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If you scroll down on the right, under the last of the ‘Most popular’ is the Category ‘Zen Thoughts’……I love the philosophy of the Buddhist Prayer flag. Tie up a little coloured flag to a string, and every time it flutters in the wind, it says a prayer for you. And for everything. Whenever I go to Ladakh, I see thousands of the beautiful fluttering flags, all forever saying prayers. And some time ago I posted a blog titled ‘Did we say a Prayer today ?”, talking about how science is discovering, as we are, the power of Prayer…. and since then Cinda has been posting a prayer everyday……… and I thought, if we all posted a prayer whenever we felt like it, and just because we felt like it, the prayer would be out there on the net, and every time anyone clicked on that Blog, it would be like the wind fluttered the prayer.

10 thoughts on “Buddhist Prayer flags

  1. Let you sweet presence bless this earth.
    Let us strive for the highest good.
    Let us revere all that is sacred.
    Let us strive for enduring happiness and creativity.

  2. …to be a part of that which is a whole, encompassing “all”, this is purpose we embrace. The flags will fly in the winds of change and carry our prayers to the universe.
    Namaste Shekhar…in spirit always,

  3. An e-flag flutters a prayer…
    …for the Earth and every speck of sand
    that is beaten upon by a zillion stomping feet
    …for the Water it holds to nurture
    that we unwisely fail to treasure
    …for the Air that gives us the ability to breathe
    choking itself with worldly pollute
    …for the Fire in the Sun that takes the heat
    only to give us light beneath
    …for the elephants & horses that endure chains
    to give us humans, a riding gain
    …for the fishes and cows that endure the slaughter
    to give us humans, joy on a platter
    …for all living beings that are deprived, mentally and physically challenged
    …and all those that are less privileged
    an e-flag flutters
    a prayer to lead to the path of wisdom
    and to let nature’s wisdom remain

  4. “O infinte Spirit,recharge this body with Thy cosmic energy,this mind with thy concentration and this soul with thy ever new joy.O eternal youth of body and mind.Abide mein forever and ever.”

  5. Dear Prophet,
    I have been your fan. Esp. When I read a story a couple of years back in TIME magazine, you said: Actually I believe that all creative person in the world are schizophrenic. I still have that magazine and your saying has been a MANTRE to me. Do you know why? Because I suffered from schizophrenia for almost 8 years.
    I used to be a press reporter in Kathmandu but my passion was Film. Due to the mental illness, I could not make a career in film. But During my exacerbations I wrote and wrote. Now I have a number of unique stories and I am writing novels based on my experiences. Still my passion is film and my dream city is Bombay. It will be, I think enlightening if I meet you and share my enigma someday in future and I have a passion to see my stories metamorphosede into movies.
    Currently I am in the rock bottom of life. I finished almost everything in treatment and trying starting a new life from scratch from taking my stories to the directors like you. Please check the intros of my selective stories on http://www.avchetan.com
    Your small help can carve my consciousness(and save me, my family) where I still feel many unanswered treasures within my memory.
    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you

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