Is Time really running out ?

If ages could be divided into the Age of Reason, the Age of Contemplation, the Age of Action, then surely we are living in the Age of Hurry. We all act as if we are about to miss the train, forever chasing that elusive concept called Time. Somehow believing there is an absolute and exclusive connection between what we DO and that which gets DONE. Not realizing that in our zeal to Do and anxiousness not to miss that elusive train, we are often blocking and standing in the way of that which we want Done. We replace the positivity of passion and action by the FEAR of not achieving. The Universe is then reacting more to our fear.
So one of my New Year resolutions is not to chase that elusive event of the future, as much as to act with passion and belief in THIS moment. And I wish you all a fearless year.

10 thoughts on “Is Time really running out ?

  1. Thx sir. I think that the pace of life will always be at an increase with passage of ages. This pace is not going to slow down and probably we shd be prepared for even more hurriness.

  2. I lost Shekhar…..
    Lost due to fear….
    But I will remain with Faith…
    That is what was whispered to me….
    That is all I have left….

  3. Kedarrrrrrrrrr
    Happy Nude Year To You!!!
    >>>>>>Table par cake rakha hai…
    (pssst Zeher nahi hai, meri pollie zinda hai)

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    There is a very famous saying, โ€œCourage is the virtue on which all other virtues mount.โ€
    The most important thing is to live courageously and progress towards your goals – the most important things are action and measurable productivity.
    Are we living in an age of hurry? I think it is more so an age of fast execution to survive in business, so hurry is a necessary evil for today’s businesses, otherwise you lose your positioning and then market share. There are no set paradigms for how much time a task should take so the speed to market is continuously decreasing as that is what the customer demands.
    In Hollywood the most important money earners are the summer tent poles and the most important thing for them are their jaw dropping special effects. The special effects shops in Hollywood are overburdened with work for tent poles till 2011. They need to create better effects than Spiderman 3 in a shorter timeframe and are under massive pressure from the studios. If you do not hurry here the whole studio may be in Red.
    Someone has said that thinking too much about doing anything can often become the reason for its undoing. Once we have decided to do anything we just have to do it and do it impeccably. Our egos, fears and doubts should not stand in our way. There is no time for second guessing once a decision has been taken, just execution is the way.
    The most important virtues required for doing things are focus, passion and commitment and we acquire more and more of these the more we love our work. We just have to choose what we love and fearlessly do it. God wants us to do that and not betray our souls.
    I know that living in the moment is important for focus, productivity, and to not worry much about anything, but the current actions should be focused on some goal in the future, and then only happiness can be sustained.
    This is what JFK had to say: “And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy
    Best Wishes for a start of a great year,
    PS. I enjoy reading about numerology, Shekhar and 2008 adds to 1 and your destinty number(add all dob month, day and year digits) is also 1, so this year should be great for you. My birthpath number (just the date of birth) is also 10 i.e. 1 so I am also really looking forward to it.

  5. I dare say it would be rather diabolical to wish maya and leela to offer what they can and then resolve not to accept the enigma that they bring in our lives with what they offer – youre bound to chase the elusive! – its no fun without it. It will be very boring if we cannot chase elusive dreams and hopes.

  6. Hurry or dont hurry, time will take its own time and pass away. Its your prerogative to decide how you want to use your time and more than that what do you want from the time.
    Time has always been running and has made many of us chase it. But i always prefer to be with the time as its very easy to manage it.
    No matter which Age are we in, time had always ran away from the loosers. Fear always crept in into the mind of the quiters and the best available explanation all had was ‘WE NEVER HAD TIME FOR THIS, ELSE WE WOULD HAVE ALSO DONE SOMETHING …..”.
    Anyways thank you all for your time to read this, and please read it fast coz “TIME IS RUNNING OUT”.

  7. How are you friend?

    With such tenderness, eyes looking at me as the question was asked
    something stirred within as it was very sincere question
    something a fellow traveler would ask another
    conditioned by social hypocracy I smiled spoke about materials
    still the eyes were tender and it listened & that we will see is all it said

    I regret I answered
    only if I would have just spoken the language of silence
    or listened to it with my cup empty
    something else would have happened

    for even that moment I cherish it as within
    and alas silence of that possibility without

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