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  1. You really look like you’re in your element when walking on a movie set. Now that The Golden Age is in post, you probably can’t wait till you return on the set. How soon can we expect you on a movie set again? Are there any future projects in the pipeline or are you still looking for inspiration? The trailer looks like you are in a Golden Age of your career. I can’t wait to see it. Best of luck.

  2. Thank you, Mr Kapur, for this rich, golden miniature work of intricate art that is the teaser trailer!
    Truth be told, Clive Owen was the initial reason why I greedily pressed
    the Play button on the first trailer instance posted on the Net; I am a passionate admirer.
    His and your Walter Raleigh is rising there from the bow in front of the Queen like a feline fighter,
    with calmly moving eyes, and an impenetrable look in them,
    where just a touch of mischief lies, enough to throw the imagination into a whirlwind.
    And then the barely visible, confident smirk, borne on those lips contoured with wavy lines,
    subtle magnets, a tips of fingers’ dream of touching like the lightest breeze, in shivers.
    I thought the profoundly subjective attraction of these seconds would be blinding against all else.
    The rest of the trailer though unexpectedly swept my soul even more off its dreamy feet with
    equally powerful and masterful weaving of baroquely symphonic sounds and golden shades,
    which cast the spell of sheer beauty, and gloriously unfold as the royal symbol of enduring, perfect value.
    Cate Blanchett’s Queen is a deep storm herself, her voice and face modulating strength with
    such a mature wealth of undertones, from fear to hope to irony to victory-conjuring wrath,
    the contrast with her frail frame enriching this dark rainbow with that much power.
    As for Sir Francis Walsingham’s careful tribute of diplomacy and admiration,
    the words and his tone are so skillfully chosen that
    the eagles’ wings indeed spread in my mind’s eyes and I feel tears welling up, and
    I am soaring along into the delight of being witness to soul-capturing craft.

  3. Dear Shekhar, thanks so very much, for posting this link to the stills… awesome pictures!!
    Big round of applause to you, the cast and crew of TGA!!
    with loving kindness,

  4. hey dude…
    looking handsome there…
    the funniest pic for me is where you are almost lying down on the stairs and explaining a scene to Cate…in the pic it appears that Mr. Rush is ogling at the actress sitting behind you…hahahaha…( just a funny observation…) also the queen drinking coffee in a modern mug…
    other pics are cool…
    but why so many tracks? i mean it might be a foolish question but dont you think automatic cranes are much reliable these days for the track shots?

  5. tracks are still the only way to get a realy smoth shot in a short space of time. Cranes still take a long time to set up. Steadycams still ‘float’. shekhar

  6. Dear C, I do hope the film matches up to the expectations that the trailer has created for you, and thank you for your very kind words. Shekhar

  7. also in one of the pic we see Clive owen looking into the monitor and in another pic Cate and her co actor are too looking into the monitor…
    do you make them to look into the monitor to get them the feel of the frame in which they are going to move or its just out of their own curiosity they are watching?

  8. which emulsion you chose to shoot TGA on? and why?
    so that while watching it, i will observe the effect…

  9. I just love A R Rahman’s music. He is so versatile. My question to you is: How did they compose for the Golden Age? Did they combine their efforts or did separate pieces altogether? Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Yasmeen T

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