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hey mr. time man

hey mr time man
i got your number
i took away your sickle
and pulled off your hood
and found myself
staring back at me
wanna dance
mr time man ?

Time, love, eternity, is ’emotional time’ real time ?

The perceptions of time change so much even though we believe that ‘time’ is fixed. For the greatest measurement of time seems to be our life spans. And ageing. We even call what happens to our bodies as we age the ‘ravages of time’ as if time was this train that chugs along at it’s unchangeable pace, and everything seems to revolve around that pace. And yet we keep trying to slow down that train, hoping that we will age slower. In fact by living healthier (or trying to !). And often because we savour the situations we are in and never want them go away. And often blame time for those anticipations and situations for going away. So time at best is a perception that is based on the situation we percieve we are in, or how healthy we feel. Time sits so heavily when we are depresesed for example, we say. So why do we give time an ‘actuality’ like a precise ticking clock that reminds us of it’s tick tock every second. Imbibe upon time a ‘a law pf physics’ that is completely unchangeable, but every moment are perceiving time completely differently depending upon the current state of our minds.
Did you say to anyone that you will love them forever ? My guess is that if you really felt it, and if your being was engulfed into that one statement – then you really did sense the the word we call eternity. I have loved you through eternity and will love you eternally. Suddenly all perception of time for that moment has disappeared. The clock does not tick any more. In the holding of that one hand, in the harmonizing of the two breaths, eternity has been sensed.
So where are we at those moments ? ……


Deepak Chopra, Einstein and questions of Infinity

Deepak Chopra and I have so many conversations about consciousness and the nature of existence, mostly me searching and looking to him for answers – so sitting in his office in NY one day, we decided to ask someone to record the following rambling conversation. But there is interesting stuff in it.

The Rev Patrick Davies

When as a flippant boy I went to learn accountancy in London, Pat Davies took me under his wing. He determined to look after me and help me find a more serious side of myself ! I don’t think he had enough time to do that, for he left to take up a job as a financial director in Australia. I then heard the news that Pat had a change of heart, or should I say a revelation of his true calling in life. Pat decided to study to be ordained as a Catholic priest, and entered the church and a monastic life. Though monastic, Pat’s spirit of adventure never left him. He remained an extremely active person and travelled the world in the cause of healing and peace. Especially in Africa and South America, where he used his inherrent organizational skills to work for hospitals , schools, and even as part of the ‘truth and recconciiation’ effort in South Africa. Finally he came back to London and took over a diocese very close to Soho. I remember Pat as a tough squash opponent, and the camping journey’s he took me into the rugged parts of Scotland. And so you can imagine my sorrow to learn that his body is giving up and he is readying to take on another journey. I want to share with your Pats letter to his friends and family, and to the members of his diocese informing us all …….


End of thought

a thought came
a thought passed
and I thought
to observe that thought
as a thought came
a thought passed
and I thought
a thought
that left a memory
of thought
and I thought
of thought memories
of billion thoughts
and a thought came
and a thought passed…
the sun went down
dream time came

From self to no self

It’s a yo yo. From flying free in the midst of exhilirating creativity, knowing that the being is going beyond the limitations of the self – the limitations of perceived and imprisoning sense of individuality, and knowing that all things take care of themselves, a knowing that lies beyond reason for there is a trust in the Universe. Like the deepest, most passionate feelings of love, where all else falls away. Like a veil of dark mist that is lifted from the eyes, like a cage that both imprisons and oppresses the mind has opened and the being steps out into exhilarating freedom. Where all observation is free flowing and interconnected, where no thought is imprisoned into structure, and passes as easily as the next one comes, like wisps of breeze that that touch and flow away… an exhilarated creative state of accessing the creativity of the universe. Creativity, Faith, God.


only vibrations

only vibrations
holding in their every pore
all possibilities
of all creation
past and present
and future
and all of eternity
only vibrations
colliding with each other
in ecstatic and eternal play
the universe,
but the universe,
at itself

Mahashivratri with Sat Guru ‘Jaggi’ Vasudev

About 5 years ago I met an unassuming young man in a Sadhu’s garb in Puert Rico. Both of us were attending the conference on Deepak Chopra’s ‘Alliance of the new Humanity” and that was when I had my first ‘ride’ with him ! We drove into the middle of the night searching for a place where a function was being held in the old town. Driving with ‘jaggi’ is a hair raising experience. I called him the ‘speed’ Guru then. Of course he will not let any one else take the wheel just in case life becomes a little more sedate. There were other adventures on the way which I will write about later, but please read on to discover with me what I was really moved by..


do not fear me

do not fear me
for i have nothing to take from you
my vast emptiness has no room
for all the wealth in the world
be fearless
and reveal yourself to me
for what you hide and protect
and enclose in your illusion,
your individuality,
is the thinnest skin of your real being
for beyond that skin
you and I exist as one
allow me to seep through
and let your self explode out
my well of ecstasy is overflowing,
drink from it’s waters
before it evaporates
to return as rain
in another eon
but if you drink in faith
you will purify the waters
and keep the well flowing
long after my ‘I” has dissolved

just a thought

“life lies in the eye of the beholder”
any takers for a discussion on that ?