Just wanted to share with a quote from my interview with the ‘Australian’ that is making the rounds n Australia :
AS a director, Shekhar Kapur has become used to working with one of the world’s most expansive mediums: cinema. But the filmmaker and activist is pondering how to tell his stories in under five minutes as the internet and broadband redefine how people are entertained.
“If you forget the boundaries and imagine yourself as part of Asia, then you are part of the Asian story, you are part of the Asian culture, and Asian culture is so diverse. What you do is you suddenly become part of that population and they become part of you. You have to get rid of the idea of territorial boundaries because in the new media these territorial boundaries obviously do not exist.”
“Very soon, you will see there will be 100 million people committed to one blog that will become an ism, that will take over from nationalism and will become a blogism, and people will be committed to that for a while.”

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  1. dude…
    does it mean RATIONALITY will be common? Common sense will be common…!!! what would intellectuals do then….hahahaha…!
    people have already started VIRTUAL communities…where one can become a citizen of such virtual city and then he will have a social security code and a house and he will be working and will start earning…
    they are claiming that people have already started earning through such VIRTUAL JOBS!!!
    What is this new model of business you are talking about? ‘FLUID model…like a MELA…!’
    ‘FIVE minute stop and 10 min copy right…’
    In 5 min, in any culture only JUNK FOOD is produced…!
    it takes a lot of time to cook a PROPER food…!
    thats NATURE’s law…and that would be the base of any business model forever…!

  2. Excellent Shekhar…the ridding of the ‘territorial boundaries’ mental block in new media.
    Secondly I agree to some extent with Kedar on his Junk food/Proper food analogy.As it is said in Hindi ‘jitna gur paoge utna hi meetha hoga’ although its a different matter that we might not need ‘meetha’ all the time.
    But yes preparing a thing honestly with vast resources of time ,manpower and funds to finally present it in 5 minutes flat like TV ads is what u must be implying.

  3. We are so happy without these boundaries, manmade boundaries yet the mind flows beyond them, did we really need these boundaries?Shows how insecure we humans are! There is more peace in breaking boundaries than building them, I believe true strength lies in bringing peace not war! shame on those for having set such crude systems and boundaries, laws based on greed!
    I fear a time will come when a handful of selfish creatures will; start making boundaries here too!!
    When romans and greeks were ruling north africa, they sent two messengers one each from their respective capitals and where they met, a boundary was formed….how this happened? Policy!! level headed policy, tis easy to take lives than to keep them breathing!! Always seeking easy ways are we not? Lol
    Sowwy could not help commenting!

  4. Yes true…also I think consumerism(advertising) is going to make most of the media content and even communication available for free. So redesigning the revenue models could be a challenge.

  5. dude,
    MELA theory is already in use…what is YOU TUBE…its a Mela…one 5 min film is running and other film plates are scrolling up-down continuously…
    and we see at least 2-3 films once we go to You Tube…and though its a free site…it must be getting good revenue through ads…some one must be earning through You Tube… or is it a free site…is it a free virtual space? …cant be…
    so those who are earning money out of You Tube, just started a site where people can express themselves…but the business model they must have used, must be old…its just a new idea of business…
    so now even if there would be one billion hits to a particular site then all it means is that the site owner would be richer…so he must think what kind of site he should start to attract the attention… (needless to say Porn sites have greater number of hits)
    as far as virtual communities are concerned…sooner or later they would be formed…and they would fail too…
    the only difference in virtual communities and real communities would be that a single person can be a communist, a sadist, a nationalist and a spiritualist too in virtual communities by joining different communities with different ids…
    this will only lead to more systematic Chaos…because thinking and analyzing power of an average person would grow and society as whole would evolve faster…
    but in this whole chaos… Art in its natural form will remain as it is…in terms of its basic structure…form and style would keep changing with time, of course…

  6. Hi Kedar!
    Well explained…the above!
    the only difference in virtual communities and real communities would be that a single person can be a communist, a sadist, a nationalist and a spiritualist too in virtual communities by joining different communities with different ids…
    Such behaviour exists with or without this virtual world! A man(human) will still seek ways even if this virtual world was not existing…The mind that seeks can never sit idle and wait for things to happen…
    None can stop growth of mind, if it wants to it will…
    Knowledge cannot be exclusive for selective people…
    For fear of facing chaos does one stop growing? In a chaotic world chaos shall reach its peak…
    the society shall evolve whether slow or fast it will still roll on…

  7. what ever writing i did in last one year, i am finding that 2 hours is an idle time to tell a story…
    and main stream or world cinema, the time factor wont change much…
    why 5 min dude?
    rather day by day the gap between main stream and world cinema would merge…as the awareness in general would increase…people in developing as well as under developed countries would have more money…more money means less quest for basic needs and more for psychological needs…so people will start appreciating Bergman on a mass level ( 🙂 )…a new global village is forming up…
    BLOGISM… yes…
    but then why 5 min?
    what kind of business model you are thinking of…the guy who made BANDIT QUEEN…!!!
    you speak from a different platform…things u can see, we might not be able to see… so pls elaborate…
    (earlier blog- the interview is quite elaborate…but its vague too at times…its more of your thinking process… and you kept saying ‘ what was your question…’ …i could see the link in your thought process but thats my thought process… 🙂 so pls elaborate about your views on this NEW MEDIA, 5 min story telling urge, broad band and film making…)

  8. Good Morning Shekhar…
    Aapke liyeh some information:
    Over the past 3 years, we have grown the number of visitors to Spaces from 1 visitor when we launched the Beta version in August 2004 to over 115 million monthly users worldwide
    This month when one of you signed up for Spaces, you created the 100 millionth Windows Live space. This means that during the last 3 years, there have been over 100 million Windows Live spaces created for people to express themselves and share their thoughts, photos, and interests.
    With the latest release, Spaces is now available to people in 55 countries and in 33 different languages. It is amazing to see that over the last 3 years, there have been as many spaces created in Turkey as in Australia, Germany, or Taiwan. Looking back three years, Spaces was only available in 1 country
    Have a wunnerful day!

  9. “John Lennon” May your dreams come true…if it’s possible here…in a world which we term as virtual…a place where one escapes from reality to yet another reality…or escapes from virtuality to reality(people become themselves in this world, its how one percieves it!)
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace
    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    Smile and best wishes..

  10. Ahh…John Lennon…LennOM….
    There is infinite Magic and a Geni eagerly awiating work to do within each and everyone of us…. and the expansion into the virtual realms must surely be stretching our kinesthetic, energetic, magical bodies in ways that a trip to the post office, holding a stamped envelope could never do…
    The world is already One…always was and always will be…it is Onederful indeed!!….
    What a fascinating thing to know that the neuro net of the global brain is acessible to all of us in an instant…for the first time in history…WE are the pioneers of the infintie realm of cyber-possibility….
    Can stories be told in 5 miinutes?….yes!…we have created 5 minute stories from the Aborginal Community here in South Austraia…you can see them here:
    Click on NTV4 and listen to Katrina Power, Kaurna~Nurunga~Ngarindjeri Woman tell a profound story in 5 minutes….
    I guess the question you raise Shekhar is akin to what I have learnt as a result of the water restrtictions here in Australia…Yes! we can still grow a beautiful garden that both enriches and generates joy…we just need to plant a little more thoughtfully, ensure that companion planting is a priority and choose foliage that thrives with the minimum maintenance….;-)

  11. hmmm…this also gives rise to another Thought….will things of a cyber-worship nature evolve to become that there is only One Blog yet from the One Blog a hundred versions of Blogianity emerge?…
    …and will the Blogians enter into conflict with the Cell~Phonians as they seek to convert others to their Truth that God is in fact in the Cell Phone not where the Blogians have placed Him?…
    Will people unwittingly find that they are not actually here to serve and learn how to forgive, but they are in fact here to learn how to forgive the Server when the Blogian traffic becomes so congested that communication with the Highered Power is no longer possible…..
    Heaven above!!…and Within…does this mean that the I~Pod is in fact a divine typo and is actualy I~God?!!
    Does Bill Gates really mean the Gateway to Heaven…
    Is Steven Job simply a reincarnation of a one of the Books of the Blogble?
    I am getting in early and off to do a web search for Bloglical Studies and decode where we are going….that seems to be far more relevant than where we have come from in Blogianity…

  12. dear shekhar,
    hi! this is tushar (remember schroedinger’s cat?) (
    writing in this time with a professional request…
    would it be possible to get an interview with you on your next trip to india? this is for filmfare magazine (worldwide media) where i have recently joined as creative consultant – new media strategy…
    looking forward to your reply…

  13. It could very well be true. It might or might not happen.
    But (and I have often wondered about this) hasn’t all this happened before in someone else’s lifetimes? This promise of change, of difference? Weren’t theories and life styles tested out regularly before? And how much have we changed globally from say the 1800’s early 1900s and even mid 1900s?
    So I suppose my question is, who are we kidding? Will any change really change anything? We’ll form new territories.
    Were we ever non territorial, maybe there’s a gene related to it.

  14. Hi Shekhar,
    To just emphasize on the power of blogs, you can do an interesting thing on this blog.
    You can start an open thread. You choose a topic. We all will try to draw a storyline for it
    and come up with a screenplay, in our comments itself. You can give your feedback and guide us in the right direction. Let us see if we can come up with a good script. In other words it would be very interesting to discuss and work with you on a script. Your blog will be a convenient way of doing it.
    Do you like the idea?

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