British Hostages or Prisoners of War ? What’s the keyword ?

Would love to know what is going on in the debriefing of the British hostages freed by Iran. What amazed me was how relaxed they all looked in the TV pictures during their captivity and as they met the Iranian president at their release. I am director enough to know that the relaxed atmosphere was not a put up job. It would take professional actors to fake it. So what was going on ?

The situation in Iraq is not clear. Was the Coalition occupation an invasion ? There is no declared state of War, but everyone calls it the War in Iraq. Well…. the Americans call it a war on terror, but when u send troops to kill people uninvited into another state, we call it an invasion and a declaration of war.
I am not condoning the Iranian nuclear ambitions. Nor the taking of the hostages. Not even the Iranian support of militant extremists in Iraq. I am saying that the terms used are confusing.
Was the attempt, partially successful, to kidnap an official Iranian delegation in Iraq an acceptable act in the context of the Coalition invasion of Iraq ? Or was it an act of war on Iran ? Or an acceptable act in context of the Coalition’s war on terror
Is this a War, or are the terms being used just keywords of convenience ?
If the British Marines were indeed spying upon Iranian movements, albeit from Iraqi waters, were the Iranians within their rights to arrest them ? Surely if Iranian gunboats came anywhere near British coastal waters, they would have immediately been arrested and interrogated.
I have no doubt that Iran has ambitions to extend it’s influence over the majority Shia populations in Iraq. All over the world politicians are already gearing up for the break up of Iraq into separate Shia, Sunni and Kurdish nations. I am surprised that Turkey has not panicked yet, given the high population of kurds in Turkey. I don’t think that even the coalition partners are fooling themselves anymore. The invasion is leading to a break up of Iraq. Now every surrounding nation, ethnic group, multinational oil company is already into a feeding frenzy.
Do not be fooled by the soothing words used by President Bush or Prime Minister Blair. They have not a hope in hell of controlling the sectarian violence that has broken out in Iraq. Nor do they desire to unless they can install safely a government of their own choice that will look after their business and military interests. Chaos is much better than loss of their strategic interests.
And the people that will take the brunt of it are of course the civilians. As they have done so for years. Thousand more will be sacrificed for business and strategic interests. After an Iraqi life is of little value when compared with the life of a British or American soldier.
So what’s the beef with Iran over this issue ? Can someone explain this to me ? After all the Coalition went in only for their own self interest.

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  1. The formula of divide and rule worked so well in India. The Nation divided into two countries in 1947…but formula of “let them be busy in that bull shit affairs is still working”…thats what the the whole “script” is here again. Location is different ,actors and characters are new. Even screenplay is same with few new twists. Seed the hate and see the crops of hate growing. No matter what.. Who ever is producing this whole project…They have a complete script in hand , the characters shown as Mogambo and like Mr.INDIA..they are been casted already…AND I think this project was in pipe line and begined 30 years before or may be more…now they are just filming it. AnD in my opinion not even the media knows what they are making…We still have to wait for the premier or the first show. And the name of this film is Darwin presents “THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.” …(a very sad ending).

  2. Modern colonialism shekhar, what else?… Of course they were spying. They are at war….they have to spy…What is more interesting is the gutsy Iran response.
    If we compare the Afghan war and the Iraq invasion I think the Iran issue would become more clear. Before the afghan war the US gave an ultimatum to the taliban saying give us osama and there will be no fighting – a highly legitimate demand, according to me, considering the 9/11 debacle. After the war the US genuinely tried to calm things there and also leave the country and not to forget minimal civilian damage caused during the war. On the other hand, Iraq war was fought on the pretext that it was developing WMDs. No evidence of which has still been found. I dont beleive iraq could have hide them so well given that the war was over in such a short period. And after the war, the coalitions’ constant efforts are to spread confusion so that they can stay longer. The Saddam hanging along with its timing and the manner was a clear indicator of the coalition intentions.
    The Iran issue is going similar to the Iraq way. The US is obviously using the mileage gained from the afghan war to colonise OIL reserve nations in the name of war against terror. The coalition forces might just be waiting for the right provocation. Sorry state of affairs….but also quite interesting.

  3. Dear Shekhar
    As far as the larger discussion goes, I have nothing to say, but as far as the sailors’ demeanor is concerned, what about placing it in the context of very young people who treat risk like a game? This seems to fit, for me. A lot of people that age have done extensive role-playing socially and on the web. Many are very experienced actors in that sense. And many see no problem with inhabiting multiple roles, and give themselves over to the moment wholeheartedly, without a sense of compromise to their deeper values.
    love, Heath

  4. The British Marines have claimed that they were interrogated and they had a harrowing time. Well, they defintely looked anything but that. And what were they complaining about? You enter another country’s space and they have a right to interrogate you; just because you are British doesn’t mean that you can get away with anything.
    Just for the sake of argument, even if we believe the British Marines that they didn’t enter Iranian space, do you think that UK and its ally USA , would have taken it lightly? Just look at the excuses they have had for their aggressions in Afghanistan and Iraq. They massacred the people of Afghanistan to find Bin Laden, and then suddenly decided that Saddam Hussein is a dictator and are now continuing their killing spree.
    Well, Iran better be warned that after its anti-US stance, it could well be the next target.

  5. Iran is part of the major energy system of the world…The issue has always been control. Control is the source of strategic power….
    International affairs is very much run like the mafia. The godfather does not accept disobedience….says Noam Chomsky. Interesting read @

  6. Brits got cought with their pants down and Blair and his diplomatic mob made total assholes of themselves !
    I mean , it beats the intelligence of the average , how stupid and racist the Brits can be ! I can understand Bush being dumb and all that – but the hypocrisy and tribal mob mentality of some of the so-called ‘developed’ western countries , is downright hilarious !
    Iran milked the controversy to its full and they played their cards smartly – even giving the Brits an ‘Easter Gift’.
    There is a covert neo-imperialism at play in the world – and the western Rogue nations want to maintain the status-quo , as long as possible – viz , their apparent superiarity and divine right to do as they please .
    Just that a networked and elnightened world is not prepared to accept such non-sense any longer. They still hold the world media in their fist and as long as images and opinions are edited at the top – the rest of us will have to put up with the pain of such non-sense.
    I am not debating the merits of Iraninian regime – but considering that they are sitting on the hottest resource the west wants , it is admirable how they have played their cards so far.

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