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I am at the TED conference, at the huge Infosys campus in Mysore. There are some incredible speakers here and the conference has been of great value. TED needs to be applauded for what it is doing. Every speaker I heard had something to say and life experience, information and wisdom to share. It has been worth every moment of the two days of being here.
One note of dissent though. TED is encouraging the speakers to be evoke the audience into immediate reactivity. 18 minutes of emotion and laughter. While a lot of that time limitation encourages points being driven home in more direct (and often honest) manner, it also encourages a sense of melodrama that could preclude talks that lead to contemplation, more questions than answers, and a struggle with those questions later.
But that is a small voice of dissent in a huge wave of applause for TED

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  1. Cinda says:

    …wow! you are in Datta Peetham Ashram area,
    Jaya Guru Datta~

  2. AJ says:

    Enjoy TED conference …
    Sharing something …
    Quest “Who We Are”

  3. Zhang Weihong says:

    TED speeches are being translated into Chinese via crowdsourcing:
    A report about your speech with a picture is already up on TEDtoChina website:
    It won’t be too long to see your speech in Chinese on TEDtoChina too.

  4. Sir,
    I distinctly remember you mentioned TED on the FICCI Platform and I wondered what has caught your attention so very importantly.
    When I read and found how good and imp platform is created for Technology Entertainment Design each is incomplete individually.
    Vinod Agarwal – Entry Fees Unaffordable

  5. Marconi Pereira says:

    I loved the way you conducted your speech, specially when you throwed your script away and got in panic and chaos.
    I’ve been using the same process since 2006 in my way of teaching.
    And always (ALWAYS) came creativity and wisdom from the Universe. I do believe in this way to create such a different knowledge.
    I agree with your dissent point. Maybe there’s something of value in this approach.
    Congratulations for your wonderful talk at TED India.
    Cheers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Marconi Pereira

  6. mee says:

    Innovation always comes beckoning answers to status quo questions:)
    I have heard one and all go away from TedIndia with much praise for this forum
    Thr definitely seems to be something working right if a collective rates it so high:)

  7. apoorva says:

    I am amazed that SK, a filmy man dealing with varied topics, including TED. An Indian named Mr. Pranav Mistry was an attraction at TED this november in Bangalore. You can have a look at his invention of sixth sense device

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