England’s Last Stand

Monday 5th June. 3 PM – Travelled down to the West Country this morning for two days filming at Brean Down on the Somerset coast. Driving down the coast road it’s easy to find the location today as the rocky peninsular is now capped with a row of Tudor tents. For us this will be [...]

The Archduke

Friday 2nd June. 9 AM – The Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral. The last part of the banquet for the Archduke today. As I’m sure will be pointed out many times when Golden Age is released, Elizabeth’s last major royal suitor was not Charles II of Austria, as we have it, but the Francois, Duke of [...]

The Allegory of the Orrery

Thursday 1st June. 10 AM – The Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral. Continuing the banquet from yesterday. Today we see an allegorical scene – an acting out of the motions of the planets by actors, similar to the mechanical solar system models, or orreries, of later centuries. Elizabethans had a great love of allegory, filling their [...]

Into the Storm

Tuesday 30th May. 5.30 PM – The Nave, Ely Cathedral. Scenes today centre around Elizabeth’s discovery that she has been betrayed by one of her own. Elizabeth closely controlled many aspects of the lives of her ladies-in-waiting. Paramount amongst these was her granting permission (or not) for them to marry. This was not simply because [...]

To Kill a Queen

Monday 29th May. 4 PM – The Nave and Crossing, Ely Cathedral. Various scenes today in our ‘corridors of power’ – the beautiful interior of Ely Cathedral. Of these perhaps the most dramatic is Elizabeth’s reaction to the news that Mary Queen of Scots has been executed. Elizabeth’s response to the news of the execution [...]

Pirates and Privateers

Saturday 27th May. 9 AM – Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral. Today we’re finishing Raleigh’s first presentation at court – the scene we began the day before yesterday. As Raleigh approaches the throne the Spanish ambassador objects that this man is a pirate and the gifts he is about to offer are the proceeds of piracy [...]

The New Eden

Friday 26th May. 8 AM – Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral. Continuing yesterday’s scene and with the portrait session now finished and Raleigh seeking an audience with the Queen. This will be another of those famous moments from Raleigh’s life that are a combination of myth and reality. In the scene he will present the queen [...]

Broken Dreams

9 AM – Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral. The fourteenth century Lady Chapel at Ely is an architectural wonder in itself, easily the largest attached to a British Cathedral. Yet it is a place that still bears the scars of the Tudor age. Before Henry VIII broke from Rome the huge windows here were filled with [...]

The Queen is Not Amused

Wednesday 24th May, 2006 11 AM – Ely Cathedral. Another wonderful Norman cathedral, built on what was, in the 12th century an ‘island’ in the vast expanse of marsh land known as the Fen. In this flat, watery world the cathedral seemed to float on the wetland, gaining it the title ‘The Ship of the [...]