not my words

to speak, yet not be the speaker but the listener the words not your own to write without being the author to love like breath without being the conscious breather to seek and not be a seeker to play without being a player to do and not be the doer to create but not be [...]

Chinese Satellite Buster Missile

Cannot help admiring the Chinese. By showing their ability to accurately take out a satellite, they have taken the wind out of the Western Power's approach to modern conventional (as against nuclear) warfare ... For communications through satellite lie at at the heart of the new technological war that the US ( for example) is [...]

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother 2

And now the Indian parliament has got in to 'Big Brother' act,.... ...and our ministers have expressed outrage at the racial abuse against Shilpa. And 'against Indian womanhood' said one Minister ! Hang on, how about the treatment of women in our own country, where millions are raped, disfigured, exploited, abused and prejudiced against ? [...]

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother

Ok, I dont watch Big Brother so maybe I should not comment. But I could not help noticing that people are up in arms against the racial abuse .. ..Shilpa Shetty is getting from her house mates. Hey guys ! What ? You mean Big Brother is this politically correct show where everyone goes to [...]

The Indian Constitution and us

26th of Novermber 1949. Our Constitution promised EVERY Citizen of India JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY. Not just for those that could afford it. But every Individual. Isn't it time for us to remind ourselves how miserably we have failed our Constitution ? Here is a copy of the front page : WE, THE PEOPLE [...]

The Power to vote by not voting !

There is a way to make yourself heard even by voting against ALL the canditates.. I have been made aware of this by Navin's comment under the Lonely Planet Blog. The 'Conduct of Election Rules 1961 act, Section 49(O)' of the Indian Manual of Election Law states that " "If an elector ..... decided not [...]