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my cousin sent me this birthday greeting that I want to share :
“as j.krishnamurti says ‘the roots of heaven are in living and dying’ so birthdays are important as a reference point of the great illusion of time.

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  1. The Past is also Now,
    What was is also a living event…
    Two fold unity of Then and Now,
    It fulfils its mystery….
    The moment it is realised,
    It is the festival of the Gods. by Aurobindo Ghosh in Savitri.
    Belated Happy Birth day!

  2. and do these reference points bring along any distortions to the great illusion of time as perceived by you ?

  3. Death is the last enemy that man shall conqure.-Bible.
    Probably by getting over the trapping illusion of his own device called ‘Time’-removing it completely from one’s & collective consciousness.The theory of relativity confirms absolute Time’s absurdity.

  4. Sir,
    Can I contact U,than through blogs.If so how? Its just to clear a personal doubt, something related metaphysics(i think its the term used).

  5. To a days turn,
    A prayer
    A touch
    A tear
    A smile
    To a seasons bout,
    A song
    A vision
    A recess
    A climb
    To a lifes spell,
    A haven
    A love
    An ache
    An ecstasy
    Happy Belated B’Day

  6. Hey ya,
    I am Serena, a dreamer is the best word to describe me, I believe in life and more than it in the dreams I have and my dream for my life is to be a director. One that I ahve been weaving for years now…not knowing where to start, I dont want to stop dreaming, but I also want to start living my dream.
    Any suggestions, advice, interest please drop them by.
    Rember: You Dream therefore you are 🙂
    Loads of luv

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