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  1. hello dear sir,

    I am writing on ur blog.. n frankly I am embarrassed as have I made some mistakes..
    I am like this sometimes; dont feel like talking much.. I hope someday (if u dont mind) I will have something interesting to share with u.. btw which is going to be a challenge.. 🙂
    thank u for all the things u teach.. I wish u loooootssssss of luv n happiness..


  2. hello dear sir,

    sometimes I feel being honest is being humane to others n also urself.. hence this too honest a letter.. n I think it shows maturity..

    I am writing because it seems that you replied to me.. n it might be rude not to reply n explain.. I dont really want to put too much emphasis on this though.. n I try not to pity myself because in the long run it is bad for me.. but to explain it to you..
    I dont really do too well in the presence of crowd.. I am trying to get used to it.. for instance when I give a presentation.. I cant seem to focus on any other mundane task for the rest of the day.. I think u were like that sometime back.. or still are? 🙂
    I do try to forgive myself saying I am human.. also I have learned a lot from ur tweets..

    But sir, u r being very nice 2 me.. n I am very luck 2 have caught ur eye.. many times I wonder how you really feel.. it may be that u r not being rude because u r nice.. and admittedly I dont not responding very well.. it is very bad of me, esp so because it is you..

    sometimes u talked of love.. it is flattering.. but I cant figure out what u mean.. I am married which I really hope u knew.. but if not u never asked.. generally love is related to marriage.. so friendship seems more apt.. may b u had a different perception..
    also in truth, I dont mind if u were observing to learn abt general human beings..

    needless 2 say pls feel free 2 respond (n tell how u feel), or not to.. (if not on tweeter you can email me).. if I have done something wrong pls feel free to point it out; but I hope u can also excuse me, although I may not deserve it..

    pls excuse my negativity in this letter..

    thank u for taking out time to read this n for responding earlier..


  3. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    Since I could not locate any contact address for you, I am reluctantly writing to you on a public platform. I hope you will forgive me for this transgression.

    My name is Prashant Arora and I am an architect by training. I am in the process of transitioning from architecture into production design. I am based in United States and am interested in getting some work experience, maybe as an assistant or set designer. To that effect, I am trying to reach out to as many leading production designers and directors including Mr. John Myhre who recently acknowledged receiving my resume.

    I’ll really appreciate if you could contact me at You can find further information on me at


    Prashant Arora

  4. Hey simple i am sure. Wanna be part of “panee” wanna swim for nobel cause .any of costume fit for me ,i will swim to thrust and try to fight for cause.wanna be part of *pani*

  5. I baked them on some parchment paper instead of using a griddle and OMB, they were AMAZING. I just added a little Irish cut oats to thicken it up and pure YUM. I also used some dark cherry yogurt and molasses (for iron, I get anemic quickly because I don’t eat mammels). I didn’t even need to add suger or put syrup on afterward, they were perfect as is.

  6. Dear sir, I am awaiting since long for your response. I am 24 year old young small town entrepreneur, now struggling in Pune. I am developing a internet project, beyond social networks, which is much about life. I have researched for the same, since years. I cannot disclose much here. As much as i know, there cant be any other better than you, to guide me on this, rather navigate me through. I am waiting sir.


  7. BJP has a history of allowing major security lapses. The biggest of them was KARGIL.

    Kargil was not a full blown war as BJP paints it. The Navy was nowhere in picture, the Air force fighter jets played a marginal role on first two days & when found ineffective, were replaced by Helicopters. The battle tanks couldn’t be pressed in to service because of the terrain. It was the height of intelligence failure, negligence & irresponsibility on part of a government famous for its tall talk. The Pakistanis made “pucca”” bunkers & chowkis/posts in our territory, inside our border at dozens of places. Not in some remote place but on Srinagar-Laddakh highway! At very high altitudes which was quite a feat from logistics point of view. As per an estimate it must have taken them minimum 3-4 months!!

    Finally when the government of the day woke up, we drove them out after losing 500 soldiers for nothing. And the USA had to order Musharraf to get out or face the consequences. Our soldiers did not die in cross border firing or in a war at our border. They died deep inside our territory. It was not some routine ambush of the security forces by terrorists. It was so embarrassing. It was not some bomb blast in an unsuspecting place in Pune. It happened in the most suspect, sensitive & expected area, in the 21st century, in the age of satellites when photograph of every nook & corner of the earth is available to an ordinary citizen.

    But Kargil could have been used as a blessing in disguise to target the terrorist training camps on the other side of the border. While driving the Pakistanis & the militants across the border we could have easily overstepped & then said “Ooops, sorry! It happened in the heat of the pursuit”. But the government of the day that otherwise talks of a proactive approach & suggests war like policy if a soldier is beheaded by some psycho on the other side, couldn’t muster courage to even do that.

  8. hello dear sir,

    how can u feel worthlessness? so who is ‘worthy’?
    the question ‘am I worthy’ is wrong as ur ego is subconsciously (not deliberately) comparing and also asking ‘am I the only one who is worthy in this universe’. Who decides this?

    u r unique. everyone is important. n we all need each other.

    we all need to keep moving. have new ambitions. not to conquer, but to b a beautiful part of the world.

    the advantage of being a human is u r what u create out of ur life.

    u r great at it.

  9. greeting sir,

    I am Trafdar zaman, iam from New Delhi. iam a degree psychologist. in my mid 20’s. sir, please adopt me as your student. Teach me what life is…

    my e-mail –

  10. Hi Shekar,

    I have been following your TV series ‘Pradhanmantri’ with great interest and like the mostly unbiased treatment of modern Indian history. But your comments and questions about the nuclear tests in Episode 22 raise some very disturbing questions. How can nuclear tests be compared with more schools, more hospitals, better education etc! These are different metrics and a nation and its government solves a multi-objective problem. Nuclear tests are an issue that enjoyed bi-partisan support in both Congress and BJP and it would have been much better if you expose the hypocrisy of US instead in themselves having a nuclear arsenal that will destroy the world many times over while leaving no stone unturned in preventing others from having it.

    Hope you can clarify on these in the next episode.


  11. Dear Shekhar Kapur,
    Recently I had a sad experience, something in my soul is broken. But, with your words there is a hope and light on me. Thank you for have that spirit, for be an inspiriation. Kind regards .

  12. Dear Shekhar, I have been watching your serial Pradhan Mantri with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation. Its content is high quality and you have managed to pack a good width of topics in every episode. However I do find your use of the term “congress is the oldest political party” and refer this slogan to the Congress (I) as inappropriate. I do not support any political party and certainly feel that Congress in its many avatars has done a lot of good for the country however calling the Congress (I) the oldest political party of the country is a gross over statement if not a lie or propaganda. I think you should apologise for this.
    Kind regards,

  13. Respected Sir,

    It gives me immense pleasure to invite you as a distinguished speaker for TEDx 2014, organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Kanpur, which is tentatively scheduled on March 2, 2014.

    With the theme “Beyond the Gray Skies” TEDx 2014 aims to inculcate the spirit of reaching beyond our horizons and thinking out of the box to cope up when we face a loss in clarity.

    TEDx is an Instrumental Flagship event of E-Cell IITK,
    which aims at spreading life-changing ideas to a huge audiences. Following the principles of TED (, it invites the speakers of the day to talk on the their experiences, global issues or entrepreneurship.

    Having a look at these links would give you an idea into the activities under the umbrella of E-Cell IITK.

    To know more about TEDx:

    Here’s the link to E-Cell,IIT Kanpur site:

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Warm Regards,
    Satyanshu Kumar
    organiser, TEDxIITKanpur
    E-Cell, IIT Kanpur.,

  14. Dear Shekhar Ji,

    Absolutely loved your “Pradhanmantri” project. Not only did you set a benchmark but also created a journalistic masterpiece. I had respect for you earlier, but after this (Pradhanmantri) have become a loyal fan.

    I hope you can also find time to work on another (two) project(s) –
    1. Similar topic about – Indian Democracy – its Flaws and possible solutions to improve it. My two cents worth input would be….. we need to BAN political parties. Candidates should run as individuals (thus getting rid of all the violence, criminal activities, corruption to generate party funds etc.) and once elected these elected Reps then vote a leader (PM) in the Parliament. Those who vote against the elected leader (PM), become the opposition. I guess a programme based on this topic will not only get the audience’s brain juices flowing, but will also get better and more refined ideas out into the open.

    2. About Indian Culture- we have a lot going for us, but we are also going away from our roots. Our rich traditions and cultures that we need to protect and pass-on to the next generation. By this, I don’t mean the blind faith and other out dated practices, but like the Japanese, merge our culture with the modern life and ideas. I feel our biggest wealth, our spiritual knowledge is now an alien subject to us. We (as a nation) have become spiritually bankrupt. I hope someone (a celeb) such as yourself or Amir Khan would take up this and bring it to the forefront, for our public to see and reflect…..what are we losing for that addiction to “Saas Bahu” serial, latest tech, fast and luxury cars etc………are we going away from ourselves??? Are we losing the balance between the spiritual and material world??? are we becoming more narrow minded??

    This (point 2) is a very deep subject and I notice there are no shows devoted to this subject (for obvious reasons mentioned above), but if a respected and renowned person (as yourself) was to take it up, it can eventually affect the culture and course of history of a nation. There are a lot of Charlatans appearing on TV everyday (also making headlines due to their activities), but the effect of these people on the public is that they are getting confused (about what is right and wrong or what is spirituality) and disillusioned with spirituality all together.

    Whether you’re able to work on these subjects or not is for you to decide. I leave my best wishes and congratulations (once again) for your past and recent accomplishments.

    Warm regards

    Manvir Singh Sandhu

  15. An attention-grabbing dialogue is value comment. I’m confident that its far better to write on this subject, towards the often be a taboo topic but typically persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To one more location. Cheers

  16. Shekhar ji hii
    sir i want you to make short film answering questions related to life so that we aam aadmi get the taste of sprituality i hope you can do this because there is somewhere buddha hidden in you.

  17. Yes Mr. Shekhar Kapur, also the view taken depends on whose side you are !! Activism can look like anarchy and vice versa !!

  18. Dear Mr.Kapoor,
    I am wondering about the possibility of making a book authored by me into a Movie.
    It was launched at the Nehru Centre in London in 2007 and is a book looking at material ambitions in the back-ground of spirituality. It is challenging to make a Movie involving an apparition that is a central character in the book. The book is titled “The Cave of Freedom” (Konark Publishers- New Delhi) and I will be glad to send you a copy.

  19. Dear Sir,

    Did you personally know Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Your work / writings / films all seem to have a great spiritual & universal thirst. Encompassing “justice” and “compassion”, “courage” & “strength”…

    And like the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s music was mystical and profound, so too is your art.
    You are a great inspiration to my own writing. Thank you!

    Kindest regards,


  20. Hi Sir,
    I am a photographer from INDIA, I have a written 2~3 stories in Marathi language. Mother tongue of Maharashtra. Am looking producer for my stories, which can be a good films. Can you help me?
    Sir, please reply me on email id
    arvind yogi

  21. Yes, I knew him very well. And yes, when he sang, it was like plunging into the deepest connection with that which was eternal inside you. Thank you, and love

  22. Thank you. For the next 2 years I am busy with projects I have written myself .. maybe after that, shekhar

  23. Dear Mr.Kapur,
    I have a material for new film,show or writing a book.Thank’ S.Tkachenko from Ukraine.

  24. I want to share my through on PradhanMantri Program – You anchored :

    This Program Pradhanmantri is completely and clearly biased and seems to be created by congress loyalist.

    let me tell you why?

    For 1984 Riots – complete program is done on Indira Gandhi assasination and just 2 lines added at the end of program that more than 2500 Sikh got killed.

    But in 2002 Riots, 2 line added in start of program that Karsevak got killed in train and whole program just showing visual of reaction of that.

    Here almost every speaker is making assumption that Givernment did not do enough and indorectly hinting at Modi. But in 1984 It was clear that Rajiv Gandhi and Congress Party Orders Killling of Sikh but their is no mention of that.

    1984 riots were orchestrated, sponsore:

    1984 riots: ‘Rajiv didn’t take President calls during violence’:

    Guilty of 1984:

    Ground Zero – 1984

    Any Way, I am very confident – Truth have its own way to show and prove itself.

    But Those who failed to do their duty in media will definitely have to answer their own conscience that, have they become slave of one family in the name of liberal ideology and Killing and In justice done by that family and their party is ignored by them.

    People are becoming more aware, to see through this Biased Media Propaganda.

    Hope you will give a serious thought on this.

  25. hello sir i m sunil . i m doing job in Himachal police Dept.. i m big fan of your intelligence and your films . i m script and song writer and i m following u because god has gifted u a great power of learning . every human in this world take a birth in different societies and follows the words of their religious gurus but when after reaches in younger age they try to live in joyful life without hard work but this is the fall of human nature , because they want to take wines and girls without following the rule of life so i want to ready a project through films to show the real face of this humans because Indians coping of western culture without knowing the real living of western peoples. Indians only coping of their apparels not to their minds and functions to develop the country in different faces. so sir if u have a time to understand my thinking so pls give me a chance without any financial help to explore my hints. sir leave a reply at my mail thanks

  26. Dear Mr. Shekharkapur,

    I was pondering about Harmony and Disharmony and I set to investigate the matter by writing an essay called: ‘Finding Harmony Within Disharmony’.

    So to start with, I Goggled : ‘Finding Harmony in Disharmony’ and found your website.

    While I appreciate your writing, I think that we have to go one step further in ‘Acceptance’ and that is: Not only accepting Disharmony, but actually finding the beauty of the Harmony within the Disharmony.

    To put the idea in short; Admiring the disharmony as part of wholesome entity because of its contribution to harmony and when admiring harmony, being conscious of its disharmonic base.

    Best Regards


    Benjamin Muller

  27. Amazing work and good heart…
    Paani looks good, onething better than timekeeper movie.

    Wish you it makes a change in thought process across the world.

    Luv n regards

  28. Shekharji , Aapaka twitte pada badi car se school vala , shekhar ji you are great , aapaki kalam or soch bikaayu nahi hai , agar koi mujhse kahe ki Rahul Gandhi ya Shekhar Kapur main se kisase milna pasand karoge to bina ek pal soche aapase milna pasand karunga.

  29. पुनर्विचार करे आजतक,क्या हिंदुस्तान के लिए ठीक कर रहा है क्या आज तक चैनल इतना भी इंतज़ार नहीं करना चाहता कि केजरीवाल खुद को प्रमाणित करे ,यदि चैनल उसकी गलतियां नहीं दिखाना चाहता , तो कम से कम neutral तो रहे ,
    अब तक क्या किया केजरीवाल ने ,क्या खुद को प्रमाणित किया ,क्या उसकी कोई नीति व्यवहारिक हुई ,क्या उसकी किसी नीतियों का दिल्ली या देश को फायदा हुआ ,
    क्या सिर्फ एक व्यक्ति कि महत्वकांशा को पार्टी मान लिया आज तक चैनल ने ,पार्टी एक व्यक्ति कि महत्वकांशा से नहीं बनती ,उसे जनता कि उमीदों कि कसौटी पर खरा उतरना पड़ता है ,खुद को और अपने लोगों को प्रमाणित करना पड़ता है ,पर ये केजरीवाल ऐसा कुछ नहीं करना चाहता बस केजरीवाल ने कह दिया वो ईमानदार है तो मानना ही पड़ेगा |.खुद को प्रमाणित करने मैं बरसों लगते है | ,लगता है आज तक चैनल ने भी बड़ी जल्दी फैसला कर लिया कि बस केजरीवाल ही योग्य व्यक्ति है हिंदुस्तान के लिए ,बिना यह सोचे कि क्या इस व्यक्ति कि सोच या कार्यप्रणाली देश के लिए खतरनाक साबित हो सकती है ,ये व्यक्ति जिस प्रकार कि सोच प्रदर्शित कर रहा है उससे तो एक साधारण इंसान भी समझ सकता है कि इसकी लोकतंत्र में कोई आस्था नहीं |.क्या यह आज तक जैसे जिम्मेवार चैनल को दिखाई नहीं पड़ता |.साफ दिखाई पड़ रहा है कि यदि इस व्यक्ति को और power दी गई तो ये लोकतान्त्रिक संस्थाओं ,लोकतान्त्रिक व्यवस्थाओं को खत्म करता चला जायेगा .
    शुरू से शक था कि आजतक चैनल इसकी तरफ़दारी कर रहा है ,लेकिन अब शक यकीन मैं बदल गया है कि ,केजरीवाल कि इतनी भयानक सोच जो अब देश को भी दिखाई पड़ रही है ,और बाकि न्यूज़ चैनल्स को भी दिखाई पड़ रहा है ,आजतक को क्यों नहीं |,जैसे ही केजरीवाल कि सच्चाई उजागर होती है आजतक उसकी image building में लग जाता है .जो चैनल इतने अवार्ड्स जीत चुका हो उसको यह शोभा नहीं देता |.यदि आने वाले समय में केजरीवाल गलत साबित होगा या उसकी नीतियों से देश में अव्यवस्था फैलेगी अराजकता फैलेगी .देश को नुकसान होगा .क्या जवाब देगा आजतक चैनल इस हिंदुस्तान को, .क्या माफ़ी मांगेगा हिंदुस्तान से .
    बहुत कुछ किया मेरे देश ने आज़ादी के बाद .विश्व के सामने विश्वशक्ति के रूप में उभर रहा है ,चारों तरफ इतने गलत पड़ोसी होने के बावज़ूद भी |.हाँ त्रुटियां हैं उन्हें दूर भी अवश्य करना चाहिए .अब कोई स्वराज नहीं मिलेगा ,स्वराज मिल चूका 67 साल हो गए देश को आज़ादी मिले |.अब सबको इसे आगे ले जाने में सहयोग करना चाहिए |.केजरीवाल भी करे | ये इन्कलाब के नारे जो केजरीवाल लगाता हैं उससे तो ये देश को तोड़ देंगे | अस्थिर कर देंगे |.हिदुस्तान को कामयाबी चाहिए पर देश को तोड़कर नहीं .ये इतनी अराजकता फैला देगा | कि भारत कि जनता का विश्वास ही लोकतंत्र से हट जाये | और देश कहीं पाकिस्तान ही न बन जाये मेरा ये प्यारा सा हिंदुस्तान |.अब अगर केजरीवाल मंच पर इन्कलाब का नारा लगाएगा तो जनता पूछेगी ये उन्माद फैलाना बंद कर जनता को भड़काना बंद कर ,यदि कुछ व्यवहारिक किया है तो बता |.
    आजतक चैनल से निवेदन है कि neutral भूमिका निभाए .क्योंकि अब देश को ये प्रतीत होने लगा है कि या तो केजरीवाल आजतक का है ,या आज तक चैनल केजरीवाल का .

  30. Dear Shekhar,
    I saw the video on youtube with sadhguru.
    I am very happy to see your interest in spirituality in these times.
    Please also try to interview into the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, if you haven’t already.
    I found a lot of answers there.

    But on second thought I don’t know if you’ll actually go read. So I’ll write something here itself so it becomes easy.

    So I believe that you have already realized that your are a soul that lives between the hypothalamus and pitutary gland. And this body is a suit.

    Now the teachings of the brahmakumaris, they say is not by them but by god himself who gave it through brahma who is god’s medium. As god cannot take body because he himself would get caught in karma and would not remain detached and thus would not remain god.

    I hope this isn’t too much to process. I am writing as simply as I can without missing relevant info, I hope you’ll take the time to understand.

    Okay. So god started giving knowledge through Brahma in 1937. Brahma who was Lekhraj Kriplani, a famous jeweler but renamed Brahma by god because that’s lekhraj’s role.

    So the knowledge god gave was first to remind everyone that you’re a soul which is a point of light. And god is also a point of light, no different than you.

    So next he told about the drama. God tells that this drama is 5000 years. First is satyug, the age of the devtas. Krishna is the first prince. Everybody is happy here because nature is pure. Everyone remembers that they are soul, so they enjoy the drama in a detached way. The civilisation is only in India. But more souls keep coming from home which is beyond this physical plane. The population keeps increasing but still everyone’e very happy.

    Next come tretayug, still everyone is happy but not as happy as beginning of satyug. This is the time when lord ram was the first prince. All these god’s and goddesses were normal people but with divine virtues.

    Now everything is happy half the cycle.

    Next comes dwaparyug, here the souls start forgetting that they are souls and start fighting. Now they don’t enjoy drama so much so they start calling for god. People start leaving homes and start becoming sadhu in order to find truth and get out of drama. First they pray about god, as shiv ling as they all realize that god is not one with body. But then they start praying about their ancestors ram, krishna etc because they were very virtuous and maybe if they could be like them they will not get so caught in this drama.

    So god is watching from above but he sees that drama has not ended yet so he sends the soul of mohammad to remind everyone that you are brothers and your father is one and will come at the end. But the earth keeps getting older and more populated. People still keep calling, then he send soul of buddha, and he tells that gautam buddha had experiences and got to know truth from the soul that was sent by god. Not directly from god. Same for all other religions. God keeps sending souls to remind everyone that you are brothers and god will come in the end.

    Next comes kalyug when people have become really disturbed and their are many wars. Now nobody is soul conscious, they are body conscious and everything is about physical things. Now noone even prays with devotion, their is only superstition. God also tells that praying would not have gotten out of the drama anyway but faith gave you some peace.

    So at the end of kalyug, the 5000 years. Their is sangam yug for a period of 100 years. When god sees that their is no point now, earth is beyond repair. God himself comes and carries on the task of world transformation at sangamyug to bring satyug again. He speaks through brahma. He tells that it’s time to go home. Starts reminding everyone that you’re soul and this is the drama.

    Their were people only in India in satyug, it is later that more souls came and they started settling in other parts..europe, america etc. As and when the new souls came, the power went to them because they were fresh and the older ones had become a little tired.

    Anyway, don’t know how to make the write punch at the end. But I am not preaching. Just sharing something because you always want to share good things and can’t hold it in.

    There’s much more to it. The brahma kumaris is actually hiding god inside it. A lot of people have recognized that now. But you know that there is an entire process of understanding and realization that you have to go through to recognize even god. You have to become soul conscious and not body/physical conscious.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve already heard about the brahma kumaris or maybe you never delved deeper. But I am sure you can give it some time. We waste so much time, wouldn’t matter if you look into something and might find treasure.

    Also, your colleague Suresh Oberoi meditates with brahmakumaris. He might be a good place to start.

    Anyway, this all comes from a very positive place inside me. Don’t know how it’ll be perceived.


  31. Have been meaning to vist Brahma Kumari’s for some time now, will do soon I hope s soon as its time, Shekhar

  32. Dear Sir

    We are writing to you on behalf of the traditional artists at Kathputli Colony, Delhi.

    This colony is a beautiful hub of different communities of artists from different states of India who have been living here for more than 50 years. You must be already acquainted with the colony artists as they have performed in your movie “Bandit Queen” and Guddi Didi who even sang for the movie.

    This colony is a special heritage site for it is home to puppeteers, street magicians, animal trainers, jugglers, acrobats, dancers, singers, toy makers, sculptors, poets and also non-artists residents who serve the city through their various professions and live in harmony with the art and culture the residents have so meticulously nurtured and continued with over the years.

    This colony is now facing the danger of eviction and might be shifted to a transit camp and later into tiny flats where they fear that they shall not be able to continue with their traditional professions and way of life. How would the puppeteers create and store life size puppets in that space? Where would people sculpt? Where would the Ayurveda doctors prepare medicines? How would the acrobat carry huge bamboo poles in high rise apartment lifts? How would they perform and practice in open as they do in their interactive community life now? The colony residents request that they must not be forced to shift into a way of life that would destroy this heritage forever. They ask, can this colony not be redesigned instead as a heritage colony which provides them space to nurture their art forms and perform, to continue with tradition and also serve Tourism?

    Secondly, these maestros who enthrall public all around the world in the name of Indian Tradition, do they not deserve respect and support from their own country? Currently their court proceedings are on and they have permission from Lt. Governor to continue staying here for at least a month, but they are still being harassed and threatened to vacate. This is severe blow to their morale and their self-respect. It is setting such a terrible example for their future generations, why should then they even continue with these art forms?

    On internet, we have support from around the world, people liking the page, putting up photographs, hardly does this support get converted on ground. We request every person who respects this heritage to demand just and dignified treatment for this colony and humbly request for your support as well.

  33. Mr Kapur. I was most impressed with your film Elizabeth.This perhaps is not the place to ask you a question.
    I am 84 years of age and have just launched a book on Amazon Kindle. “The Wilton Circle” it is an Elizabethan story that takes place in the beautiful Wilton House. As it is mostly dialogue and covers the intrigue regarding Shakespeare authorship, it is I suppose controversial. I can imagine it as a film, as it takes place in a beautiful setting on a parr with Downton Abbey.
    Please forgive me for being so forward. I enjoyed researching the life of Mary Sidney, the Duchess of Pembroke and all that took place during her very eventful life. I have attempted to include several of Shakespeare plays which are produced by Mary and her friends. Skakespeare’s 400th anniversary of his death in2016, which no doubt will be commemorated. Regards Pauline Richards

  34. Respected Shekhar Ji,
    Can you please upload the Episodes 24, 25 and 26 of Pradhanmantri on youtube?
    I have watched until Episode 23. I have liked all the episodes. I don’t think you are biased. You have exposed all governments, equally mercilessly, and as neutrally as possible.
    Waiting for the three episodes,

  35. hi sir i have some idease (throught and imagenation) for making movies defrent topic plz sir contact me

  36. Recently you hosted ‘Pradhanmantri’. I watched the series. The way you hosted make me to know more about you. I googled (I know what movie you directed, but i want to know you as a human being) and I found ‘talk with sadhguru’ youtube video, followed your tweets. What a human being you are…so soulful. Whenever I read your makes me more calm, more peaceful, connected to myself. What a human being you are!!

    Love & Blessing
    Thanks 🙂

  37. Dear Sir,
    Greetings, from a huge fan.
    Seen you directing, acting and anchoring. There are lot many things which you can do, but are ‘still’ unseen by the world. Though it is not very uncommon for a fan to suggest his/her idol a future project, still I NEED to put my seemingly worthless suggestion to you, please think about it.
    You have the best thinking head on your shoulder, your thinking is deep and clear and originates from true knowledge. People like you have the power to guide our thinking process.
    At this point of time, Indian TV is nothing but “Masala”. With no real content, nearly all the TV programs are creating a really very bad trend of making viewers “dumb”. Very few people are trying to change the conditions but it would take a “Giant (a good one)” to change them.
    Please, Please, Please, throw your glows in to the ring. Let ‘them’ see how the good shows are created, let them see the shows can be good, meaningful and popular at the same time. How TV can guide our minds towards better tomorrow. (And that will give us a great opportunity to learn from the master)
    Write the show to produce one.
    Only YOU can do that.
    Please, Think about it.
    Bipin Bhaskarwar

  38. I am currently working on a paper discussing war time speeches made in films and specifically focusing on speeches made on horseback in order to inspire troops. Your beautiful scene in Elizabeth: The Golden Age of Queen Elizabeth giving her famous Tilbury Address will be included in the discussion. Having watched it a number of times now I have a question for you about the scene. I have noticed that while Cate Blanchett looks stunning astride her white horse she does not appear to have as much control over the horse. I was wondering if my impression was a product of how the scene was edited, shot or acted? Or is my feeling of slight unease while watching the scene accurate of the actual situation?

    Thank you,

  39. Hello Sir,
    I am a big fan of your movies and am interested in film making too. I would like to assist you in your films. I am a Post Grad in Media. Is there a vacancy??

  40. Dear Shekhar sir,

    Hope you are doing great! The papers tell that you are in town (same here). Is it possible to meet?

    Warm regards

  41. I am an engineer, from Jamshedpur. Kucch kehne ke pehle hazar baar ye khayal aata hai ki, meri baatein aap tak pahunch vi paayegi ya, yunhi apna waqt barbad kar kar raha hun. Mujhse ek baar miliye to sahi, ummid hai ki aapki talash (Paani ke liye) ab khatma ho jaayegi.

  42. Sir,
    I wish to make meaningful movies and wish to change the thinking of people … end result change India for better. I have ideas/concepts which i would like to develop. However I have no absolutely no idea of the film industry and do not know how to go about with it. I would like to assist you in film making. I do not expect any remuneration.
    Thanking you

  43. Sekharji…..was searching the internet for the songs of Ishk Ishk Ishk and incidentally was excited to know that this was your first film (read your blog on Dev Anand Sb). This film, for me, had some immortal tunes from the genius R D Burman Sb. I must have been 8 when I first saw this film. An ardent request if this film could be uploaded for viewers. Being a music lover, would like to savor the wonderful songs of this film.


  44. Dear Mr kapur,

    I have been waiting for years to know if you are going to make a third installment in the Elizabeth films?

  45. Hi Shekhar,

    I am an Art Director by profession. I ended up writing and illustrating a book after the traumatising Bus rape case in Delhi.

    The subject is – rampant sexual violence in our country and the genre is ‘fiction’

    I would like to share it with you and Kiran, how do I go about doing that?

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