Deepak chopra’s vision of the future

“My prediction is that we will see ourselves more and more connected to
the quantum field, not physically but through the mind.

This “mind field” is invisible and universal; it encompasses all living things; it weaves the
fabric of nature. As our prejudice in favor of solid, concrete things fades
away, certain fringe phenomena will become everyday. Healing without
touch will be legitimized, since the human body can be altered by altering
the field. Telepathy and clairvoyance will seem ordinary, since time and
distance are compressed to a single point in the field; Intuition and
epiphanies will be explained as subtle field interactions.
“The best outcome would be that wisdom will reemerge as a vital human
capacity, for there is no doubt that our spiritual forebears were deeply in
touch with the same invisible reality that still surrounds us. We have shut
out that reality in our stubborn, rigid insistence on believing our senses,
but seeing with the eyes of the soul is possible. In the end, a new
humanity is also possible once we escape the prison we have sentenced
ourselves to for far too long. The so-called sixth sense isn’t a separate
sense at all, but a new opening for human evolution with unlimited

15 thoughts on “Deepak chopra’s vision of the future

  1. My Dad told me there is more than 9 senses.
    He knew there is no such thing as impossible and that anything we can think of exsist.
    “once we escape the prison we have sentenced
    ourselves to”…true.

  2. Anyone seen “What the Bleep Do We Know”? An experimental movie/documentary dealing with the quantum field, energy, sixth sense… whole nine yards that Mr. Chopra is talking about.
    It is a fantastic Alice in Wonderland story, corroborated with scientific evidence. A MUST-see, a MUST-talk-about, and a MUST-think-about-it movie!

  3. Hi Shekhar,
    I am here again, to make some more noice.
    Deepak Chopra I appriciate is a thoughtful person and manages (quite well) to thread his thoughts objectively which (obviously) can appeal to a naive mind and they are interesting to read too. Just interesting.
    I will like to share a personal experience I had a few years back. I was a frustrated person who dint have any direction and thought life is meanlingless (I was so right) But then I met a person who I thought made a lot of sense as he taught me certain tricks to control mind. He taught be TM (transendental medidation). I loved it and thought;now its(life) making sense. I thought I was flying,floating and life was good.
    I also happen to write an article (out of my creative urge) on importance of work in life. Most of the ideas were similar to another article i had read written by Deepak Chopra. I felt happy perhaps could be the reason that we were following the ideals of the same ‘yogi’
    Things moved on,but after a few years I found myself stranded,I was nowhere, I realised all this while I was just fooling my own self and this ‘feeling’ good was just a process of making my mind ‘Dull’
    I had to drop this idea of meditation there and then.
    Because Enlightenment is NOW OR NEVER !!

  4. Hello Mr. Kapur, I stumbled upon your website and this blog while surfing the net for Indian Fimmakers. Read some of the stuff that you have posted and its wonderful and inspiring. I am an independent filmmaker based in Hong Kong and currently working on a documentary with yet another project in the pipeline. I am also very keen on acting and have finally mustered some courage to give it a try in Indian movies. But there are hardly any contacts listings on the net. Though fortunately I came across this webpage. Do believe in all the stuff that you talk about in this piece and am experiencing it first hand in ways I can feel my universe communicating with me. Sometimes I’m shocked as not many around me are having similar experiences but then you just learn to take them in your stride. Your blog goes on my Bookmarks and I am certainly looking forward to learning more from you about films and also if possible can you give some advice on how to go about contacting directors and producers in India.

  5. “once we escape the prison we have sentenced
    ourselves to”…If everyone meditates on this
    line,It wont be difficult to bring down heavens
    to the earth.

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