true grit

I am in Udaipur filming here, and surrounded by great stories of the Rana's and the courageous warriors of Mewar. Fascinating stories that make me wonder what true courage really is ? Does true courage need an enemy to provoke it ? Does honor need something dishonorable to fight against to bring it the fore [...]

Bad films justifies harrasment of young girls ?

Here is a comment by Brahmshastra, which I would like to open out for discussion. Bad films (with some good ones too) , and a level of moral corruption throughout every activity in India (including corporate India, Indian justice system, Indian administration system, Indian political system, Indian religious systems) does not justify harrassing young vulnerable [...]


I do because I want things done but the more they are done the more I want done till i ask what did i really want to do ? and what was really done ? for the drug called 'done' is a finishing line that i am constantly and breathlessly running towards that seems to [...]