A Moment Alone

Friday 30th June. 12.00 PM – Petworth, West Sussex. More coverage on our riding sequence today, again in perfect weather, as Elizabeth and Raleigh catch a quiet moment together. Of course catching this moment on film means that Cate and Clive are certainly not alone. The assistant directors and locations departments have people all over [...]

A Day in the Country

Thursday 29th June. 2.00 PM – Petworth, West Sussex. The first of two days away from studio down in the park at Petworth House filming a riding sequences with Elizabeth and Raleigh. A rare treat today as we’re off on location and the weather is wonderful, which is all the more important as we are [...]

New Worlds

Wednesday 28th June. 11.00 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Day two on the pivotal ‘immensities’ scene in which Raleigh begins to capture Elizabeth’s imagination. Although the real Raleigh was, at least at the time this movie is set, less used to exotic adventures than our movie version what he was undoubtedly brilliant at was [...]


Tuesday 27th June. 8.00 AM – ‘A’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Our first day on what is simply the most beautiful set in the movie – the Queen’s private chambers. This is Elizabeth’s inner sanctum, a personal area away from the troubles and responsibilities of court where we see the Queen at her most private and [...]

Skeletons in the Cupboard

Monday 26th June. 4.00 PM – ‘B’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. This part of the palace set has been dressed as Bess Throckmorton’s bedchamber and we find her here at night, asleep. But her dreams are troubled. Many members of the court had reason to fear the turbulent politics of Elizabeth's day. In an era when [...]

The Battle Begins

Saturday 24th June. 2.00 PM – ‘D’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Today we see Elizabeth in her tent at Tilbury as she hears the news that the Armada has been engaged by the English fleet. The exteriors for the Tilbury sequences have already been shot at Brean Down in Somerset but we were unable to film [...]

Battle Plans

Friday 23rd June. 2.00 PM – ‘B’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. B stage has become the map room where Elizabeth and her councillors discuss the imminent arrival of the Spanish Armada. Rather than explain the armada’s strategy with plans on tables, the whole of the floor of this room has been designed as a Tudor map [...]

The Deceiver Decieved

Thursday 22nd June. 3.00 PM – ‘B’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Still in the Privy Chamber but the room is now empty save for Elizabeth and Walsingham, for Walsingham has a confession to make. As the story reaches a crisis point Walsingham kneels before the queen to admit that he has been out-manoeuvred and has played [...]

And the answer is….

Wednesday 21st June. 12.30 PM – ‘B’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Elizabeth announces her formal response to the marriage suit of the Archduke of Austria. Today the Privy Chamber is filled with senior courtiers and foreign emissaries, all gathered to hear the Queen’s final response to this, the last major move in her decades old marriage [...]

A House of Horrors

Tuesday 20th June. 2.30 PM – ‘J’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. A second visit to the torture chamber to discover the consequences of Walsingham’s prisoner talking. Our torture chamber set is a series of dark, damp rooms, their walls sprayed down to give a greasy glint in the subterranean gloom. Around the walls hang the tools [...]