The Spinning Coin

spin a coin and make every decision.
heads I do,
and tails I do not,
hold the coin and let destiny decide
but did the coin really stop spinning ?
a trillion, trillion coins spinning
while I ponder
has the decision already made itself ?
while my mind pondered

19 Responses to “The Spinning Coin”

  1. Acceptance And no worries may be.

  2. anamika says:

    Now you spinning my head :)),dont spin coin take a deep breath and still your mind or meditate before deciding, the first voice that come from inside go for it.that surely will be on path of your destiny which is non else than to be one with divine for a seeker like you 🙂

  3. rahul says:

    The coin is always spinning.. as earth is spinning on its axis and earth going round and round the sun. but u know since u are also sitting on same planet so the relative motion is zero.

  4. kavitha says:

    spin & whirl, toss & twirl
    head or tail, of what avail?
    choice & destiny, head & tail
    spin in agony, until frail
    head & tail, wander & ponder
    choice and destiny, spin in unity
    in the illusion of choice, your destiny
    in its acceptance, a free choice
    head or tail, choice or destiny
    spinning in unity, a dance into eternity

  5. Ruma says:

    Dear Shekharji, it just happens when one is confused between two options.When both options are comparable and none of them is either much weighted.
    Choosing between two options varies with the person’s attitudes and perceptions about that particular object.
    But what I do is just think, think, think many times followed by feel, feel and feel many times. What I think and feel more close to me and satisfies me more, I go for that option, very simple.

  6. Navreet says:

    I read somewhere that when you spin a coin, the out come does not matter because in the split second when the coin is in the air your heart knows what its wishing for and that is what yu actually want 🙂

  7. AJ says:

    Dear Sekhar
    Pls check.
    You should know it and need to be involved with it
    I’ll contact u with more details
    Teri Sikhi movie for geatest cause released in Ca USA just now

  8. Anil says:

    It is in the time the coin spins that a decision is being made – in anticipation of the coin dropping!

  9. Yuva says:

    also “Story of Stuff” is nice interesting read.

  10. cinda says:

    …one of my birthday gifts last night, from my husband, was a coin

  11. Get the sholey wala coin and keep doing what you are doing. Chose yourself and don’t wait to be chosen.

  12. Rupa says:

    Dear Shekhar,
    i read ur blogs daily ,these r too impressive ,i want to write my own blogs like u.hat i do?
    do u help me for that.

  13. ramya says:

    nice! like the simplicity of the verse.

  14. Pranidhi says:

    I love reading your blog and I have never commented on it, so I thought I should quit enjoying it selfishly without ever sharing my opinion on it.
    I am not introspective enough to understand most of your writing, only it’s interesting to know what goes on in the highly creative minds of people like yourself.

  15. Chaitali says:

    spinning a coin would have only two sides. But in life there are sometimes more than two options to pick from…….

  16. manish says:

    Everything is fixed. So it is better to live as according to the need of the moment. We all have to learn the art of the surfing in the ocian of the life. We have to react according to wind and wave and make a balnce between it.
    Coin is not needed

  17. manish says:

    Spining a coin shows confusion of the mind. It shows that thier are two options or many. If we do all our actions according to our heart or being some people may leave us. But those who knows and feels our heart beat be with us always and those are real.

  18. Amit Singh says:


  19. Chaitali says:

    I love your poems…..Have you published a book. I would love to have one on my coffee table.

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