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Benazir Bhutto

Benazir has been assasinated. Tragedy not only for democracy. For Benazir’s family. But a great tragedy for Pakistan. Lets pray that Pakistan can hold itself together and not break out in civil war. Will they still hold electons still ? Can Pakistan survive this ? Is Pakistan being turned into another Afganistan. Will we ultimately hold the US responsible for creating such chaos in Pakistan ?


I don’t get the Indian Media. Till the recent election all I read was Narendra Modi was an arch villian. A man responsible for using caste politics for his own power, turning a blind eye to the loss of Muslim lives, perhaps even abetting it. Now he is being potrayed as a Hero. Someone that won the election on a development plank. Does the Indian Media only love winners ? So which one is Narendra Modi ? Hero or Villian?

Open Forum: Is India being sold ?

… to the highest bidder ? Is the high rate of economic growth being achieved by a larger and larger concentration of wealth in fewer hands ? or is there indeed a an internal growth in productivity and wealth that is spreading through our nation……


Tony Blair and the Global Cool film

The internet is rife with rumours that my next film is called Global Cool with Tony Blair and Sienna Miller in the lead. Actually ‘Global Cool’ is an organization that is dedicated to bringing the message of Global Warming to the youth. Hopefully we can make energy conservation, water conservation etc a fun thing to do, and a social activity. Sienna Miller, Tony Blair and I are all members of this organization….


Open Forum ..TB infections in airlines

Scary. On the 29th December I had written for the Times of India, and blogged (look under current events) abut the 10 things that 2006 will be most remembered for. Amongst them was an almost missed bit of news from the WHO that a new, completely drug resistant strain of TB had developed. I predicted then that the greatest carriers of TB would become the Airlines with people packed together like Sardines for up to 16 hours at a time. And what with the airlines notorious for not recycling air to save money. Imagine my astonishment when the story of an American man carrying this drug resistant strain became headline news recently ! But is this just one isolated case that was discovered, or are there thousands of people carrying these germs flying everyday ? How much of a risk are we all at ?


Global Warming and Al Gore

Yetserday I attended Al Gore’s stunning lecture on Global Warming. I have heard him before. 2 years ago in Puerto Rico. The lecture is different, and that’s what is frightening. So much more devastation has taken place in the last two years. Or atleast what we have learnt in the last two years about the devastation we have caused is frightening…


US Missile bases in Eastern Europe. Another Cold War ?

So why has the US decided to acclerate tensions by deploying missile sites in the Czech Republic and in Poland ? Russia has already reacted sharply by increasing it’s defense budget, and do you think China will be far behind ?



Heard on the grapevine that when the producers and distributors of the film ‘Queen’ saw the final product, they did not think the film good enough to release in the theatres, so initially decided to release the film straight to Video …..


Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother !

I for one felt really proud of Shilpa as she emerged as a winner from Big Brother. I got texts from all my ‘western’ friends – all very excited and asking me to turn on the TV ..


China’s Satellite Busting Missile 2

If China decided to take out all the satellites in the Earth’s orbit, you would be late for your party. The geosat that gives u directions in your car would fail.You would not be able to call your friends….