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I was part of a series of forums at the IIT Alumni 2007 Global conference in the ‘Silicon Valley”. I am amazed at what the IIT Alumni has achieved and their incredible influence on the world and in India. I am proud and thankful to Jawahar Lal Nehru for his incredible foresight when he created these institutions. Meanwhile if anyone would like to post a comment on the conference, please do so under this blog.

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  1. Shekhar,
    I found that small clip of the “GLOBAL COOL” on the net but, just one question . Is that the just a glimpses or more to come yet, Or did they have pretty good (bucks)funds! to spend on this? I want to see that.And now don’t tell… They had 50 mill(lol), for this small spoof …so you did that. Actually it can be complete in it self too….just confused!
    Here is the link for those who din’t find that yet.

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    Meeting with you at the IIT conference was a dream come true! At the risk of sounding like a star struck teenager (which I am not ;-), I must admit that you so validated all the impressions that I had formed based upon your interviews, movies and blogs. I absolutely enjoyed the panel on “Harnessing Creativity.” In listening to you and Javed Akhtar, it occurred to me that the challenges faced by creative people in the arts are no different from the ones faced by those of us who are in leadership roles in technology companies. Every now and then, I am as scared as you that someone is going to uncover the reality, or as you said, discover the conman (or conwoman). We have to be ready for criticism just like the creative people of your ilk, and be prepared to put aside our egos. In order to be successful we have to be risk-takers and often take a contrarian stand. Uncanny similarity between “leaders” and “creative people!”
    I will post a separate mail about the other panel that you were a guest on, “Has Bollywood Gone Mainstream?”. I hope that our paths cross again. You certainly left a mark on a number of us.

  3. shekar it is surprising that people still blame nehru for indias impoverishment. if it wasnt for nehru and homi bhaba there wolud be no ITT IIM and indian institute of science. you are forgeting that the british had left india with 10% literacy rate . we had no one trained except for the armed forces which the raj trained to defend her majestys intersts. conserative indians like that chumcha fareed zakaria dinesh dzousa keep blaming nehru for indias stagnation. if it wasnt for nehru none of the above would exist and india wolud never would have the foundation that in reaping its benefit. i do admit that we should have opened our econmy in the mid eighties.

  4. Hi Mr. Kapur,
    My name is Lakshmi Karra, my husband Vijay Karra met you at the recent IIT conference in SJC, California.
    I believe he gave you a copy of a novel I published titled, “The Ganesha Pendant”.
    I am aware that you have a very busy schedule and I certainly do not wish to impose on your time.
    However I am curious, and am wondering if you got a chance to read/go through it.
    I would be very honored to get your opinion.
    I admire your work, especially “Masoom”.
    Thank You,
    yours sincerely,

  5. Hi Mr. Kapur,
    Thank you very much for reading my book, “The Ganesha Pendant.”
    I am glad you found it interesting.
    Yours sincerely,

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