    …….like the story where a sadhu offered water in the cup of his hands to a scorpion who drank of it and stung his hand…… which the sadhu said, ” it is natural for me to alleviate misery where i see it……as it is natural for the scorpion to sting “.

  14. ……….in the same chain of thoughts……..
    if you are sitting in a park or walking through the woods invariably you find little birds gravitate towards you and hop around you making their cute little twittering sounds…… and if you offer dana on your palm they soooooo gently come and take it all in the spirit of friendliness……….
    yet……. in human interactions…….. if a man would like to get to know a woman better… he goes through sooooo much before he even asks her to have a cup of coffee with him !
    why is the former so much more spontaneous than the latter……… ?

  15. Hello Shekhar,
    love, one is tempted to say, is the supreme force in the universe that even defies scientific definitions and transcends all a rational mind would be capable to comprehend. The sad part is that humanity as a collective whole has not yet caught on to this inspiring and wonderful principle. You have elevated love to the lofty heights of gods infinite realm, to be understood and felt by those who are enlightened souls such as yourself. It is an uplifting thought that some day the dark forces of evil will be conquered by the relentless gravitational pull of love, so that the song of the universe may be heard by all.

  16. I love… love… also.
    Worked for years to love myself, now I’m thinking that outside forces make that very hard to do. I would then blame myself for not loving myself… yes. It’s true.
    Soon after I put those feelings of love into my relationship with dance, what a road. I’ve spent the last five Valentines with dance. Ha. Love in many forms… I think one has to notice love then hug love then be devoted to love then endure with love then observe love then pass some love on and then die.
    So be it… and take care,

  17. ‘ love is the song of the universe ‘ hmmmmmm…
    and it fills you up so completely when it is in the air………….. 🙂

  18. hi shekhar !
    what if you feel happiness, joy and a burst of positive feelings just by the existence of another…..and yet you never get to meet…….?
    ( WHY…..? ONLY GOD KNOWS !! )
    under what slot would you place those feelings ?

  19. Love is a distant star
    shining on the velvety
    black cloak of the night
    and i sit and stare at it
    till it fades away
    only for the morning to come
    and for my heart to ache
    while waiting for the curtains
    to fall again….
    Don’t know if i should be asking you this.. but have you felt true love? If yes what is it like? seems difficult for me to understand.
    Lonely Traveller

  20. ”pyar ko pyar hi rehne do koi naam na do”…..beautiful lyrics by gulzar … is …dont try to give it a name…..

  21. I am going to be seeing the loves of my life after very long time…my parents, my girlfriend and friends in a few days.
    Im going back to my hometown Perth. I am now working and living in Sydney.
    I cant wait

  22. Love is cool. It is beyond the product of mind. U just can not comprehend it. But once it happens to u it will drive u almost intuitively to better ur life in all aspects. It does not know violence,it can only create. It is the energy of the mother universe which holds u and will continue to hold u forever.

  23. Hi! Shekhar
    Most of us seek love in there lives. I think that love is not something that we should seek after. It can only be given. Why we love everything about nature? Because, it selflessly gives us what we need. If give ourselves to others selflessly, our search for love will come to an end.
    I love you
    I Love.
    Love and only Love

  24. Love as you said is neither true nor false. It has no past or no future assigned to it. LOVE exists only in NOW. I remember reading somewhere that “Love is the first seed of the soul”… for me CINEMA IS LOVE 24 FRAMES PER SECOND.

  25. Hello Shekhar,.. As much as I believe in love.. and agree with its ‘greatness’, vastness etcetera etcetera.. I don’t think one needs to invoke ‘scientists’ to show/say how big the worth of love is. I find this akin to comparing ‘apples’ with ‘oranges’. I therefore strongly disagree with the statement ‘Love is what will forever elude scientists from being able to define our existence’. I find that this statement be-littles scientist, science and its combined powers. I am a scientist myself and I found Helen Fisher’s explanation very proper way of interpreting and the right way to go about understanding the power of love (especially if you are interested in scientifically studying it, evolutionarily speaking): please see her talk on TED:
    also this one on ‘why we cheat’ is fabulous!:
    This is the way ‘scientists’ work, got nothing to do with how poets write poetry..but at the same time one can argue to eternity whether these two elements/people are connected or not connected…I am not interested particularly going on that path, for now.

  26. Last year we met at Goa Film Festival.
    I asked you “what is love ?”
    You replied one liner i.e, – “Love is a mystery”
    I am unable to understand that mystery till date

  27. ….it`s really beautifull feeling inside…love has the same relationship to the soul as breathing to the body….once you`r in love with yourself you start feeling in love with many many people, and by that space becomes bigger d bigger. one day you suddenly find that the whole of existence is included in it.. when u love you can feel GOD..:)

  28. Hi,
    Beautiful people write beautiful words.
    Beautiful People can read beauty not only can they see.
    Beautiful people can hear the beauty as well.
    Rajan Mehrotra.

  29. I believe,that the only love, is unconditional one.
    Anything else is not love actually.

  30. Hello………

    What is love……….

    LOVE is just like………….



    pls enjoy it
    feel it
    do it
    take it
    give ti

    bt dont try to use it………………..?

    when u feel it
    it is everything
    when u try to explain it
    it is nothing
    let u get it
    but u cant get it
    when u let it…………its love

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