The G 20 talks will fail,

I was traveling with my producer in the US who was expressing real concern on the environment. ” What is going to happen to global warming when every Chinese has a car ?”. He is a caring intelligent man, who completely missed the contradiction. We were traveling in his gas guzzling Rolls Royce. It’s like a concerned King who is trying to fix the financial problems in his Kingdom, without realizing that the base problem lies in the system that made him King.
The G 20 summit is made up of people committed to current financial/political systems, for that is how they came to power. They will tweak the financial system, but not accept that the political systems are interlinked with the problem. The economic system is embroiled in an unfair political system, not suited to a Global economy. The Global leaders constantly talk about free movements of goods, services, free markets and free access investment opportunities globally. So I have one question to them :
Why don’t you allow free access to jobs world wide ? How about taking away all immigration restrictions world wide ? Not till that happens will we have a truly Global economy.

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  1. Awww wot u saying Shekhar?
    mind is ‘Rascala’
    It is called selective globalisation and we are being carried away eh heh!!
    Dil ko behlanei ke liyei ye khayal kya bahut khayal acheh hai!!
    hmm bahut knowledge mila hu, previous posts se…
    Bin laden tho excuse hai sahab…
    Ya khuda koi bhana daalo
    errm what say of the so called super countries selling their old cars/machines/technolgy down to so called poor countries?
    And then go around harping ‘Stop Pollution’, I am sure they will live little longer than the people of lesser god!!
    ‘Who is walking with radio active tuna brains’ I wonder….we or them?
    Aw I need to shift to PLoOoTo
    Mew mew have a Rockin day

  2. So far as I am concerned, the revolution in India has begun with Sri L.K.Advani raising the issue of black money in swiss banks. I think by doing so he has done a yeoman’s service to India. Now Congress can no longer ignore it and as it may even lead to Advani becoming the PM nor he can ignore it later. All right thinking people should support him on this everywhere. This one issue can make him the PM.

  3. Hi Shekhar,
    I recently watched “Elizabeth – The Golden Age” – liked it. But I didn’t understand why tha name “The Golden Age” because most of the movie revolved around Raleigh and few scenes were given to Mary and Spanish Armada episodes….I really wanted to “The Golden Age” that is queen interacting with public, working on different aspects of the kingdom etc. – that would have justified the title…..
    ……..For the 3rd sequence, pl. don’t indulge too much in this lower vital stuff like sex (or want of it), suggestive language…….pl. explore other aspects of queen’s personality….when are we going to see it?
    Pl. direct Aamir Khan in one of your projects….he wants to portray the role of Lord Krishna…..I think you would be the perfect person to direct him for that and maybe even the perfect script-writer for that……..imagine shekhar a film on Lord Krishna can be made on a GRAND platform and it will have world-wide potential….

  4. hahahahahaha…Utopia is an idea…
    people should have self respect and self esteem towards their own CULTURE… in older days there was a free trade…no restrictions… but then the life style was different…
    today all over the world people are trying to achieve American Dream…so diversity is diminishing…and hence quality… for the same reason environmentalist are screaming for DIVERSITY…endangered species…the lesser the diversity lesser is the quality of life and this diversity is fading away… every one in the world people have common goal of sophistication…forget INTELLECTUAL and SPIRITUAL achievements…no one values that today… hence the monopoly of big studios as far as our field is concerned…
    in spite of being such a prolific film maker how many times u had to answer the question ‘ REVENUE KITANA MILEGA? REVENUE…Art rahene do…revenue ka bolo’
    same every where…every thing is linked…

  5. Very well said …
    You are right, strange but true
    Rule makers are brakers first …
    Selfish is the world
    Lust for more money, Ego are 2 roots..
    Let us see if Obama is for the real change
    and can act on it ?
    “Why don’t you allow free access to jobs world wide ? How about taking away all immigration restrictions world wide ? Not till that happens will we have a truly Global economy.”
    If someone has true feeling for the world
    can stand up and act …

  6. Dear Shekhar,
    Your blog is my recent indulgence…i have seen your movies long time ago but my appreciation of movies is also something very recent found…as i am still discovering myself and i am really enoying this journey. I have heard about what great director you are and so on and so forth. I’ll have to watch your movies again to actually enjoy the way it was made. But i just wanted to tell you that your posts here is very thought provoking and it broadens my perspectives on the various issues you share here. I am waiting to watch your movie…Paani. And yeah…i can so relate to the thoughts you share here.
    Goodluck with your future movies and i sincerely hope that the messages you convey through your movies gets across exactly in the manner you intend to.

  7. No immigration restrictions?
    What could that lead to?
    Most jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industries in India taken up by Chinese, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and even Nepalese and Bhutanese immigrants?
    The BPO and KPO industries in India closing down gradually as North American and European industries get to hire new immigrants at much lower salaries than local staff, thus making the need for outsourcing redundant?
    The Indian economy going back to being an agriculture-based one as a consequence, since it has jumped to being a services-led one (mainly powered by growth in BPO and KPO) without adequate development in the basic infrastructure and the manufacturing sectors? The monsoon playing as significant a role as not so long ago, once again, in determining growth or recession in the Indian economy?
    South Asian, Chinese, East European and African immigrants flooding North America, Western Europe and Australia? The infrastructure in North American, West European and Australian cities breaking down under the pressure of the population explosion? The standard of living in the ‘first world’ cities coming down to that in the ‘third world’ cities (London, New York and Sydney residents experiencing the kind of power cuts that New Delhi residents are familiar with? Just imagine!)?
    The possibilities appear endless…

  8. SK,
    Love to hear your thoughts about forthcoming election! Isn’t it time there is a change in Constitution about not letting candidates with criminal record file nomination? or we are just happy to lie at the bottom of the corruption index, thinking that there are other countries below us!

  9. Dear Harb,
    Do you actually believe that old fox, L.K. Advani? LOL. Do you really think he is going to bring back the billions of dollars of Indian black money lying in the Swiss Banks? Do you seriously think that Advani is serious & sincere? ROFL. Even if he is able to become the next PM by some cruel twist of fate, do you think he will ACTUALLY fulfill what he promises?? Uska ek paanv kabr mein latka hai, aur woh PM banne ke khwaab dekh raha hai! What a joke!!!
    Of course, the black money lying in the Swiss Banks should be brought back to India……BUT Advani is NOT the man who would do it.

  10. Borderless states have been the talk in many well intentioned and informed discussions. Somehow it doesn’t gel with me. My mind keeps seeing even more thousands descending into Assam and taking over land and getting voter IDs.I certainly don’t want that to happen. It surely will. Remember we went to war over a few million refugees from Bangla Desh (East Pakistan).

  11. i agree with your ideas. but i refrain to agree with your thought about scotless immigration. it would be better if we working on the taxing structure than a free travel. and open immigration is more like escorting anti-socials.

  12. Dear Navin, you look at Advani as Advani the body/mind, I look at Advani as the force which forced him to speak of black money. What I note is that cat has somehow come out of the bag and sooner or later it will begin catching mice. May be because of what Advani spoke today, not in the distance future people may come out on the streets crying “Kala dhan baahar lao” Kal dhan walon ko phansi do.” May be I am seeing things a bit far into the futre but once the black money in the swiss banks has been spoken about in the open and has entered general people’s consciousness it will gather its own steem. I said “Revolution has BEGUN…I did not say when it will come to its logical end. Such sweeping reforms take Ages.

  13. For those who are interested pls visit, the online forum that explains its existence thus – “This year, the leaders of the G20 countries are making a plan to fix the economic crisis. we20 helps you meet, in groups of up to 20 people, to make your own plan. This year, anything can change”
    Its in a beta test stage, its a neutral platform. Nobody is directing people in terms of exactly what to talk about at their we20 meetings. All they request for is that meeting organisers structure their meetings to produce plans which are:
    (i) either directed towards individuals; local areas; national or global recovery plans
    and that these plans will be either
    (ii) policy plans; business plans; people plans or other plans.
    So for those who think G20 will not fix anything, we20 is your chance!:)

  14. A short post but has much in it. I go with your take on global economy. Well said sir, I liked your quoting of your producer friend too.

  15. Harbie dear, the Advani camp has been in power before also. Last time they raised a hue and cry about the Bofors deal. What did they do to put those who took kickbacks in that deal behind bars? Has that money come back to India? That was just peanuts compared to the Defence deals happening these days. If you analyze them keeping aside your own political leanings, then you will find that ALL the parties are more or less the same. ALL contest the elections with a single point agenda of somehow getting to power to fill theirs and their family members’ pockets. Period. NONE of the current crop of leaders are sincere or above board. NONE. They may oppose each other publicly on some issues, but they have an unwritten code that they will not touch the other when they are in power. It’s like Chor Chor Mausere Bhai 😉 They can deliberately keep dragging issues for life-times! Every five years they will give a public statement to some effect and then go to sleep again! Jaago India Jaago.

  16. Revolution will indeed come, but the revolution will not be led by these haggard faces like Advani that we have been used to seeing for decades! In fact, the revolution will come AGAINST his ilk. These are the very people The Revolution will get rid of. The Revolution will will not take ages, as you think. It will be swift, when it will happen. A New face will come out of nowhere and topple these current so-called leaders. Await the time.

  17. The central idea for Indian govt. and business should be emmigrate more and more of its educated and uneducated work force to various parts of world but more importantly not as just workers ( slaves ) but should occupy important positions in those companies like LN Mittal , Vikram Pandit. What Infosys/TCS does is totally menaingless and worong for Indian workers and India they are the biggest slave traders of 21st century who give away souch valuable young and educated work force so cheaply . In the workplaces the so called clients ( very less educated than Indian counterparts but more manipulative ) have a free rule over the Indian IT force . India needs more of L.N Mittal , Vikram Pandit and Bobby Jindal type of bold leaders.
    NRN , Nilekani , gopalswami ,tata kind of leaders know nothing how globalisation works they are very stupid.

  18. you have a point Dude…
    but your question to them is very childish…
    they are going to ignore it saying ‘ ahh…an artist’s frustration…’
    these are the people who made the system, they already knew the flaws but carried on like that…
    because long before them, the system had started playing us …we are not playing the system… and now its unstoppable because we all are key ingredients which makes the system run…
    we started on the wrong foot…now there is no turning back…only way out is to shake hands with it or find ur own path…any way we are booked…those who have COURAGE would deny to get fucked…
    so what is the solution?
    it will spread…it has already started spreading…Utopia would arrive…but it wont last for long…that would be the phase in human history which would be ‘Silence before storm’…
    tired of old system, people would throw it away and eventually an Utopian system would evolve…but it will be like Beast taking rest…
    it will burst out and natural chaos will restore itself to get ready for the total destruction…

  19. Navin, yes, you are right. I am of the same opinion as you regarding Advani and BJP. Yet I stand on my point that with the issue of black money in swiss banks coming into the open a revolution has begun. It will only gather steem with passing years. This is not to say though that it will be brought back by Advani and BJP.

  20. Navin, yes, you are right. I am of the same opinion as you regarding Advani and BJP. Yet I stand on my point that with the issue of black money in swiss banks coming into the open a revolution has begun. It will only gather steem with passing years. This is not to say though that it will be brought back by Advani and BJP.

  21. I dont know who is playing April fool with whom.
    Early in the morning something from within said “life is a big tamasha” and in the next couple of minutes I got registered a domain .
    Now I really dont know what to do on it even though some ideas come to my mind.
    Can anybody suggest anything? Meanwhile to have an idea from a few lines I wrote there you can visit the site as well.

  22. Continuing…
    As for I am concerned, the following idea comes to my mind to be hosted on the site.
    All say that Indian elections have become a big tamasha because of money, muscle, illiteracy and lathargy (many highly educated people, perhaps those whose decision could be most valueable, just do not go the polling booths to vite).
    To do away with these four devils of democracy I have thought out a plan, even though it will not help elect a real government still it can show what could have been educated people’s choice who were moreover not influenced by money, muscle and lethargy.
    According to this idea either the candidates of all the constituencies will be named here and netizens from all constituencies will be asked to vote through internet to elect the candidates of their choice, or, first netizens belonging to NDA, UPA and The Rest will be asked to vote for their respective candidate for all important ministery and then out of the three each all netizens will be asked to elect one. Same will go for Prime Ministership.
    Thus we will have a parallel virtual government elected by educated people and without the use of money, muscle etc.
    Then if it turns out to be of the same party as that of the real government then the matter will rest there, otherwise this virtual government will be asked to give their own decisions on all important matters on which the real government takes decisions so that we can see what difference does it make if we elect a government by educated people and if we elect by all people.
    Of course this is a rough idea which can be polished further and made more practical. what you all think? You may also write if you want to on the email as given at the site. (The site will be constructed accordingly after taking ideas from people. If no suitable idea is found or no one shows interest then it will remain as it is.)
    PS: If the idea seems quite impractical or even laughable just ignore, I may be having some knowledge regarding spiritual matters but not much in practical anyway. It was just a thought for fun. The sages of yore said life is an illusion, perhaps it is just an othr word for the same tamasha? It could be lol.

  23. Shekhar do you really think they will do that? Esp. now? Let me narrate a small incident that happened to me.
    I have been in the US for a while now and I go to India almost every year for a vacation. I always breeze through immigrations. Never had any problems. These days I am in the process of adjusting my status which means there are a couple of grey areas, where lies some ambiguity on the interpretation of the rules. This time when I came into the country they made me sit on the airport for 6 hours. While trying to understand the case is justifiable, their attitude wasn’t. The officer in charge was extremely rude and treated me as if I was a law-breaker. They threatened to deport me without even asking me enough questions. When I informed them that I was traveling on papers suggested by my lawyers the officer condescendingly asked me – “Who are your lawyers? Are they Indian?”.
    My attitude with them was of quiet dignity. Deep within myself I had made up my mind that I would not grovel at their feet. If they really had a case, let them deport me. Ofcourse, in the end they did not have a case and they had to let me in. A further examination of the rules has strongly pointed to the fact that they did not have any case.
    As an immigrant worker this is the first time I have felt any heat. And I am ready to pass of the officer’s attitude to the frustration caused by recession. We all know that people like us are here in the US because US could not produce enough people to meet the demand of the industry. We have worked hard during our school and college to get into a good professional course that opens this world of opportunities. While our presence in this country is symbiotic, the US needs us more than we need the US. US is after all a country of immigrants. Yet, for the first time in my life I feel insecure…

  24. Kedar my ideas are not of an artist but a true devotee of God , I believe in power of prayer , please check my prayer about Obama which I had posted on Shekhar’s poem section when he took oath and I feel its coming to be true :-
    Obama Obama O Mr. Obama
    Hare Krishna hare rama
    Kucch bhi ho jaaye par aap badal na jaana
    Aap kyon lagte ho itne apne
    Lagta hai aap hi karoge sabka beda paar
    Hanumaanji ki shakti ho aap par aprampaar
    Aap mein Mr. Mandela ,Tito , Gandhiji , Mother Teresa ki jhalak milti hai
    Par aap ho in sab se bhi tagde
    Suna hai aapke naam mein Hussein hai aap jaate ho church
    Saath mein ho ek number ke Hanuman bhakt
    Apki yahi ada sab ko kar gayi fida
    Aap Sirf US ke hi nahi sare vishwa ke ban jaao pita
    Aate hi aapne US nuclear program ko kiya hai ban
    Cuba detention centeres ko karaya band
    Lagta tau hai badhiya hai aapka intentions
    Par aapne kaha hai aap US ke prominence ko rakhenge barkaar
    Bas yahi baat aapki samajh mein nahi aayi sarkaar
    Ismein ho aapki politics sochne ko dil hai bekraar
    Kyonki aaj ro raha hai sara sansaar aur US ke paas hai resources aprampaar
    Is developed world mein jahan har insaan ek doosre se aage jaana chahta hai
    Aur ant mein kucchh nahi paata hai
    Wahan aap is duniya ko dikhaoge lagta hai naya rasta
    Ya yun kaho wahi purana bhagaan aur naturality waala rasta
    Hum saare sachhe aur acche hindustani hain aapke saath
    Bas aap bhi mat kar dena kamare saath vishwaas ghaat
    Bhagwan/Allah/God se yahi hai vinti
    Wah aapko de sadbuddhi aur apni poori Shakti .
    Sare vishva ki jaye ho aur sab kucch mangalmaye ho !!

  25. Indian business leaders with global ambitions dont understand :-
    1. They are selling educated/talented/young Indians to work for developed nations , build their IT/Banking/technologocial systems for very very cheap and also are forced to sell there dignity , morale and motivation .
    2. India workforce which is not just talented but also more morally ethical is made to work for global counterpart under lot of stress.
    3. Recently Ratan TATA took loan close to 1 trillion dollars and literally donated it in buying sick companies like Jaguar , Renault , Corrus steel etc . Was this Ratan Tata’s moeny ?? No it will come from the Indian banks which have savings of Indians and the debt will be paid by sister companies like TCS which has heard earned moey of Indian IT workers whose blood has also been sucked by west.
    4. Indians are loosing loosing loosing in the global scenario and since we are so innocent we dont understand it .
    5. US/UK etc use globalisation totally to worl for them , in the recent G20 deal 500 billion$ has been announced for solving the curent crisis out of which $300 billion is coming from China/Japan/India and only $40 billion will be actually going to developing countries remaingin will goto US/UK .
    6.Bollywood movies/SRK are most popular in world than Brad Pitt but we earn less money and work harder just because we are not able to stop piracy .
    7. All the polluting factories are shifted from west to countries like India/China .
    What kind of stupid/biased globalisation are we in ??

  26. Hello Shekar
    Happened to stumble upen your blog while looking for something else.
    hmm.i must say u are different!!
    such a welcome difference from blogs of other celebs.
    Way to go!

  27. respected shekhar kapoorji,i dont no english very well.iam .M.A in hindi literature from delhi university in 1994.i am suffering with muscular destrophy since last 10 year.i have a story about under world DON,who is suffering with musculsr hindi-main jyada din ki umra lekar nahin aayaa film kaa screenplay aur dilogue likh sakata hoon .apana email id mujhe bhej den to is vishay me detail main bhej sakata hoon.meri ek dabee ichchhaa hai ki is film kaa main role main hi karoon.kyonki muscular destrophy ke mareej ki feeling ko mujhase jyada behatar koi doosara nahin samajh sakata.kya mera kwab pooraa hogaa shekharji?

  28. where r u?
    post of Ad?
    will that Ad be shown here in India?
    what about PAANI…start PAANI diary or its too early to start that?
    do u do Story boarding? shot breakdown? how u design your films?
    u talked about FLUID scripts but your films till now have been Classical and structured…bandit Queen was vibrant, angry, raw…but even then it wasnt fluid in that sense…so how u design your films or say write them like french say?

  29. Hi Shekhar,
    In continuation with my comments on Elizabeth (comment no. 4 above), here is what The Divine Mother (of Sri Aurobindo Ashram of Pondicherry, who is my guru also) had to say:
    The Mother mentioning Elizabeth: (from a talk dated 24 February 1951):
    “There is also a true story about Queen Elizabeth. She had come to the last days of her life and was extremely ill. But there was trouble in the country and, about questions of taxation, a group of people (merchants, I believe) had formed a delegation to present a petition to her in the name of a party of the people. She lay very ill in her room, so ill that she could hardly stand. But she got up and dressed to receive them. The lady who was attending upon her cried out, “But it is impossible, you will die of this!” The queen answered quietly, “We shall die afterwards”…This is an example from a whole series of experiences one can have in the life of a king, and it is this which justifies the choice of the psychic being when it takes up this kind of life.
    It is memories of this kind which prove the authenticity of the experience; for what generally happens when people tell you about their past lives is this: in these lives there is always a progress, naturally; so they become more and more splendid people in more and more marvelous circumstances! It is wrong, things never happen like that. The psychic being follows a certain line of existence which develops certain qualities, certain powers, etc…, but the psychic being always sees what it lacks and it can choose the opposite line in a future life, a negation, so to say, of this experience in order to have complementary experiences.”

  30. Good Morning Shekhar errm Good afternoon,
    I was just wondering,
    Would there have been a G 20 organised, if any of the eastern countries needed any order of support
    Suddenly world economy is being worried on? Or is this an excuse for the USA to get aid for their greed? their imbalanced method of creating problems for other countries?
    Well, whats done is done, but woh baat kuch aisi hoti hai ki
    Rassi jal gayi ‘bal’ na gaya
    They will not behave, too many years of deep rooted blissful, imbalanced ways of domination, will not get off easy and fast from their minds
    It will take time
    I am not against any land nor culture nor anything, BUT yes i do despise ignorant methods of dominance
    Shekharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wheres you?

  31. If we really look into it…
    The ‘Anglo American’ concept of globalisation was formed by the usa/uk, not by any other country, understood because they had more power…
    We should be able to understand the basic structure of the globalisation came from the west…
    The one who forms policies usually does it more for their own benefit…
    And then our very famous saying
    ‘Duniya jhookti hai, jhukanaei waala chahiye’
    Sometimes I feel, we humans even dwell more under ‘masters’, we love to serve dont we?
    Argh, now where is my Blackkkk Kahfeee!!!

  32. hi,
    what are your views on G20 now? i do feel Obama was able to talk about global economy rather then just what america needs and want

  33. G20 achievements:
    1. Manmohan Singh gets an autograph of Obama.
    2. Chinese president succeeds in stopping the blacklisting of tax havens.
    3. All get photo ops with Obama who is all guffas.
    4. The rest is about bailing out the IMF to help it bailout others.

  34. Hiya ‘Ruchi’
    Yes they certainly will speak of global economy now
    it’s a diplomatic method of trying to have their needs fulfilled by focusing on the world
    if the world really mattered,they would not have fear of China/India coming into competition…they would take it gracefully…
    The fear shows, the distaste in their mouths show, hence the truth is, if they focus only on themselves during this crises, how do you think will the world get fooled emotionally to go ahead and support?
    Did they take into account the problems of the world when they were using Bin laden? To awake terrorism of such high order?
    when they walked into afghanistan? when they play political tricks with India and pakistan? when they try to disuade India in rice and verious exports? I mean the list is long i Guess…
    Now they suddenly feel the world is in a mess?
    Ha Ha!
    Gimme a break!!!
    Such power for me is rubbish, who grows by disturbing others sanity and balance…exploiting….
    I believe if you have the ‘character, come out and face the challenge with grace, not by dirty tricks…
    Dirty games all know how to play, and win
    Whats the big deal?
    Why should one be looked up on?

  35. Harb though you are our previous generation you defintely understand the modern day Indian issue …we are defintely being fooled and this time being fooled BIG BIG time ….Ameicans will loot Indians worse than the british ..we will have nothing left this time .
    See how the Gloablisation works :-
    1. Americans/UK citizens live a life of vulgar comsumerism , noone hesitates living in palatila houses , noone believes in taking any sort of responsibility …they are what in college days we used to call ‘FUCKERS’ …coz all they know is to fuck .
    2. They put everything on credit card .
    3. The credit card loans on American banks are put on loan though economic complexity of securitisation , stock exchange etc etc to Indian/Chinese banks .
    4. Indian chinese bank feel proud loaning the hard earned money saved by Indians to bloody Americans .
    5. Whatever they cant get America loans from Swiss bank ( US has 13 trillion is loans out of which 9 million comes from Swiss Bank ) .
    6. Who has the highest money saved in Swiss Bank ? Indian politicians and Businessmen .
    7. So who is gaining most ? America , who is looseing most ? India .
    8. Why does India fight Pakistan , Paki and India has always been like little innocent brothers who fight tooth and nail and who benifits most America/UK .
    Its time we open the eyes of Indians , start a social revolution , start uniting people from grassroots else we will always be divided and the cuacasian race will take advantage . Our next generation will curse us for what we are going to give them …SLAVERY SLAVERY SLAVERY

  36. Another misconception, miscommunication in the offing. Calling for unity should not be coupled with “hatred and frown”.It will result to nowhere. Let’s start to feel brotherhood in unity no matter the race.

  37. I think that in globalization, there are many differences that should be faced. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  38. I don’t really think such talks produce good results or even solutions. I am not being pessimistic. Certainly, every country has its own agenda. It’s not like they will bend over knowing that other countries will benefit from it.

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