Does God exist ? Stephen Hawkin’s ‘hot’ new debate

No, actually He does not. Neither does She. Neither does any religion push the existence of an individual as God. Buddha denied the existence of God except as the idea of ‘nothingness’. Christ was the Son (and therefore born of) God that is Eternal and the Light. The Prophet Mohammad was the Prophet through whom God the Almighty and Omnipresent spoke. The fundamentals of Hinduism are based on the idea’s of an eternity that encompasses all existence as described by Krishna (or at least revealed to) Arjun in the Bhagvad Geeta. Each religion has attempted to expand the concept of God to include ideas of universal eternal love and compassion.

I sometimes feel people keep raising these issues to sell their books or to get on to TV shows.

Of course science will go continue to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the logical understanding of our Universe. And wise philosophers and spiritualists will continue to co opt that part of science that somehow corresponds with concepts of centuries old spiritualists. Such as quantum physics. But while science can give us many theories to describe love, can it give us the experience of love ? And are experience and analysis the same thing ? No they are not.

There in lies the difference. We live in an infinite universe that we must describe and measure in finite terms for it to be ‘scientific’. The ideas of infinity can only come as mathematical possibilities with a ‘constant’ always needed to complete the infinite equation. More often than not that ‘constant’ is the assumption of ‘non linearity of time’ . Which will be proven no doubt, but to a human ego existing and addicted to the idea of linearity of time, ‘eternity’ is essentially incomprehensible other than in moments of expansive emotions of ‘faith’ and ‘love’.

The spiritualists describe the Universe as infinite probabilities. Infinite potential. It exists as you imagine it does. In fact it exists and does not exist at the same moment.

So does God also exist and not exist at the same time ? Is there a ‘being’ that is pulling all the strings of the Universe according to huge design ? Yes, if the design is infinite. And encompasses all possibilities that gives infinite choice. The idea being not someone or somebody that controls the Universe , but a Universe that is consistently creating and destroying itself.

Can there be a scientific equation that ‘explains’ the Universe ? Yes, if you could find an equation that is consistently evolving and destroying itself, refusing to be a static defined representation of our infinite existence.

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  1. Don’t know whether God exists or not but do know that there is an experience after which you will be left with no such question.

  2. Nothing exists without the awareness of the idea that you exist.
    The greatest concept, the greatest guru and scientist, are all still occurrences in this awareness that you are. You, are aware of knowledge and of ignorance too.Existence as an experience hinges on this idea of you. You, come first,and everything else follows. Including the idea of God or science.
    Who are you?

  3. hi,…no…, what Stephen Hawkin is saying is different..(I love this guy very much, I heard his name from my priamry school mate who latter in UDCT mumbai, could physically see and listen to this scientist’s speach, my friend described about this scientist from then onwards the scientist made a space in my heart)..oekay..coming back to his opnion, I think what he is saying is absolutely right..
    God the alimighty..(Nirgun Nirakar) had not created the world/universe..the universe is nothing but some existence..i.e. ‘Maya’ and Maya is ever expanding, and the almighty is beyond that..that does not mean the god is not owner and hence creator of this world.

    what is your opnion on hawkin is saying to abandon the earth and should search for a planet where all living life on earth can live..sounds interesting to me..


  4. Imagination and realization are complementary to each other like the forces of nature that exit in pairs. If Imagination and Realization are taken as paired forces, then they exist together. Once the once imagined is realized the other imagination comes in to play of human mind again and thus creation starts and never ends. Creation is a non ending process, as it seems from human experience. Regards

  5. definately god dosnt exixst, coz nothing is happening magincally, derz a scientific theory behind tat, its just a ancient word to scare Kings who perform crualty with der pplz, nothing as like god n all. I can debate on all question regarding god’s existance. can say m totally ATHIEST guy….. 😉

  6. Stephen Hawking is like a kindergarten kid in this realm of spirituality. His mind is polluted with scientific jargon..however, it seems he is gifted with situations for rapid evolution which will remove his mind.
    They key is the “I am”-ness which will end all questions and anxieties. Delve deep into the I feeling and..

  7. kavitha,’greatness’ too simply is a concept that arises in your awareness. Its use was meant to draw the attention away from the relative. Will a literal answer to your question really satisfy?

    Language, an instrument of the relative comes from our attempt to define the indefinable. While our attention for most remains engaged with the definitions it plays out, in its purest purpose, it also serves to point to that which simply is. The indefinable.

  8. When Stephen Hawking declares that God is not needed to explain the universe, what is he really dismissing? In the endless debates around the existence of God, [pseudo] spiritualists & scientists alike throw around jargon that often makes my head spin. Their quest to knowing God, or knowing the mind of God may, after all, continue to be a strident symphony & tumultuous tango – remaining a mystery to scientists, and mythic to mystics? For all those inbetween, the knowing perhaps lies not in complicated theories, equations, assumptions and beliefs, but in the subtle/profound experiences of simplicity in all that’s complex.

    In the mean time…the simplicity of creating & comprehending a universe of bubbles, blown out of her own breath…captured through a new lens

  9. See kavitha,
    I still think Stephen Hawkin is perfectly right..may be you can say I am his fan..
    In our Indian mythalogy, the sage Wishamitra did created the universe itself (buffello, onion, sault, eggplant is creativity of Wishamitra), forget about explaing the concept of universe..still then he could not replace GOD neither GOD(Nirgun Nirakar as well as Sagun Sakar) did hate/punished/awarded him. Simply the bond of love between sage Wishamitra and GOD became more strengthened.
    Knowing GOD, knowing universe are different things..I will not mix them with one another.

    only I know about GOD is, it is always told by many that GOD or his existence can be experienced like we experience many things of this universe


  10. mailed you @ as well as tweeted you using @sayno2bottledwater #personal query on ur tweet

    do you like yourself when u wake up in the morning? if not, then you need to do something about it

    what and how? how can you begin to love yourself when you don’t even know what holds you back from doing so? and even if you do know or have a vague idea of what all it might be, how can you accept yourself with or without changing in yourself all the things that are holding you back from loving yourself? how can you be at ease with yourself, your body, mind, soul, nature, behaviour…? for isn’t that the essential first step towards loving yourself..? even if you are truly grateful for many things in life, good as well as bad, you tend to subconsciously dislike certain aspects of what you have, are or have been dealt. but probably since you aren’t consciously aware of these at all times, you don’t attach too much importance to these things or work at making changes…

  11. Is it possible to prove God doesn’t exist – NO – The answer.
    Because to prove one has/have to search And the Universe is infinite. I wish first Universe is discover.

  12. Our evolving universe has an infinite, eternal, unchanging, indistinguishable background which may be called the Universe or One or God or “What Is Is” or what you have. It cannot be explained. However, it can be personally experienced by those who are ripe enough for the purpose. It is not nothing in the same way love of the love-at-first-sight is not nothing. In fact the only difference between love and this background is that while love is experienced at a shallow level and with a particular entity, it is experienced at the deepst level and with the whole of the universe. Moreover, while the ordinary love is experienced thanks to photons, this Love or background is experienced or mediated through neutrinos.

    Our evolving universe begins from this background through big bang and ends into it through big crunch though to begin again and again.

    When the religious people say that our universe was created by God they in fact mean that our universe began from the above described One background. There is a Hindu saying “To know God is to be God.” Reversing and modifying it a bit for our purpose here we can say that “To begin from God is to be created by God.” It is in this sense that the prophets of yore said that our universe was created by God. Religious language is full of symbolism and we need to understand such symbolism to really understand them. Watch my word. Someday the world will understand what I am saying here for the first time. For, God is not some super human being out there to create our universe in any other way.

    As regards the evolution (change over time comprising both design and evolution) of our universe from big bang, at the most fundamental level all we need is what the physicists call four basic forces or interactions of nature, i.e., gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak interactions. The Darwinian explanations are secondary.

    The universe gets wound up into and unwound from four basic forces on its eternal cycles of contraction and expansion or involution and evolution just as, to a certain extent, a tree gets wound up into and unwound from its seed to become the next tree.

    In getting unwound, which begins with and thanks to the force of the big bang, which is further thanks to a final trigger by the eternal background or God as explained above, the universe goes through four basic interactions in the order of gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak in its every minute space-time accretion, every grouping of minute space-time accretion, every atom, every molecule, every grouping of molecules which may be called a sub-system, every grouping of sub-systems which may be called a system and so on finally embracing the whole of itself. For the scientists it will be the separating away of four basic forces at all these levels.

    In this process, which happens through quantum jumps or phase changes, the universe goes through mutations at all the above levels, from where then Darwinian mechanisms of variations, selection and survival take over in the case of species on earth for further slow evolution. Forget that chance causes mutations.

    So no more heated arguments about ‘God.’ It is all there is.

    No more heated arguments on design and evolution or rather design and Darwinism! Both are like two sides of the same coin of the universal scheme of ‘evolution’ here on earth and in fact right from big bang though explaining it from there will be a bit difficult for the time being. The universe’s going through four basic interactions and consequent mutations provide it with basic and design part. Taking over from there by Darwinian mechanisms of variations, selection and survival in the case of species provides it with the secondary and evolution part.

    No more heated arguments on determinism and free will! The universe’s going through four basic interactions till it gets unwound from four basic forces completely provides it with purpose, determinism and arrow of time. While Darwinian mechanism of selection provides space for the operation of the correspondingly gained free will on it in the case of species and especially homo sapiens on earth.

    (We experience going through each interaction at two levels. For example we experience going through gravitational interaction one as we grow ‘up’ against gravity and the second as, after we have grown enough and has gained the corresponding free will over gravity, we run, jump against gravity. We cannt do anything about the first but we can use our free will against the second type.

  13. If anybody is interested in seeing many systems divided into similar (of basically similar characteristics) four phases as our childhood, youth, middle age and old age because of going through four basic interactions at their respective levels as described above, one may have a look at the chart given below:

    First two vertical columns give the interactions and what specific characterisitcs they will cause in a system, while the first horizontal row gives the names of systems.

  14. So according to Deepak’s book Muhammad, Story of the Last Prophet, Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism who came later was not a prophet?

    Read below how he was in the same way as were many others including Muhammad in below given two posts in that order:

    Who knows Shekhar some day you may like to make a surreal picture about him as well lol.

  15. Hi Shekhar ,

    You wrote : “The fundamentals of Hinduism are based on the idea’s of an eternity that encompasses all existence as described by Krishna (or at least revealed to) Arjun in the Bhagvad Geeta.”

    You also wrote : “And wise philosophers and spiritualists will continue to co opt that part of science that somehow corresponds with concepts of centuries old spiritualists. Such as quantum physics.”

    On both counts , you are wrong. Why ? Here’s why :

    First of all , your understanding of ‘Hinduism’ seems very shallow . Lord Sri Krishna , is the supreme personality of Godhead – God as a person , whose energies span the material and the spiritual – hence the apellations : Bhagavan and Para Brahman.

    Vedic path , now called by the British epithet ‘Hinduism’ shows that Bhagavan , or the personality of godhead , is both ‘ Sagun’ and ‘Nirgun’ = with attributes and without attributes , due to infinite freedom of Krishna.

    We as children of God have inherited a little of that freedom – called ‘ Freedom of Will’. And Krishna is not interested in interfering with that puny freedom of the ego.

    Please dont reduce the great Vedic message into some new age lingo ‘ eternal existance ‘ crap.

    Secondly , which ‘Wise’ Philosophers who ‘co-opt’ scientific developments are you referring to ? None of the great traditions of Bharat depended on Western Science – which by the way borrowed heavily from earlier advances in India.

    Adi Shankara , Ramanuja , Sri Chaitanya , Buddha etc – lighted a small portion of the Vedas with their path – which are all backed by the most intricate and advanced and sophisticated systems of logic ever known to mankind.

    Now for Stephen Hawking : He cannot even speak or walk – he now also seems to be handicapped mentally – Darwinism is almost dead. The wrong Science we teach to kids is a Crime.

    There has been so much alternate and New developments in Archeology that many known and established ‘ theories’ of 19th Century Europe are all discredited.

    For example : Saraswati River basin has been clearly identified by Remote Sensing Satellites – it was called ‘ mythical’ by the Rascal British Indologists. With it is gone the ‘Aryan Invasion’ theory. Indian civilisation has been dated back to 10,500 B.C. in continuum.

    Stephen Hawking – is precisely what his name says – He is a Hawker on the streets of his pay masters , peddling and Hawking Criminal theories and arrogating a lot in the name of ‘Science’.

    He is a Kiddo .

  16. God has not create man , Man has created the God . Believe it or not this is the sole truth… our imagination is what the god is all about… those who says god is infinity , actually they are meant to universe . for me BHAGWAN is Bhoomi , Gagan ,Vaayui , Neer. the critical things required for existence of life are actually described as GOD in our VEDAS, but so called Brahmins ,Turn the concept completely in a wrong direction… I personally feel that , life is the creation of chance , especially the one we are having…we could be some other???????

  17. God has not created man , Man has created the God . Believe it or not this is the sole truth… our imagination is what the god is all about… those who says god is infinity , actually they are meant to say it about universe . for me BHAGWAN is Bhoomi , Gagan ,Vaayui , Neer. the critical things required for existence of life are actually described as GOD in our VEDAS, but so called Brahmins ,turn the concept completely in a wrong direction… I personally feel that , life is the creation of chance , especially the one we are having…we could be some other???????

  18. To Rudra…Dear You are really wasting your time , calling those who are helping humanity , the crap. Man will destroy himself , if will not understand the truth of life…. life is for once …..just think about it…..the more complex you think ,the more difficult it will make you to survive ,moreover you will be loosing your precious time.. there is all ribbish ,who is says there any go existing somewhere.. do good things , for that we are called social….relying on old theories India havn’t reached anywhere……moreover we are not contributing to humanity , even our own people are sufferer.

  19. Could not help wonder about what’s the higher purpose of these ‘hot’ debates after watching ‘102 minutes that changed America’ on 9/11. It’s a film, but it’s really not. It’s reality. It’s raw…it’s intense…it’s chilling… to witness something collapsing into nothing.

    What kind of grand design can explain the causality, horror and pain that ripped humanity and this piece of the planet that day? Or anything else similar for that matter. (Part 1/2) (part 2/2)

  20. It is the same Grand Design which forces a baby to get ‘up’ (opposite gravity) despite the pain of falling again and again. Why? So that Man is the master of gravity relevant to his evolutionary level.

    It is the same Grand Design which forces a soldier to detach himself from emotional attachments (opposite to electromagnetic force or the force of attractions and repulsions)and go to a battle despite the pain of the possibility of death. Why? So that Man finally can become the master of emotions relevant to his evolutionary level.

    It is the same Grand Design which forces an intellectual to think endlessly, to conceptualise endlessly to know about himself and his universe (in reaction to strong force which confines him, his very being in a whirlpool-like existence in the energy flow of life and thus gives him a feeling of separation from the whole and forcing him to know about the rest of the whole) despite the mental pain of almost going insane. Why? So that Man can finally become the master of reason/intellect/ and go to his next destination, of spirituality, love, compassion.

    It is the same Grand Design which forces a SriSri Sri Ravi Shankar, a this and that to carry on with their ‘spiritual operations’ despite the pain of getting embroiled in this controversy or that. Why? So that Man can finally become the master of even this spirituality thing by coming to know that he and his universe are as one as he and his dream on a smaller scale and knowing this just wakens up to himself and achieves what is called moksha, nivana. Not many people will be knowing such a person while only he will be beyond pain, and in fact beyond pleasure as well. Or perhaps in a sate of pleasure of which only he himself knows.

  21. Can ‘physical’ tenets…principles…dogmas (urrrrgh! inadequacy of the english language)…or equations, adequately encapsulate/explain the forces behind the grand design in the examples of the baby, soldier, intellectual, SSR…..?


    where is the possibility of evolution to the next level for all those whose lives ended on 9/11, the perpetrators and the victims alike? — certainly that was neither moksha nor nirvana!

  22. Absolutely. The Unifed Force of Oneness which comes into play at big bang gets separated first into four basic forces as above at all minute to biggest cycle levels, to push all cycles through above-like four phases. In our case it pushes us through childhood (when we are mainly concerned with gravity, in the form of growing, playing games), youth (when we are mainly concerned with emotional loves and wars), middle age( when we become reasonable persons) and finally old age (when we become sort of spiritual).


    The complete story begins with big bang and ends with big crunch with all of us somewhere on this grand cycle dying and taking births many times over. Pain and even fighting is necessary for evolution. All will reach nirvana finally with universe. It is as the cells of my body die and take birth within my body but in the process evolve from bone cells to blood cells to muscle cells to nerve cells and so on. When I reach my individual nirvana I have completed the work of a particular stream of the river of life.

    And oh yes, behind the physical or phenomenal there is non-physical or noumenal in which we get entangled into those four forces in the first place. The whole entanglement process is described by physics’ quantum theory and whole disentanglement by relativity theory. God is what houses this whole process as one and also triggers the big bang.

    Imagine an explosion in a sea (actually it is a sea of very very subtle energy, also called plenum by Greeks) which again subsides in sea. Sea is like God, explosion is like big bang, disturbance is like the universe which is there yet is all sea (illusion). This is how in fact we alla re Gods as well, this is how Krishna says to Arjuna soul does not die, because soul is sea and sea is always there. Bodies (illusion) die or change shape but not the water or sea.

    I may also add that the whole matter can be divided into two basic types of particles called fermions and bosons. Fermions may further be called physical particles because they cannot coalesce with each other while bosons which can be called particles of mind because they colasece with each other and so do not occupy space. Yet both ultimately can transmute to each other. So much for mere physicality and one has yet to touch wave and virtual matter.

  23. It is the first time I have read your blog. To be truthful Mr Kapur as I read your blog I understood that you are challenging the existence of god on the basis of an imagination of the universe as a vast infinite existence with time being a variable dimension in it. I agree to your hypothesis to some extent because science has found some evidence of it, but the universe has some other forms too and they are microscopic and organic. I am a student and I have bioinformatics as a subject. When I studied the human genome I realized that it is so vast and complex and is structured in a way much similar to a computer binary code, it is like a computer program that operates our existence, it is if not more; equally powerful in deciding our fate as the history we live. I don’t say that god is a super powerful being that maintains world order instead I have a hypotheses of mine that I have formed by what I observed through my learning in the past. There is a controversial debate going on in some institutions around the world about the Babylon civilization being ruled by aliens some eagles and snakes as they call it and they have found some evidence of it. I do not say that all of what that I just told is true even I am skeptical about it but this debate does exist. And the second one is about mirror neurons I recently saw The Empathetic Civilization, by Rsanimate Video on TED in which they told about the existence of mirror neurons and how we make groups and empathize with each other and our psychological way of bonding is by making religion and countries i.e. discrete groups.(By the way I have seen yours too and I did not understood how you are going to make that bridge movie you told about) So by looking at the complexities that exist in this inexplicable universe I think that may be God does exist and the universe you described also does in parallel, but unlike the popular opinion of him being a almighty it can be something or some civilization beyond the limits of our science. I might sound like I have seen too many sci-fi movies but in the end these movies are also made by very creative and thoughtful people as are the religions and their rule so to me they are at power. At last keeping the topic aside I would like to say that the beauty of being alive is to have an imagination and the power to create through it.

  24. thank you, aditya for your beautiful article, ad yes you are right “the beauty of being alive is to have an imagination and the power to create through it” – I found this line so fascinating that I tweeted it. I hope you explore my blog more, and leave comments for our community

  25. so, the ‘grand design forces’ the baby, the soldier, the intellectual , SSR etc. to behave anti-force (through the getting ‘up’, detaching from emotion, being reasonable, etc)….all as part of the evolutionary design towards moksha and nirvana?

    but, my question was really about the force BEHIND such a grand design itself. Can physical tenets…principles…dogmas (urrrrgh! inadequacy of the english language)…or equations, adequately encapsulate/explain why a baby bonds more with its mother? how, when and why does a bud blossom etc.? is the unexplainable one that is relegated to the domains of ‘entanglement’ , ‘disentanglement’, noumenal theories?


    as for ‘pain and even fighting is necessary for evolution…’ — so is death?

    are physical tenets validating the concept of re-incarnation? are all those whose lives ended on 9/11, the perpetrators and the victims alike going to be born again to complete their evolutionary path to moksha or nirvana that was left unfinished during the cycle of their time until 9/11?

  26. Aditya, are you familiar with National Geographic’s ‘Genographic Project’? Through your own scientific study (or otherwise) have you across experiments or research that validates or invalidates theories of reincarnation?

  27. Hi,
    The spiritualists describe the Universe as infinite probabilities. Infinite potential. It exists as you imagine it does. In fact it exists and does not exist at the same moment.
    –> I think its true..
    So does God also exist and not exist at the same time
    –>I thinbk he only exists become the evident for that that is you are the first sakshee for that..(why you become sakshee..because duality is in you eventhogh, though you have crossed zero and Maya also has disappeared)..and that too because of your own imagination..and then you realises that you and he are one and the sparks of the same fire..this experience is momentrely..and need a continious practice..and this is why you will find that various saints used to do their all day-today activities with dettachment..even after attaining certain levels.. this is real ‘Namey Karama Phale Spriha’..Nishakm it becomes..that tool ‘the day-today activities’ only had shown the path of god and that is why they realises that this path is also form of god..and that is why it becomes a Nishkam Bhakti..
    lets take the example of sea and tides to explain..every sea will have tides and every tide belongs to can not separate them..although sea does not mean tides and tides does not mean sea. every tide is bound to disappear then only other one will get created..but what remains is sea.. unchanged..


  28. Hi kavitha,

    what matters how you defin your own universe..

    where is the possibility of evolution to the next level for all those whose lives ended on 9/11, the perpetrators and the victims alike? — certainly that was neither moksha nor nirvana!


    — Why are you worried about them when you are thinking about grand design, god, sprituality, universe etc….they will born to die again..till they reach nirvana or moksha..
    but, my question was really about the force BEHIND such a grand design itself..
    — your own imagination, desire..

    lets take another example suppose you are living in a building..and suddenly you started thinking about the building like its shape, existence, look, dimension..but these thoughts really will not quinch your thrust…because you thought that these are all imganinations you haev not seen the building as whole..then what you have done is you went outside the building and then had seen the building..means what you and building are separate and you only made them separate to see and experience the building..before this time you were part of the building like very others..and what was reaction from outside when suppose some men and women living in this building were going inside and comming out when you were looking and experiencing the building from outside..

    so when you are in the building you are part of that building and when you are outside you are part of the building as well as live this building and think you are outside society or locality, then city, state, nation, earth..etc..your defination of universe will change every means you start realsing the power of maya..


  29. hmmmmm….

    who cares about God anyway ?

    God has been used an excuse to indulge in power play by the West – starting with the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire – and nothing works better than self -inflicted pain and some enduring emotional blackmail – an feature in some organised religions..

    there are people who claim that we created God..some who think the Genome makes us want to create religious identities , and other imagined creations..

    Stupidity is a Virtue here – i was expecting better in Indians – especially since they inherit the one great profound civilizational genius.

    But the current crop seems useless and not upto the challenge.

    All i see are echoes and copy cats of western myopia and conjectures.

    I am wasting my time here…

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  31. The Unifed Force of Oneness which comes into play at big bang is BEHIND everything.

    Yes, cycles of pain, suffering, death all are necessary for evolution. While pain and suffering helps in detachment and so rise above a particular phase/level, death helps in reorganising the entire body/mind for the next cycle. To some extent we do it each night for next day.

    Who limits to physical tenets alone. All, physical or actual, virtual and spiritual all come into play in the Grand Design.

  32. Some people here may find it interesting that even our inventions, discoveries, and that means imaginations owe their existence to four basic forces though the person concerned thinks he/she has imagined them out of the blue. On the base of all imagination/discoveries/inventions are the same four fndamental forces. A (revised)paragraph from my book will explain it further.

    We imagined and invented wheel, cycles, buses, cars, aeroplanes to counter the effect of gravity.

    We imagined and invented dramas, films etc to save ourselves from experiencing the whole gamut of painful emotions on our own selves. While some emotions we could bear on our own bodies for the rest we invented surrogate bodies in the form of dramas/films to under go those emotions for us.

    We imagined and invented all the communication tools/gadgets right from word, to the present handsets to offset the confining effects (to offset separation, lonliness effects) of strong forces at our base as explained earlier. In fact, one can easily trace the origin of all the inventions, discoveries of man to his desire to counteract the effect of those four forces at his base or spiritual core.

    No doubt, besides these, survival is the other major factor which prompts us to make many of our inventions/discoveries, but, as I would show in the next chapter, survival itself has value only in that it would give us the requisite time of course spanning many lives to free ourselves from those four basic forces completely . Survival for the sake of survival has no value.

  33. Forgot to add:

    What is imagination? A creation in imaginary space time. What is imaginary spacetime? The same as noumenal world, the same as quantum world in which the ultimate creative force (Unified Force) is entangled into forces and is then trying to get disentangled from them step by step by bringing the entanglement out into the open space time of the relative world. Like say we are entangled into a wish or desire and we throw out a dream spacetime and experience and thus get rid of that wish or desire. In the same way we throw our entanglements into the actual relative world and experience and exhaust them. That Unified force which has now become our lot has become our creative force. It imagines first in imaginary spacetime how to throw a particular slice of entanglement into four forces of course further superstructured by our familiar world events but yet modified.

    You know you have an insight/imagination for a book, you are entangled in that insight, then you write it and get rid of it.

    And this imagination thing is not only the prerogative of socalled alive entities. Even minerals have developed to become plants by this very route of imagination. And evne clay to minerals to plants to animals to apes to man. Not for nothing Rumi started his famous poem “I died as a mineral” from minerals. Here is again a paragraph from my book depicting the whole past scene in a few words as also the possible future in terms of four forces (I use Mosc – Matter of spiritual category for Rumi’s God, I had not heard of Rumi’s poem when I wrote my book):

    “Yesterday we were animals; a day before, plants; a couple of days before, minerals; prior to that, Mosc. Tomorrow we shall be supermen; a day after, almost unrecognizable but as superior to man as man is now superior to animals; and then, after a long time, first constantly decreasing corporally but increasing cerebrally, then even decreasing cerebrally and changing perhaps to lumps of pure light or intelligence (stars?), we shall merge indistinguishably again into Mosc

  34. Does God Exist? For me-YES. Anything pure, unmotivated, glorious, magical is GOD. God is positive energy that flows from within and outside of me. Energy that can transform, purify, heal, change, impact positively is God. Energy is not yours or mine, it is free flowing for all to partake in and redeem oneself. If and when we allow this to happen we discover oneness-a state of pure oneness is to be felt.

  35. Rudra: would be eager to read your perspectives around the Veda’s “…. most intricate and advanced and sophisticated systems of logic ever”, Aryan Invasion theories….if it’s not too much of a waste of time in a space you see as dominated by “stupidity”

    Meanwhile, for those who can spare the time:

    The Edge of Forever:
    The Story of God:

  36. Your ideas of God show the level of your mind. All these junk theories and emotional slavery have to go. When you are back into your pristine state, back into the magic of childhood, none of this will be necessary..there will be total acceptance of all that is, as it is.
    The ideas of God are fine when they are used to maintain humility, but when they are used as idols of ego, they need to be crushed.

  37. These newer religions like Islam and Christianity, and even several contemporary aspects of Hinduism are the worst forms of how the ego of humans is transformed into ideas of God. If you want a restart on peace, all religions have to go one by one save only a minimalist doctrine of esoteric advaita that would preach oneness of all beings.

  38. i’d rephrase the last few words in the line up here to ‘advaita that would help ‘realize’ oneness.’

    Advaita holds the key.
    Use it wisely.
    ‘Who am I’ is the question, stick with it
    watch it peel away, the illusion
    watch it reveal
    that which is not false

    the noise of identification
    the edifice of the known
    the simplicity of being
    come to that place
    which you had never left

  39. Harb, (grand design) what you are saying intuitively rings right. It would be a shame if this does not attract the scientific attention and rigour it deserves.

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