Mahashivratri with Sat Guru ‘Jaggi’ Vasudev

About 5 years ago I met an unassuming young man in a Sadhu’s garb in Puert Rico. Both of us were attending the conference on Deepak Chopra’s ‘Alliance of the new Humanity” and that was when I had my first ‘ride’ with him ! We drove into the middle of the night searching for a place where a function was being held in the old town. Driving with ‘jaggi’ is a hair raising experience. I called him the ‘speed’ Guru then. Of course he will not let any one else take the wheel just in case life becomes a little more sedate. There were other adventures on the way which I will write about later, but please read on to discover with me what I was really moved by..

We lost touch and then I came across ‘Jaggi’ again at a dinner at Mukesh Ambani’s house. Both of us had been speaking at the YPO function along with such brilliant people as Mohammad Yunus. I have written about that meeting in this blog before. We hugged as old friends that had indulged in some hair raising adventures in a different time and in a far away land. He then invited me to his Ashram in Coimbitore. To come and celebrate Mahashivratri with him.
I had no idea what to expect. I do not follow the rituals of the spiritual search, preffering to follow a more personal path. though I do not deny the potential in ritual . And yes I attended the rituals at the Ashram, and saw the positive effect of those rituals on people that accepted them unquestioningly. And yes I attended the Mahashivratri celebrations along with almost 700,000 people that came to the celebration to dance, chant, and listen to the most wonderful music through the night. I was moved by that experience. How can one not be ?
But that is not what I wanted to talk about . But the incredible work that his ashram is doing. Every one that works in the Ashram is a volunteer and they come from all over the world and from every profession. Doctors, lawyers, teachers – every walk of life is represented there. And they all come to give, looking for only their own spiritual awakening in return. And no they do not walk around chanting all day. They sleep barely 5 hours a day, run schools, working at finding new ways to protect nature, expand education to rural areas into the interiors of Tamil Nadu – and soon elsewhere in India and soon all over the world. They have a rejuvenation centre based on old techniques where the sick come to be replenished.
And yet for the incredible amount that is achieved by these volunteers, they are some of the most calm and most loving people you will see. There is nothing of that corporate sense of self importance and hurry that you are slammed with when you visit any major corporate office. , ,
And the organization is just so unobtrusive, but so effective. Have you ever attended a political rally ? Politicians boast about a 100,000 people that attended a political rally, and people will push you around, there will be scuffles and there will almost be more policemen than crowds. Police cars, blaring loudspeakers, lathi’s, heckling – everything.
Now imagine 700,000 people that turned up to the Mahashivratri celebrations. I barely saw any policemen. The whole thing was handled by the kindest and gentlest of volunteers. People were going wild dancing when “jaggi’ danced. But not a single incident that led to any ugliness at all.
The next night I was at Jaggi’s house to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He told me that not a single pair of shoes was lost. That for the thousands of cars and two wheelers that came to the celebrations, just one motorcycle went missing, and he personally stayed up till the volunteers traced it and returned t to the owner.
Sat Guru Jaggi Vasudev talks only about Sprituality. About change and about bettering the human condition through an understanding of your own spiritual powers. And through Yoga. He actively renounces religious dogma. Are these the new center’s of a resurgent India ? Jaggi and other such individuals that become the central force around which people gather to go out to change the world for the better ?

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  1. hi shekhar !
    that must be such a beautiful experience ! i read jaggi vasudev’s philosophy when his articles appear in the papers. he is very simple and clear in his content and you tend to absorb his ideas immedietly. i have found some of osho’s articles also have a similar impact…they convey great truths n a very simple manner.
    another person i like to listen to is jaya rao. she radiates a good aura and has a ‘ saatvic ‘ glow on her face. i have been to the ashram at pondicherry ( shri aurobindo and the mother )……. that is another blessed place. the samadhi of mother……the entire ashram and the matru mandir brings so much peace and contentment of being that you hardly need to talk in those places !
    im sure you must be feeling very rejuvenated and wonderful…….im happy for you !
    take care and have a nice day !

  2. hey morning rays, thats an incident.
    you really seem to have some focus at the right place. i was just packing my stuff for my month ahead to all these places that you have talked about and happen to read you here. though i have already been to auroville and osho commune(as i call it, its more of a resort now and thats what they call it…come what may that place still has serenity like nature’s habitat), jagi vasudev’s place at coimbotore would be my first visit on which Shekhar has already thrown some light some of which he seem to have brought from there.
    Can you tell me more about aurobindo ashram at pondicherry…how can i stay there for a week on a shoe-string budget?

  3. people like Jaggi ( nice nick name) just pass time…if their I is dissolved what is the need to gather people around…
    when the person is genuine, the crowd automatically starts gathering around… and what ever that PERSON does gives out some message depending on how conscious the receiver is… this happens because the PERSON is totally FREE hence always in harmony…
    it is a conscious choice of people like Jaggi to carry on which this foolishness…when GYANI’s need to remain GYANI is over, he becomes BRAMHAGYANI… he stops reflecting…
    so whether JAGGI is a true Guru or not, only he knows and the one who sees path thru him…
    and hence Yes…Jaggi and other such individuals become the central force around which people gather to go out to change the world for the better.

  4. hi navin and just be,
    thanks !
    as for reasonable accomodation in pondi, i think you can try a place called park resort which is located at the fag end of the promenade and has a great sea view. this place is affiliated with the ashram where their timings are coordinated with the ashram ritual timings. if you want a 5 star then the heritage group has a hotel there but this place is more inkeeping with the spirit with which you visit the ashram, auroville, matru mandir etc.
    i hope this helps……..

  5. one know the real meaning of these days only after the kundalini has arisen.
    the arising of kundalini is the begining of the upmove of the energy.
    these days are concerened with this upword movement.
    on these days the upword move is very intense. it is like the circle is completed.
    for example
    some days before mahashivratri, you will feel the tension in your inner being building up. than it will go on builiding up till the mahashivratri. in mahashivratri jump happens. and you feel a new level of relaxation. never felt before peace. i think this upword movement of energy is not like a flow of water. it is more like ascending a lader step by step.
    these days are specially helpful

  6. Hi Shekar,
    I am a seeker but always careful about so called realised souls.An realised master does not need to put on an pseudo american accent like Jaggi does :).
    Now read this posting below and next time you meet Jaggi ask him about this. Dont be surprised if you get an abstract answer. The devil is in the details though. PLEASE READ BELOW.
    The following is the Indian Express report as appearing on October 12, 1997 about Police registering a case of murder by Jaggi Vasudev:
    Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the
    US.According to police, T. S. Ganganna of
    Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from
    Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).Later. Isa Yoga Foundatrion has denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev had fled to
    USA to avoid investigation of ashram. Authorised Signatory of Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving lectures . ENS

  7. The peole who have realized Self will either be alone already (unmarried) or will be left alone by their spouces later because of one reason or the other. It is not necessary that they kill their spouces though it is likely that mostly they will not be on good terms with them.
    In realizing the Self the person in question in fact glimpses both aspects of Nature – purusha and parkriti or Shiva and Parvati – in oneself and this fact later just manifests itself in reality in their lives.

  8. Dear Shekar.
    I had indeed stayed up that whole night,firstly ’cause my guru( Sadhguru)has told us the importance of this day for spiritual seekers,and secondly to catch as many,however fleeting, glimpses of Sadhguru.
    Iwas no spiritual seeker,at least not consciously, until I read an article of His which talked about ‘Nothingness’.immediately,i said to myself,’I must meet him’.Little did I know how life impacting this moment would be.Within 2 weeks I was at the ashram. This first time i laid eyes on Him ,I just kept weeping,not knowing why,and feeling embarassed about it. This was about 3 yrs ago. And ,its transformed my life tremendously.
    Then there’s the Dhanyalinga.You’ve experienced it yourself.It’s amazing …
    Well, the reason am writing to you (in my own capacity) is the ashram needs your help and
    expertise. It would be marvellous if you could help put together a short film on the Dhyanalinga for an internatinal & national audience. dhyanalinga as you know is the only one of its kind in the world for spiritual seekers. you could also say it is one place where ‘Shiva’actually is present.Of course there’s much more. I would be glad to co-ordinate and help in whatever way i can .But olease do help. Shall look forward to your response.
    Warm regards

  9. hai shekar,
    its a pleasure to write to one of the finest creators of india with international repute.i was also there spending that raptrous night of mahashivarathri with sadhguru, i believe that its a responsibility for a creator like u to take the info of isha and sadhguru that u have experienced, to larger masses thru ur creative capabilities. its just a suggestion from a seeker, good luck.

  10. Hi all,
    Its good to see such wise people around who indeed analyse n decide but the incident that is quoted by “Indian Express report as appeared on October 12, 1997” is not true. firstly its not a death please its called as “samadhi” Viji is another realised soul lived with sathguru. she did this in her fullest awareness point. Not all V see or hear is true. friends we all know that even the smallest thing that v communicate doesn’t get carried across the same. Same is the case here. Anyways i jus tot of sharing this with you. Kindly note its a “Samadhi” and it was done with her fullest awareness point. She is a realised soul. Its really painful when people talk bad about the truth that you know and witnessed. Hope you all understand.

  11. Shakthi Siva kumar:
    Nice comment about Viji being a realized soul who took Samadhi. How come then, that her mortal remains were not interred as is usually done with realized people who attain Samadhi; instead her remains were cremated! Why? Could it be because 1) they did not want her final resting place disturbed by authorities? or 2) They did not want the authorities finding out anything by way of post mortem? Was there a doctor who checked on he to make sure she was not in some kind of deep samadhi from where she would have naturally emerged?
    Everything seems perfectly fine when one is in the thrall of intense bhakthi for one’s guru. One has to have a healthy dose of skepticism though; especially when there is probable cause. Here, Viji’s father himself seems to have raised doubts.

  12. Hi
    Shekar knows well , all popularities will face some hard time like rumors etc. So please don’t blindly accept the rumors without knowing about an individual.

  13. I’d say that it’s all within you, and it’s for you, and you alone, to find. No one can make you realise something that you yourself cannot. Please don’t blindly accept anyone in this world to help you towards realization. God is within you and you are as great as anyone else.

  14. Ya Heemal what you are saying is right, But using a guru it will be easy to achieve it. As of mine experience sadhguru (Isha) is a easiest way to achieve in this current trend.

  15. It really surprises me why only few of the film personalities become aware of the beautiful thing, that is happening, such has Isha Yoga. And only few out of them get involved. Do you remember about Vinod Khanna’s sannyas at Osho Ashram? Though he abandoned the sannyas later on, but it was because of him that many people became aware of the existence of enlightened master Osho. Many people were able to join Osho, because of bold step taken by Vinod Khanna. So what is needed is not just writing blogs on how beautiful Isha is, but to experience Isha. Maybe, you or some other film personalities can do something to bring awareness to people of the existence of a living enlightened master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. You have a great responsibility, where the world is leading itself to self-destruction, there are few people like Sadhguru, who are working tirelessly to save the world.
    Sorry, if I have created some disturbance in you?

  16. Dear Shekar :
    SJV is not only a great mystic and fantastic spiritual master but a great humanist. The social projects that Isha is undertaking are of immense significance. Here is a Guru who shorn of all religious orthodoxies but transmitting undiluted distilled essence of the spiritual processees . Sadhguru does not promise anything like seeing god and even moksha but gives very powerful and potent tools which works.Hundreds of thousands of people ( me being one of them) have been touched and transformed by Sadhguru and are living absolutely blissful lifes. Few of them out of love who want to share whatever they had received from Sadhguru are the Isha Vounteers who are doing such wonderful and loving work. Isha Yoga Center as you rightly put up is refreshingly different and wonderful place and on the night of Mahashivartahri it becomes even more powerful. May the tribe of the people touched by masters like SJV increase and Shekhar you should also spread that there is lot of hope left when peiople like Jaggi are around.

  17. there were about 120 people the evening Viji left her body. all those are witnesses. a whole process was done by Sadhguru the day after to established her beautifull and still vibrant samadhi space at the Yoga Center – visit for yourself and see. All people who were close to her in ashram and coimbatore had received many indications from viji that she would leave around January 1997 – but they didn’t beleive her because she was so young – though she had become a very intense sadaka. her love, dedication and intensity is still something that Sadhguru and people who know her refer to as an element that she has brought into Isha for life. police and secret services and intelligence all investigated the case time and again and Sadhguru has been cleared every single time. so please have some openness that such possibilities still exist today, or at least have enough respect to avoid talking about things that you do not really know about. many of us were there around that time. but anyway it is so great to see that even after 11 years, this is the only single [FALSE] accusation that people find against Sadhguru. Many have tried, you can also waste your time and that of others – but she attained MahaSamadhi, very gracefully and beautifully. there was no murder and as far as spouses having issues with their “spiritually realized” husbands, heheheh, Sadhguru and Viji were so deeply together that wherever they were and whatever they did, they were ONE. thank you Mr. Shekar for the refreshing sharing – all I can add to it that in due time everyone will be able to taste the fruits of what Isha and other such organizations have planted and nurture with so much love and dedication.

  18. Shekarji, so nice of you to mention about the “silent revolution for self realisation” led by Sadguru. Will you be attending the forth coming Shivratri on Feb 23, 2009? My first encounter with Isha was when I attended the programme “Inner Engineering”, no doubt since then my life and life around me has changed drastically since then.

  19. Firstly, everything that we have not experienced yet and is beyond the realm of our understanding is what we term as a “miracle” or an unbelievable or doubt”able” experience. So this is neither the forum to talk about Vij nor the place to slam Jaggi. All those who have seen him and been a part of this “experience: will know that what Vij went through was a dissolution. You have to know it, see it to believe it. Logic or analysis does not play here.

  20. Dear Shekhar,
    I did not believe in any guru myself and I just happen to do the Inner Engineering by accident. I can’t begin to write the positive effects it has brought in my life. I did not have any problems in life but I could not believe it could be even better. I am calmer, quieter and more productive.
    I don’t react but respond to the situations around me. Sadhguru is the real deal. He knows the ultimate truth. He is a selfless yogi. I have hit a jackpot in him.
    I really admire that an intellectual celebrity like you is a seeker of the ultimate truth. For celebrities it is very easy to get swayed by the fame and power.
    It is the people like you, who have a great reputation and reach, can really make the difference in the world today.
    I wish everyone knew this bliss.
    — Manisha

  21. Shekhar… life has changed in many ways after getting involved with isha foundation and was feeling so good when saw you this year too at mahashivarathri….Sadhguru is a living master…words arent enought to describe him….please share your experience on this Mahashivarathri 09…

  22. Dear Unbelievers
    Thru sekarji
    Its very irritating to view comments on Sadguru who wanted to elate every self’s stature that people started gossiping the entire celebrities.
    No matter if you r an aethist or seeker, never think you are so clever to alert others of information in which you are not certain of.
    HE has attained eternity and HE wanted the same to happen to every one, like Swami Vivekananda in those days guiding us to mukti, SADHGURU distributing his experiences and giving Motsha like Sweets. It is upto one self to accept or refuse. But for God’s sake dont ever make comments on SELF Realised like you are used to gossip Film personalities, just because you have rights to talk and write , dont give rubbish information Ensure you r in the place of event, be certain and confirm.
    Lakhs and lakhs are day by day getting benefited by SADHGURUJI, people have changed lives and prospering. Try if admirers to you are possible even in your next janma, even if you attempt.
    I also wish all others who r new to ISHA would not be carried away by the uncertain gossip.

  23. Dear Friends,
    Don’t worry about any thing and literally do not waste your time on discussing on other people. Lets keep sadgutu a side and try to think abt your self instead of thinking on others existence is there and would go on its own direction no one should think how to change the world..”FIRST THING SHOULD BE HOW I CAN GET CHANGED”..Its all about how you are going to change work on it just work on it..Thinking abt others it all we are doing from all the lifes but nothing was happened..Try to do meditation regularly and know your self..

  24. hey sekhar,
    help isha and jaggi so they can also spread peace,love and knowledge all over the world..especially in africa and china. pl donate few lakhs. shiva will help you to make your upcoming movie a superhit and win oscar.
    jai gurudev.

  25. The followers of Sadhguru believe and defend everything he says. They are the first to judge anyone who questions sadhguru and his intentions. They swallowed the proverbial pill.
    The volunteers are not any better or more peaceful than non-meditators.
    There is no proof that Viji died “on her own.” In fact, there is no proof that any healthy person in history has ever died “on their own.” The only person who has told you this is your own guru. Belief does not mean it is true.
    So, where are the devoted Isha followers who have also attained the mythical mahasamadhi? Why only Viji?
    You’ve been deceived and you continue to deceive yourself by defending stories told to you by someone who tells you to surrender to him.

  26. Dear Mr.Sekar Kapoor,
    Find below a mail sent to TNPCB on Mercury Pollution done by Isha.Why don’t you do something for Mercury free spirituality by Isha Foundation?Please help us and our environment from Mercury poisoning by these people ,who are doing unscientific and barbaric methods to attract people.
    —– Original Message —–
    From: V.L.Natarajan
    To: ;
    Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 10:14 AM
    Subject: Fw: Mercury Hazard.
    The Director,
    Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board,
    76,Mount Road, Chennai: 600032.
    Dear sir,
    I am sending herewith an e-mail sent to District Collector,Coimbatore sometime in March,2008,which is self explanatory.
    I hope you would take up necessary steps.
    Please confirm receipt of this mail.
    Thanking you,
    BMP No : 61, Behind Chinmaya Flats,
    S G Palaya, C V Raman nagar Post,
    Bangalore : 560093.
    e-Mail :
    —– Original Message —–
    From: V.L.Natarajan
    Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 11:25 AM
    Subject: Mercury Hazard.
    The Collector,
    Coimbatore Dist,
    Dear sir,
    I am writing this in the larger interest of the people.
    Recently 3-4 days back I was watching Walk The Talk show in ND TV which was with Jaggi Vasudev at their Isha Foundation, Velliangiri, Coimbatore.
    In that they showed a site “Thirthkund” in which 700 Kg weighing Mercury based linga is immersed in the water and people such as devotees and visitors go inside bare foot dip inside for spiritual receptivity. More you stay inside Thirthkund better you get spiritual receptivity ( Refer their website : and ,wherein they gives relevance of Mercury idol and how it helps them to get spiritual receptivity).Even their Dhyanalinga has Mercury in it( Refer their and and
    Mercury is a dangerous metal and it can vaporise even at room temperature.If inhaled it can affect nervous problem such as personality change, lassitude, dimentia, lever and kidney failure,even death. If Mercury react with bacteria, it can form Methyl Mercury which is most dangerous.If air or water contaminated with Mercury is let out it can damage surrounding environment and people around it.If a person is exposed to even 4-5 minutes in a very low level of Mercury environment, it can effect.We donot know what would happen to those people who are visiting that place and to people and ecosystem surrounding the area.Mercury is odourless and it is difficult to say if one is inhaling Mercury lased air/water.Mercury is more detrimental in children and pregnant women since it easily gets absorbed in them.
    Even as per Industry norm 700 Kg of Mercury at one site that too frequented by many people without proper gear is a large quantity. Mercury in air/water/as compound in what ever packing,it is disaster waiting to happen may be days, months or years.Given a chance, industry is looking at Mercury free alternate due to Mercury related danger.
    Lot of European countires and many states in US have banned buying ,selling and storing of Mercury products.In some countries Medical prescriptin is required for buying thermometer.They have also system and procedure for recycling Mercury and Mercury based products. I am attaching herewith WHO’s policy paper on Mercury for your reference.
    In early 80’s Hindustan Unilever Ltd(earlier Pond’s India Ltd) dismantled their Mercury Thermometer plant from US( due to Mercury legislation and local protest) and set up the unit in Kodaikanal,T.Nadu. In short time people working in the plant and neighbourhood realised danger associated with Mercury.Atleast 45 Mercury related death and innumerable Mercury related diseases are reported and finally this unit was closed and I believe still compensation litigation is going on.Tamil Nady Pollution Contrl Board ordered HUL to send back Mercury inventory lying at the site to a US Mercury recycler.Refer Greenpeace press release/Basel Action Network press release which is attached herewith for more information on it. Even a company of Unilever stature could not handle Mercury properly and handling of Mercury in a place like this is highly questionable.
    Having known the consequences, I though I would write this piece of information to you since Velliangiri comes under your area.
    I hope you would take up necessary steps to avoid disaster to happen.
    Thanking you,
    BMP No : 61, Behind Chinmaya Flats,
    S G Palaya, C V Raman Nagar Post,
    Bangalore : 560093.
    Ph : 25248595,Telefax : 25248597,Mob : 09886748595,e- Mail :

  27. Respected MR .Shekhar kapoor,
    such a selfless, pure realised soul like sadhguru jaggi vasudev can happen very very rarely in this world. Millions of People all over the world would die to meet him in person. I consider yourself very very blessed to have met him and be in his presence.

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  29. This person is known to mistreat others who persist in defending Mother Earth. One of the Isha followers at the temple in Tennessee was found dead near the facility.

  30. Resp.shekharji
    While enjoying your movie i always find myself searching spiritual aura flickering around you.Visiting jaggis place & writing @ guru now it is prooved that synchronisam was available with you luckily.Thanks for honouring my GURU.

  31. I thought you had talk about how you benefited spiritually from your meetings with ‘Jaggi’ but you have mentioned only of the mundane, as if you met a social worker. On a second thought, i pity your ignorance and foolishness but do not blame you, for a man will see only what he is capable of seeing.

  32. Shekharji
    Heard a lot about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev thru books, DVDs & off course the inner engineering programme which i attended. The discourse was an amazing experience, one need to continue practising even after completing the course to take benefit of its potency.
    Every day after you finish your practices in the morning, It is like a breath of fresh air & you feel charged up for the whole day even if your day tends to stretch beyond you normal working hours by more than 4 – 5 hours you still feel very much raring to go for more.
    Take care bye bye

  33. I am just curious as to why in NO Biography of Jaggi Vasudev there is mention of his marriage. Did he marry after self-realization or before self-realization? Also when there is talk about relationships/marriage etc given by Sadhguru, he never mentions his wife.

  34. Jaggi and Viji lived as “ONE” ?!!! – somebody wrote this here.. let him go to Tirupur, check out with people with whom Jaggi and family stayed during the early 90s. The did have verbal fights. ( jus like any other family)
    Or the Best person would be is Mrs. Bagyam Srinivasan who took Jaggi from mysore to Tirupur and introduced him to whose who of Tirupur. without her Jaggi would not be what he is today. But Jaggi ditched her nicely, to eliminate the traces of his history. after all his fav. method is “use and throw”.
    here comes another truth.. Jaggi was not Viji’s first husband….she was somebody’s wife and Jaggi took her when he came to coimbatore/tirupur.
    You may wonder whats special abt “tirupur” as the ashram is in “coimbatore”. Tirupur is so special because Isha yoga centre was first registered in Tirupur as a trust. But Jaggi threw out all the old trustees who were with him at the time of registration.

  35. Happen to be on the spiritual path lately, one such visit took us to the remotest most desolute parts of the world in tibet, Sacred lake Manasarovar & mount kailash. It is said that a dip in the bluish crystal clear spine chilling waters can heal & give new lease of life to a person, while a trek circumlating Mount kailash can give a person 12 years of very healthy living. This sacred place has been frequented by the blessed souls for more than 5000 years. It is said Buddhas mother Maya devi had bath in the sacred lake after which the Great Gautama Buddha was born.

    Getting to the crux on the banks of Manasarovar surrendered by the mountains all around, covered partially in snow the word Isha could be decoded along with Gauri and the lingam formation which is mesmerising & can easily get passed of as hallucination which is not true.

    This truely has been a great find – Isha Foundation which is offering the greatest tool for rejunavated meaningful living Shambhavi Maha Mudra – Sadhgurus gift to all mankind if practised daily, diligently with fervour one can reap such benefits one cannot imagine.

  36. The Man Traps People by His Parrot Voice and Logical Talks. He was the biggest test for me sent by my Own Guru to see if I would fall for him or not. I passed my Guru’s test. The Man was proved False. There are too much contradictions and False Self Praise in this man.Read my blog

  37. Namaskaram Shekhar,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is pleasure to read from you. I’m originally from the Czech Republic, I live at the Isha Yoga Center in Tennessee, US for the last 3 years. I have never had a chance to see any of your movies. Though, I have watched your conversations with Sadhguru.I was very touched.
    I laso write a blog called and this week’s entry is abut Muhammad Yunus. When I was looking for some informations about him, your blog popped up on the google, so that’s how I got here. Wishong you good luck with whatever you do!

    PS: You should look through the comments, some of them are quite off 😉

  38. I hear much a about this Jaggi vasudev and all. What is his philosophy? Is he believe in God? Is he tell people like Sai baba that He is another incarnation of God? I know nothing about him and his philosophy like crores and crores of Indian. I want to know can some one help me to learn about him and his so called philosophy. If he is enlightened why none knows him?

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