Monkey mind

morning rays wrote : "hi shekhar, when a thinker is silent it could mean 2 things.......a positive...that you're in the midst of ideas .....and a negative....your emotions are bottled up at the moment. when we visit your blog regularly there is a bond with you.......which makes us want to see you HAPPY ! share....... and [...]

Paani Script

3 years ago, before I started on Golden Age, I began to compile pictures of people that live on the streets and under the new highways. Pictures that would help in the research for what conditions are likely to be for people that live on streets and in water deprived conditions. As many of you [...]

And so my day begins at 3.30 am …

We are reeling in the throes of a very severe crisis of water, reports Ratna Rajaiah. In her extremely caustic article she talks about how the daily lives of people in Mysore is being dominated by the availability of Water. For those of us that live in large cities where water still runs through our [...]

Water Wars, the coming Urban Disaster

The next wars will be fought over water and not oil. As Global warming takes place, water will become the scarcest resource. Millions will die of thirst and countries will go to war to colonize the water resources. Or maybe not ? Will Nano technology bring a much more energy efficient way to distill sea [...]

Paani, the begining

So what is Paani about and what provokes me to want to make the film ? And if it provokes me so much, then why have I not made it so far ? I am going to talk about the germinating of the film, first as an idea, then into a script, and now into [...]

So who cares about them anyway ?

Sometime ago I posted a picture of these families on the Blog. Yesterday I landed back in Mumbai and realized they had dissapeared overnight. Herded out of the city like cattle. They were families that emigrated into Mumbai from Bihar. As labourers to build the very highways and flyovers that they built their homes under. [...]


Paani is a film about a city of 20 million inhabitants which runs dry of water. The water wars have begun between those that still have water and those that do not. Water has now become a weapon of political, social and economic exploitation. The picture posted here is part of a series that I [...]


Today another dream was rekindled. Paani. A film that has lived in my consciousness for almost 5 years, when I watched 50 women and children standing in the hot sun in Mumbai. Each carrying a bucket waiting for a tap to start dripping with water. Paani means Water in Hindi. I had just come down [...]