A trail of ‘maybe’s”

I look back at the day and I see behind me a trail of ‘maybe’s. I look back at the year and i see a huge wake of ‘maybe’s. Indecisive ? A serious lack of commitment ? Negotiating space ? Or just looking for the potential and the possibility of the future evolving and emerging itself. Beyond my control. Yet I try and reform. I try and see life in the form of absolute yes and absolute no. I lie when I do that, but do try. And when I do that guess the answer from other people is ? Maybe.

6 thoughts on “A trail of ‘maybe’s”

  1. hahaha… what exactly are u trying to say? i didnt get the whole thing very clearly…
    are u saying that u look back and u see May be u could have done this or that? and then when u try to live life in absolute Yes or No then other people say May be you could have done this or that?
    what exactly are u saying? i am not getting it… πŸ™‚

  2. Reality exists. It is…as is. It is…how it will be. It will be..what it was meant to be. So the evolving and emerging is of one’s own state of mind? until the veil is lifted? And the elevated mind can see beyond?

  3. Hi,
    I just remembered an incident when I first met Shekhar. He was directing a launching pad movie for Bobby Deol, which was later made by Raj Kumar Santoshi. I still think that if Shekhar would had made that film then this guy would have had some different career in bollywood (very bright). But again Shekhar even for you “woh har ek baat pe kehna ke youn hota to kya hota!” Let’s just think on the terms we have and what we can do with them. Things always could be better for all of us and could be worse too.

  4. Thats the risk of being a wanderer. The risk of being lost. ‘Maybe’ u shd continue the absolute yes and no pattern just to give yourself the feeling that u r not lost. But the more the no of maybes in your life better it is for this blog, so heres wishing……..:)

  5. hahaaha….Evil thought Aditarya…
    this is the reason smokers smoke…i mean most of them…atleast i used to… sab kuch theek hai…lets fuck around with health…and then thinking…shit..what if i would have not…
    dude…chill… u r already successful…do u realize that…lol…
    yeah on a personal front battle never ends…but imagine those scary days of struggle…now looking back u can see and feel as if those were the days when u were at creatively much more active…but looking at your work its seems now u r more charged up than before… πŸ™‚ … low phases are part of the game…arent they?
    we have control over our actions!!!… thats the bottom line…
    best wishes… take care…tata…kedar…

  6. “Or just looking for the potential and the possibility of the future evolving and emerging itself” — ‘the Future’ here involves the real flowing and evolving you.Keeping the faith and letting things happen rather than consciously trying to have a certain pre-concieved outcome,I think, is the best way forward.Obviously you ought to have some plan,some pre-concieved design or model on which to work but seeking for its ditto application is where the ego gets in the way of the superego and at times at odds with it.The head is only a part of your whole self and not the most singularly important at that.I think the key to producing a classic or something with eternity stamped on it is to let the other important part of the ensemble also do the needful.But the finesse involved is to orchestrate a balance between the wily head and the fragile and delicate ‘stamp of eternity’ which
    only exposes or reveals itself when the head resigns in surrender.
    “Yet I try and reform”–The reformation without conscious trying will last because it will reform at core.Just be and experience reform within and outside.

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