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  1. loss and gain
    a zero-sum game
    the setting sun…the rising moon
    the bloom of dawn…the glow of dusk
    in the duality of an eternal waltz
    is neither loss, nor gain
    singularity…only sublime singularity

  2. may be you ‘thought’ you lost because you couldn’t get over “you and I”.
    get out of the mindscape.

  3. Inevitably- i met you,
    should i have waited longer or was i delayed?
    i wonder why-
    i keep missing you,
    tell me,
    Do you miss me too?

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    I don’t know whether we can lose anyone unless we possess that person, and no one can truly possess anyone, so why do we feel the loss of something that is transient or not our posession?
    A quote on why we should try our best to keep the best friends we have found on this planet:
    Pythagoras asks that we not let a friend go lightly, for whatever reason. Instead, we should stay with a friend as long as we can, until we’re compelled to abandon him completely against our will. It’s a serious thing to toss away money, but to cast aside a person is even more serious. Nothing in human life is more rarely found, nothing more dearly possessed. No loss is more chilling or more dangerous than that of a friend.
    Thomas Moore (1779 – 1852)
    Source: SoulMates, Page: 208
    Best Regards,

  5. “You are the reason, I am. You are all my reasons.”
    … John Nash, A Beautiful Mind.
    I must agree with you, Sekhar, totally; …it’s like saying, “When I look at you, I see me. I see more of me, always. You make me, Me.
    I understand me, more through you. Everything in Life, makes meaning, when I look at myself, through you.
    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have found Me.”

  6. “Beautiful”…
    Tis us in you and me…
    Me in you…
    You in me…
    Jab “Meh” (me) ka ahankar wakes…we lose ourselves….

  7. Shekhar,
    It makes me remember that gazhal
    “Uss mor se shuru karen phir se yeh zindagi”
    Har shai jahan haseen thi, ham tum the ajnabi.
    English translation for those who dont understand urdu.
    “Lets begin our lives again from that point
    where everything was beautiful
    and we were still strangers to each other.”

  8. Shekhar and Kavitha,
    Two true, simple, and beautiful poems–thank you. It reminds me that I have the tendency to get intellectually (and personally) entranced in nuance–infinite possibilities, complexities, and how to navigate my way through them in life as much as in art-which is my work, too- while warmly appreciating the true profundity of simplicity, and moreso when done so well.
    Again, thank you.
    True, warmest regards,

  9. How about each person only losing himself.
    I lost me,
    when you were you
    And when I was I
    You lost you
    Total timing and occurence problem maybe. Instead of you or I.

  10. you lost (as YOUR mind tells you) because YOU gave up ! did you try hard enough ? also…..who all are you saying this to 🙂

  11. …..coz when we go down memory lane we could be saying it to a lot of people…..
    its a kind of “MICHHAMI DUKDAM” ( as the jains say ) within relationships.

  12. shekhar, tagore wrote this, ” i have lost my dewdrop” cries the flower to the morning sky who has just lost all its stars ********* 🙂

  13. hi shekhar, when i read my 1st post (no 11) i was uncomfortable by the aggression in my tone ! what was i thinking ? !
    guess it was the ‘i lost you ‘ that sounded like the finality of death to me ……and i happen to hold on to the memories of my departed loved ones and keep them alive !
    it was not about you but about me…..
    communicating with you creates an intimacy where you express 1st and then realise ” he does’nt know me so how would he know where im coming from !”

  14. thats very near It pallavi.#10
    and #13:dear sunshine while the stars were just hidden the dewdrop was actually lost.

  15. hey shekhar, just check out ur blog named “Are we imprisoned by Time? or vice versa?”-I’ve poured out something there.

  16. And if for a while we think on the other level than we realise
    “There is nothing to loose,
    As we didnt have nothing
    And whatever we have
    That is the gain.”
    Thats what “Geeta” says, What an optimistic script by Maharishi Vyas.

  17. to jim….. but does the morning sky ever see the stars ? hidden indefinately … is not there ?
    much like a deep love that lies unexpressed in ones heart forever …… ?

  18. ‘ now i know i lost you because i was i ‘ which is what…..?
    warm , welcoming ( into your life ), upfront and caring ALWAYS makes its mark ! unless you were voyeuristic instead….. you know…? watch and hear from the outside and judge the person ……..instead of being inclusive and creating the comfort and warmth for good energies to flow ?

  19. Shekhar,
    I instinctively feel a connection when reading your poem and I have put my thoughts into a poem of my own:
    It was enchanting to have crossed your path
    but your orbit, in an intrepid arc,
    is aiming for the distant stars
    within nameless galaxies,
    far above the din of the conventional
    while mine cannot escape the
    gravitational pull of the middling sun,
    sadly being drawn back to the triteness
    of the bromidic life.
    When our orbits intersected again
    you did not want to be distracted
    by my call to fly with you.
    Out in this infinite space of our minds
    there is only room for the
    few that matter.
    But I have brushed against your singularity
    while passing you,
    and a feeling of kinship with the loneliness
    of being you
    welled up in me.
    With time all collective thoughts
    will merge into this immense
    field of energy, to become one,
    only to dissipate into nothingness.
    This is when souls will
    finally touch, gently gravitating
    towards each other,
    understanding the futility of existence,
    embracing the concept of the infinite.

  20. Its wonderfull thought I lost U never as I did never possess U possession is single most obsession of a weak mind and heart because when he came did not bring anything so obvious he can not take away anything true to death….
    So his life is only the accumaleted thouhts he carried till the last breath.

  21. Can’t this I find the lost you again???
    Or is it too difficult to backtrack?
    Take care

  22. Hello Shekhar,
    It is nice to see that you blog and that you write poetry. Plan to publish them?
    It is funny, but I still remember the digjam ad of yours since my childhood days with anupama verma, where you call, put on music and then when she is done listening, you are with her. 🙂 my first and best memory of you.
    I have loved your Masoom, and I dont think you have made a better film after that. I wish you would also venture in hindi films.
    It is nice to see you here.

  23. I thought I lost you
    because you were you
    but now I know
    I lost you
    because I was I

  24. Hi Shekhar
    This is what I wrote in line of your beautiful poem..
    Where did my love go?
    As I analyzed
    And judged
    And deduced
    He does not call
    He is happy without me
    I am just a mild stimulation
    I did my mathematics
    He does not deserve my love?
    Why should I suffer?
    I resolved
    I can be happy without him too
    Will not bother anymore
    Will not care
    But I do care
    For the love is very real
    It cant be wished or reasoned away
    The heart is content in just loving
    Then what is it that hurts?
    The I in Me perhaps
    Which wants its returns
    Between the two I suffer
    Is it possible?
    To be content
    In just loving
    If I can enjoy without him too
    I will not hold life against him
    Life will be mine
    With and without him!
    It will be possible to
    Love and live!
    Raksha Bharadia

  25. I might one day forget the movies you made, might also forget who Shekhar Kapoor is…but these are the lines that I would never forget…

  26. I can be who I am, because thats who you fell in love with but you found a way to mould me to suit you and then you let me go because I was not who you imagined me to be.

  27. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    “I lost you because I was I” Beautiful! Lost!
    A million words and tears wouldn’t bring people back.
    Real tears fall from the heart and cover the soul.

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