Love and Eternity 2

Pallavi asks : why does (love) have to be irrational and like a drug induced high…. all grand and emphasised through every action and thought… why cant it be allowed to be a little passive… to be allowed to wane a bit at times…. how much energy can be expected from one source and one source only…why cant you just like someone you love sometimes without wanting to jump them and get into their heads…. without expecting them to fire you up everytime without fail…. why does it have to be fireworks… and how sustainable is that kind of effect…

Hey Pallavi, how well you have written this, and how searing your words are. Who amongst us have not felt this, so all I can say is :
Welcome, Pallavi to the chaos of love. Welcome to the letting go of structure. Welcome to self discovery, where the other person is an object of absolute obsession, only because the that person is your conduit to the Divine. Welcome to letting go of the illusion of structure and extreme individuality, which we assume is normalcy, welcome to your consciousness reverberating through the ‘love induced high’ calling you to itself. Welcome to glimpses of Eternity.
Welcome also to the fear of letting go. Welcome to the pain of possibe loss. Welcome then, to the anguish of the loss of connection to your eternal self, if that love does leaves you. What are you really afraid of, the loss of the individual or the loss of your glimpses into your internal self.
Why this particular individual ? Is that person part of your Karmic growth ? Was there a reason that person entered your life ? Is your soul looking to resolve something ?
How sustainable ? The answer lies in your Ego. How much of the fear of loss has to do with the Ego. How comfortable are you with the letting go of control. How easily can you accept that the Chaos you feel is the reality and control and ‘normalcy’ is the illusion.
Tough, tough, Pallavi. I know. To find a high, and then sublimate it beyond obsession for one individual and seek something far greater.
We are after all, only human.

14 thoughts on “Love and Eternity 2

  1. Love is a drug induced high. it is neither irrational nor rational. it is neither passive nor active. once in love there remains no fear of loss.
    the moment it starts becoming rational or irrational be sure it is not there……………..
    but atleast its a greatful experince to love someone. its better to hold on to the feeling rather than the person. its better to let the other person go!
    Love remains!

  2. dude…
    in this blog entry your QUESTIONING style has changed. some where there is ACCEPTANCE along with the questioning.
    BEAUTIFUL. keep questioning, it will keep you free and go on ACCEPTING it will keep you free too!!! ……You said it….Welcome to The Chaos!!!
    take care…lots of love…kedar…
    PS: by the way do you dye your hair? because in this pic of urs, ur beard has some grey hair but no grey shades on head… 🙂

  3. dude…
    i narrowed my eyes and looked at your pic…hahahahaha….u were cunning advisor in some of ur past life…and u were from oriental race(not because my eyes were narrowed)…some one like chanakya…you were a casanova in that life…(this life’s story u better know it!) :)))
    some thing fictional…some times fiction is stranger than reality!!! is it a fiction!!!
    in this life you are very strict in terms of priciples and ethics. u are a strict person. people think u are emotional but u are not… thanks to ur personal chaos theory. but definately u are vulnerable…no doubt ur vision about ur films is very clear.
    eyes are childlike…searching for something continuously…from several blog entries every one knows what ur searching.
    if u will sit in front of the mirror and stare at it for long u will become uneasy…child inside u will pop out and will harm ur ego…if u will scream like some ancient technique, child will pop out soon…no harm in trying…
    in all the structure of ur face is of a poetic king !!!
    i am not a face reader nor i am on drugs…but i respect Insticts!!!
    u try to let go of ur intellect and control ur heart. the process will reverse soon…i dont know when but soon…
    take care…lots of love…kedar…
    PS: i am not under an influence of ‘The Mistress of Spices’…hahahaha…yes…i saw it with my gf. she was alseep by the time it ended. i was half dead. ( i clapped thrice like a britisher for the efforts of the crew!!! thats all)
    yes…off i go…dont worry! every one will!…

  4. Hey Shekhar…. you’ve taken what I said further… clean flow
    has anybody ever said ‘I seek my adrenaline through my base jumps, with love, I am fairly easy’….
    and has it been said that – ‘if it was that you didn’t love me anymore, it would have been easy, but it is that I didnt love you anymore, so I wring my insides and hang them out to dry in everything that I do’
    Recently got embroiled in an energy/emotional game of sorts, so all the pains just flowing through…
    I need to be sewn back up again, and I don’t think it is just ‘I’….if it was all internally driven, would I put myself through all this?…. I hope not, I hope I can live and breathe and continue the journey … without too many scars…. without over-importance and under nourishment
    or is that over simplifying the lot…
    I do wish love was comfortable, a discovery of two selves and the entire universe, a movement (never going stagnant), a finding of all instead of just yourself and I, and when the energy stops flowing from the act of love, we will find the energy from everything around without desecrating what we once had, what we once loved… a simple flowing of river…
    I enjoy reading your blog! Especially everything 🙂

  5. Hi Shekhar just wanted to say hi, hope you doing well was busy with Ramadan fasting, was shoot for a Microsoft commercial and my short film “From Within” A story about choices and love.
    I Actually have no Comments on this post beacuse i dont know any one else who would have said it any better really, I love it, So I have a humble Request to ask for permission to repost this article on My space site at
    IF that’s ok with you ofcourse if its ok do let me know.
    haven’t visit your site for a while Was anxious to come here and read your article’s because it is food for the soul and I was hungry for a while :-)(no pun intended)
    I invite you and your readers to visit myspace page at
    Well, got to go read all the other articles you wrote Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    Take care

  6. sometimes i wonder…is it just that we love the idea of being in love so much that everything else fades into insignificance…is there so much mediocrity in every aspect of life that we are desperately searching for something that we can be obsessive about without any need for justification…is love overrated…why then is this absolute surrender to another person and the fear of losing him so painful and sweet at the same time…..and what happens when this illusion that we call love shatters into a thousand pieces, how then does one find oneself again….

  7. While browsing the internet today, I came across your blog. Very interesting thoughts on all aspects of life. I just got addicted to your blog. Technology is amazing, it is so nice to get the perspective from all different cultural backgrounds around the world on one platform. You’re a great writer!!!
    Shekhar, I have a question for you.
    What is True love? How would you define it?

  8. Hi Shekhar,
    Still waiting to hear from you on my questions posted above:
    What is True love? How would you define it?

  9. Ur a great Personality.I was Listening to ur talk on NDTV profit.I really believe in ur word that we r Channel of GOD .Let God help us to do our mission in Life……………

  10. hey anonymous
    shekhar seems to be too busy.
    ‘true love’ is a very strange concept. I guess love is love.
    Love that starts with a desire makes you free of all desires.
    Love that wants to own up ends up teaching you to let go.
    Love that makes you so afraid of losing wipes away all your doubts.
    Love has no object or objective
    Its a seamless energy that gives you wings and you fly
    discovering a YOU that you never thought existed
    It teaches you to relate to the Divine in you and in those around you.
    And you thought its just about an individual.
    How could it be ?

  11. Love
    “I can see it in your eyes – you love cinema. By Goerge! Do you love it! But then there are certain people that cinema loves. Look at him. See the way cinema lets him make love to it!
    Well, sometimes… just sometimes – no guarnatee – unrequited love makes good cinema …
    There’s hope.”

  12. Hey anoneeee
    May be, True love is a strange concept but in my opinion it does exist. It just never lives happily ever after – true love has no ending. True love begins when nothing is looked
    for in return. It allows you to let go if it makes the person you love happy. It’s a very special state of a soul.

  13. Pallavi , can Love be solitary but sublime? If yes , then it means we dont yet know ourselves or what we are made of , and how we ‘manushyas’ or mankind work.
    Our structure is suspect and there is a lot that is unknown. we should begin at the definitions , which itself is lot. Civilisations have risen and fallen trying to define words . This whole play happens due to our insifficient communication.
    If only we could transpond ideas to eachother , also thoughts and feelings , then gestures , facials and body language would have no meaning , not even a poet’s words would be as eloquent as humanity’s shared silences.
    But that would take out the fun in life. To figure out things in uncertain environments , dealing with our special others who at once seem so wonderful and so perfect , who also are only as human as we are , the root is in what we desire. Desire changes with times , and that itself creates a new situation.
    And before long , our own bodies crumble away in front of our eyes ( I am in my 20s so it makes me feel slightly better ), but wisdom is about knowing before the experience.
    Not everyone can afford to be an adventurer or a researcher of the emotions , the lucky few who can , cannot complain. we should thank the stars for giving us the luxury of the adventure.

  14. Hi Shekhar
    Wrote this….
    Torch bearer
    I am
    Not up to
    Making efforts
    Planning an evening
    A weekend
    A vacation
    Our life
    Not up to
    Being fun
    I love you still
    Will you be the torch bearer for now?

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