Children being bred for sex

Like pigs bred for slaughter, minor girls in Mumbai brothels are being bred for prostitution by being injected with growth hormones and fed testosterone pills in the guise of vitamin pills. So that they develop larger breasts and hips early. Customers apparently like under age girls with slightly mature bodies. Not only that, in the event of a police raid, the brothel owners can claim the girls to be older. According to DNA a 14 year old girl complained ” i hate looking at my body. My hips and chest have swelled in the last year and suddenly I have hair on my chin”.
Just around the corner of course, the stock exchange is making people into billionaires everyday. And land deals are being also struck for billions of dollars in the backyard of these brothels.

37 thoughts on “Children being bred for sex

  1. Hello shekhar ,
    Recently visited sabzi mandi with my mom….
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    ta ta !!

  2. Dear Shekhar:
    September 2007,Sardarpura, Rajasthan. When asked how scarce drinking water is, a mother responded: Just count the number of bachelors. Since young women fetch water for the family, no bride wants to be married to a boy in Sardarpura.)
    Aakash Ganga is modernizing centuries-old wisdom enshrined in folklore to harvest rooftop rainwater and to provide drinking water for the year.Did you hear the smile of a groom?!
    Best Wishes,

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Is Being a so called booming economy is Important or giving a better life to these kids should be a priority? I think the economy of a country is known by the standard of living and safety of most of the people there. 10%-20% people holding most of the wealth and 80% are struggling for basic necessities like water ….is this a booming economy and a definition of a Great country!
    ďJineh naaz hai hind par who kahan hainÖ.!Ē
    I Ďm in the fifth day of shoot & 25 more days to go .Visiting your blog help me in building up even the character Iím playing. Thanks for all the insights.

  4. I have been thinking about this post for long. Itís scary and sad. But the question I ask myself is: what a single individual do? Most of us canít go to Mumbai to rescue those girls, but I think we can start by avoiding pornography in any small or big way that it comes to us. Donít go to porn sites, donít watch movies that dehumanize women and project them vulgarly, donít turn away if girls are being eve teased on the roadside. I believe that most of the humanity is noble and on a few dirty people are ruining our society. What if we donít let them poison us? If we protect ourselves from this maybe we can pass it on and start a revolution of sorts.

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    Your post was very disturbing. I wish there were some easy answers for these problems whose roots lie not only in the insensitivity of society & apathy of law enforcers but also in human sexuality & perversion.
    Strict law enforcement -without any exceptions- against people who perpetuate such crimes is the best we can do at this juncture of human evolution.

  6. Yeah, life’s unfair. Ridicilously poor people work for ridicilously rich people and I am stuck playing in B-movies while some better looking girl is sweeping the Oscars.

  7. Whoever calls this a profession?? I think sex for money is a depraved human act. It leads to such exploitation of poverty and children, creating hell on earth.

  8. I think this paedophilia is just the lowest form of explotation….it sick to do this to children who have grown up into a life where they have no basic human rights….I can’t even contemplate what human being would be able to justify to themselves that this could be ok…
    And what kind of society do we live in where these brothel owners think that the best form of them making money is to do this disgisting thing..
    How is this going to affect these children when they grow up …will they begin to think this is just a way of life and so the cycle will continue??
    Also Liebestod…I don’t think that you being in B rate movies compared to others winning oscars has any comparasion to a helpless child being exploited for sex just to get their “pimps” some money…

  9. I liked ur post Liebestod….i m not sure if u meant it that way but ur post has a deep meaning to it in the context of the post…the problem is not in the paradox of the rich and the poor neither is the problem because of the rich…the problem is just a problem and each section of the society has its own set of problems…practical solution to the problem can be legalising prostitution and issuing id cards after age verification. but we are all holy cows and no body can even think about that. At the moment indian laws are silent about sex as a profession but both the client and the worker and also the middlemen are punishable under various indirect laws such as immoral trafficking, disturbing public order, peace etc. Wat a mess, but who cares.

  10. Oh my God … what is the world coming to? This is such a disturbing post .. my knee jerk reaction is fear for having brought a child into this world.

  11. An amazing fact which many would find fascinating on this….most underage children working in brothels are sold by their own parents to the brothels. What kind of father or mother would do that. Even animals give away their lives defending their children. Are humans worse than parasites?

  12. Dear Shekhar,
    As always — thanks for bringing to everyones notice,issues that are very important for our country but due to lack of time and mostly lack of will we are unable to do anything…
    i read somewhere “People are made to be loved and things are made to be used ,but in todays world— things r loved and people used”
    we ,Indians,all of us all have to take some responsibility to make sure India becomes a developed country in a decade not only economically but emotionally and spiritually as well….
    Best regards,

  13. What is being done is something beyond compare…
    This can never stop, and none can stop it…It is deep in our system everywhere….
    The only way would be to legalise it, have a set of sane balanced rights and protection for them
    Medical cards to protect the customer and the provider.Routine medical check ups..psychological counselling…
    These women/girls are a boon to the society, the very ones who are looked down on….
    Can we imagine how much of how much they bear day in and day out, the anger, frustrations, dirt, psychological imbalances, fantasies, and so much is beared by them on behalf of these men.
    The poor men who are unable to afford marriage or even a lover, go here to quench themselves, the ones shattered go here to seek solace of some order, the ones with undue frustrations go here and go back to their wives, after having unburdened themselves on this souls…the wife and family faces a more balanced man after that…the poor man after a hard days work, has nothing to give happiness so a few rounds here gives him some meaning to himself…
    so much if one goes deeper and deeper…
    So it should be legalised, given dignity…there are so many ways of doing it so….in the western world it is legal in amsterdam I think, and anyways other countries work under the hood called ‘Escorts’ etc, justified!!
    There should be proper system established to keep these middle people and police, politicians and all these racket creating nerds away…proper legal hearings and support system for them to fight against any undue factors against their choice or integrity.
    Prostitution is the oldest and strongest form of expression and business since long enough…we have failed to recognise and give it dignity…
    Because we have failed to do this…they have started pouncing on younger children and we are permitting daylight rape…perhaps we enjoy it ha!
    Sick we R!!
    We are more keen or economical growth, power blah! blah! But our very roots is like a disease spreading, and we choose not to see it…Asian countries are ABSOLUTELY SICK in handling this reality!!!!!!
    Have tried to help girls returned from mumbai calcutta (India) red light zones…In nepal…
    I know the gory tales they carried, and how we make a mockery of them in trying to help them out, many a times they feel happier and safer there…so it needs to be given “DIGNITY”
    Shekhar….kaise hai aap…
    Take Care…

  14. hi shekhar,
    missed being here………!
    this particular subject is so cruel and makes one feel so HELPLESS while reading it. it re enforces the fact that humans are the cruelest species on this planet , simply coz they are endowed with brains and a free will that allows them access to the whole range from NOBLE to CALLOUS. humans have inflicted atrocities on other humans…….the earth…….children…. animals…….birds…….flowers……
    sad that nature has its checks and balances….. but acts when things have gone too far ?

  15. let he who is not gulty be the first one to throw a stone
    as long as we live in a world that is predatory and men get away with their disgustingly predatorial and depraved ways things like this will go on.
    why do men crave younger and younger women? even men of the highest education and stature.what is it in our societies that condones it?what breeds such sickness and perversion? it is more than biological-it is the fact that they can get away with it
    what we are seeing here is merely a supply to the enormous demand. Let us question the demand and what sick and fallen minds does it come from? All that is happening here is just a catering to the evil that already exists.
    its the same with chicken or cattle that are artifically fattened before slaughter. do you condone that?

  16. all i can say in response is:
    ye masali hui adha-khili zard kaliyaan
    ye bikati hui khokhali rangaraliyaan
    jinhein naaz hai hind par wo kahan hai?
    (sahir saahib ko salaam)
    (from movie PYASA, one my most fav. films ever made in india)

  17. hi dude…
    dummy is over…it was total CHAOS…got to learn 1000 things…now planning for final shoot but will have to wait because children in the film have exams in real life… :)))))
    take care…tata…kedar…

  18. Quote “Just around the corner of course, the stock exchange is making people into billionaires everyday. And land deals are being also struck for billions of dollars in the backyard of these brothels.” Unquote
    Dear Shekhar,
    I couldn’t quite understand what exactly is the connection of the above quoted passage with the main topic of your blog, “Children being bred for sex”. Please elaborate what exactly were you trying to say.
    Prostitution, as we all know, is perhaps the oldest profession known to our society. The reason this profession thrives is because of the very nature of the society we live in. There is an inherent flaw in the very foundation of society which is based on ‘marriage’ centric relationships between a man and a woman, and not necessarily love-based relationships.
    A) If we had a society in which all man-woman relationships were based on Love then there would be no such thing as prostitution, in the first place.
    B) Danish is right when he says that prostitution is a market where you sell your soul to buy a body. “????? ????? , ????? ?????? ???? ?? ?”
    The buyer has to first sell his/her soul to buy a body. Prostitution is demeaning both for the buyer and the seller.
    C) So when it is established that you have already sold your soul to buy the right to use someone’s body, then how does it matter whether the person is an adult or underage? You have already fallen into an abyss, now it is just an academic excercise to measure the depth of your fall.
    Quoting guiltyascharged, “as long as we live in a world that is predatory and men get away with their disgustingly predatorial and depraved ways things like this will go on.
    why do men crave younger and younger women? even men of the highest education and stature.what is it in our societies that condones it?what breeds such sickness and perversion? it is more than biological…..” Unquote
    I want to ask guiltyascharged and everybody else here one question. What if there was no money involved and there was mutual consent? What if there was genuine love between a young girl/boy (say 17 years old) and an older man/woman (say of 40 yrs)? Would you still call the older person a pervert and a paedophile? Is it right to call every older man who has a relationship with a younger woman ‘depraved’?
    I don’t think so.

  19. Dear Shekhar,
    Today there was a program on NDTV(India) about legalising prostitution and other aspects of it..
    we had Barkha Dutt discussing with eminent personalities from Kiran Bedi to lawyers,social-workers,artists,writers and some sex workers also.
    Things seem to be moving in a positive direction with a proposed change in related laws as well.
    Hope we keep up the spirit and goodwill and pray that the this doesn’t stay limited to paperwork,but things on the ground change as well and soon.
    Best Regards,
    India has to become the BESTEST again in all spheres …… its long overdue…

  20. good morning shekhar !
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..wake up ! what happens if everyone who blogs here goes to sleep just like you ???!

  21. morning rays – the internet at home is down !! can’t help it as I usually blog early in the morning just before the dawn breaks, shekhar

  22. Priya the proposed amendments will actually worsen the present scenario. It doesnt legalise prostitution or recognise it but is just to punish the clients and to let go the sex workers. It is based on the principle that buying somebodys body is criminal and selling ur own body is not a crime since u r ofcos doing it under pressure(trafficked). Another gr8 Indian hypocritical law in the lines of dowry and domestic violence act. Just like the other two, even this law is now going to b very properly misused. If anybody didnt c the program on ndtv or doesnt know the proposed changes here it is
    So next time there is a raid in a famous delhi mansion india tv will not show the girls but babus and netas being paraded by the police. Interesting.

  23. This post really bugs me. What is the answer? will we always eat eachother?
    What is evil?
    Would women turn around and make men into sex slaves?
    It’s all about power. 5:15am in India. That’s early for me. Worlds apart but not really.
    Thanks for confounding me.
    Hey, why did you guys(notice I said guys and not girls, I suppose that speaks volumes) delete my post anyway? It wasn’t malicious.
    Take care.

  24. metaphorme, just to say we do not delete any post unless it is malicious. but it often happens that in trying to delete the 1000 spams that come everyday, a real post gets deleted by mistake. so please, if u have posted a comment that does not show up, just send it again. still trying to find a way to deal with spam – as they will always find a way around filters, sorry for the inconvenience !shekhar

  25. Thanks Shekhar. I don’t have the original post, but that is nice of you to reply. I enjoy your blog very much, and learn quite a lot from everyone.

  26. Shekhar, don’t you think it’s time somebody made a movie showcasing the rising fortunes of stock marketers in Mumbai contrasting the scenarios in the nearby brothel? I think it is a pity that today’s Mumbai (and India, in general) boasts so highly of its economics prowess and growing fortunes, and, yet, nobody seems interested to address issues such as the one you mentioned about Mumbai’s brothels.

  27. Two comments – the first in response to your overall blog. The second to this particular post.
    Firstly, thanks for doing this blog. I happened upon it in the most unexpected way during a recent trip to India. I had finished eating my Rs 2-newspaper-cone of freshly roasted groundnuts, and opened up the cone to see a beautiful excerpt from your blog. The groundnut fellow got a good tip from me! And I’ve been following your blog since. Thank you so much for being so open and honest. It must take great courage. And I just wanted to say that I appreciate it very much, and it is beautiful…so thank you!
    Secondly, with regard to this particular post… this is a very depressing and distressing issue. I know everyone talks about the supply (the poor girls and their lot), but where is the demand coming from?? Who are these men, what are their circumstances?? Why do they do what they do?? I think its easy to talk about cutting out the supply…but while the demand continues, the supply surely will. And no one seems to be addressing this. Is it the need for better mothers and fathers?? Is it better education? I’m desperately searching for answers…

  28. thank u Como for your comments. This is not my blog, but when that i am merely the instigator of. I am hoping that the community that arises out of this blog will be enlightened and enlighten others through free thought and expression,
    i have often wondered why an almost animal instinct takes over. No – worst than animal instincts for they very rarely indulge in deviant behaviour.
    Why are we driven to satisfy some urges and desires by completely degrading, humiliating and destroying other lives. Especially such young ones ?
    I refuse to believe, as some psychologists are saying, that some people are genetically predisposed towards such behaviour. That would be to accept defeat and then the answer to every such question would lie in the blame on the ‘genes’ – whch science knows little about in any case.
    I think it partly arises from a complete lack of self esteem and self loathing. Why else would you want to have sex with a child ? Other than you get such a huge sense of power from the subjugation of someone that is so completely vulnerable and non threatening ?
    But every such analysis evokes compassion for the people that indulge in such behaviour and I refuse to go that way at this moment.
    But you see ? I am refusing to discuss this as my mind revolts against the very idea. So perhaps we need to come out and openly discuss the causes of such deviant and despicable behaviour. And perhaps warn people that are developing such tendencies – so they can go and seek help.
    And you are right, as long as there are buyers, children will forever be at risk,

  29. Mind my language but This is Fu*king WRONG!! Why can we stop this nonsense.what did these poor girls do to deserve this?? We arent the people behind these crimes punished!
    This cannot be good karma for the world, to sit back and let such things happen!

  30. It is simply outrageous, the world wallows in filth and corruption. In our modern world many people think that everything could be sold and bought, imagine that if many of these girls would have a proper upbringing and education, they could become great artists or singers. Our world is heading God knows where.

  31. It is simply outrageous, the world wallows in filth and corruption. In our modern world many people think that everything could be sold and bought, imagine that if many of these girls would have a proper upbringing and education, they could become great artists or singers. Our world is heading God knows where.

  32. interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you know that some Iranian hacker had hacked twitter yesterday.

  33. I’m so very sad for these poor girls. Boys too are being bred for the same reason in other countries alongside girls for wealthy people ( straight & gay alike ) to use as mere toys. It’s mortifying to realize. As bad as Thailand is. There’s other places no one’s ever heard of that are even worse in this horrid trash of business!

    Though the old shackles of domestic at home racism & overseas imperialism is slowly ( too slowly that is ) ending. It seems to being replaced slowly and surely with the equal evil of severe classism. “Charles Dickens & Mark Twain” are no doubt turning over in their grave at the irony!

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