Two last images of Innsbruck as I left

Frozen stream
The church behind my hotel

8 Responses to “Two last images of Innsbruck as I left”

  1. Asha Pillai says:

    wow !!! breath takingly beautiful…. you are lucky to visit all these beautiful places…

  2. Mee says:

    Gosh! The pictures are brrrrr cold and look lovely. Tho between you and me am glad to be in sunny parts of the globe:)

  3. harpreet says:

    So what did you do there Shekhar?

  4. I wish steps on frozen stream.

  5. austere says:

    Loved the church one. Pristine.

  6. harpreet says:

    I mean what did we pray for?Or let me put it this way: Wouldn’t you show us some photos of your installation there?

  7. justbe says:

    ha ha ha

  8. dia W says:

    i dont know if its awesome photography, or if it actually is so picturesque.. either way, fantastic capture of an even more fantastic view! 🙂

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