London Explosive Device

Just landed in London from Malaysia and the news media is full of the ‘potentially explosive device’ found near Piccadilly Circus. The Londoners are faced with the inconvenience of traffic jams and how to get to work. Cant help thinking of how the people in Baghdad and in Beruit survive much much worse. Are the major Western cities going to be more dangerous to live in ? Can you be involved in a War and keep absolute peace at home ? Shekhar

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  1. Well, I travel to Piccadilly everyday, and had to get off at Charing X to get to work – an inconvenience to say the least – I did’nt know about the bomb until I got into work.
    This is not a new situation, but then you might expect the British to have learned a lesson – back in the early 80s the situation was EXACTLY the same, the same threats, the same bomb scares, the same inconvenience and mild panic – the “enemy” this time was the IRA.
    In the intervening years the situation has calmed down and Britain is on a new footing with the Ireland and the IRA (supposedly) – so maybe things will change where the Middle East is concerned, but at what cost ?

  2. Hai Shekhar,
    I have to quote this piece which is thorougly examined in the hit dvd “The Secret”. Basically it would mean that the westerners who had a hand in Iraqi destruction and other misdeeds in the mideast would probably be living in fear and negativity.The law of attraction as suggested by the dvd would probably suggest why the device was found in London. I would recommend this dvd to anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life on mother earth.
    On another note – was pleasantly suprised to read in the papers that you were actually in my country Malaysia. Would have been real glad to meet up the man himself in person.

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Just minutes ago, I read about this happening in London. The thought quite often crosses my mind about how these people manage to go about their days in such horrific conditions!
    Perhaps the ones who pray and the children who have still managed to maintain some of their “trueness”…find some sort of peace within, I don’t know.
    Whatever the case, it is terribly disturbing what is happening in these countries.
    Keep safe,

  4. …well, living in fear means they have scored a victory – it’s a “War of Nerves” if nothing else…
    ..that’s the whole point of “terrorism”, it plays on deeply buried fears of an unnameable bogeyman at work – reduce the enemy to a blubbering pulp of neurosis and the job is almost done.
    I don’t think this is a peculiarly British thing though..

  5. Its said”You reap what you sow”
    But aren’t the Brits lucky, they reap so less while they sow so much!!
    I mean traffic jams Vs 100s of civilians dying-are u kidding.

  6. “Are the major Western cities going to be more dangerous to live in ?”
    Yes, but not any more dangerous than any other part of the world. You are going to die when your time comes, irrespective of whether you live in Mumbai or London. So, do not live in fear.
    “Can you be involved in a War and keep absolute peace at home ?”
    No. I tend to agree with D Gopinath. Fear and negativity will actualize itself.

  7. Whether you fight for Good or Bad . whether you are worse or the other person is worse. you have to face the pain for fighting against evil or the other way round

  8. The newspapers screamed – London bomb diffused, lives saved and heroic work of those involved appreciated. Then you read another caption saying another fifty die in Baghdad in Bomb blast. Fifty people, what did they do to deserve their fate. A few who died might have been innocent souls praying that their life be spared by the mayhem engulfing their land. Would we ever know the dreams and asperations of those who died?
    Its funny how your tragic moments get highlighted if you stay in the places which is under the CNN scanner.

  9. Shekhar,
    Can we imagine…If London is attacked by 20 bombers in the sky and thousands of the troupes on the ground with ultra advanced weapons, who can arrest and kill any citizen regardless of gender and age…Now that is going to be called an act of “Terrorism”. But if it happens somewhere else, then it is “War of freedom”.
    Spending billions on (war) ultra advanced techniques to kill is a heroic act and getting furious in a street fight over the parking space is “terrorism”.
    Lesson: Money talks and bullshit walks.

  10. “Are the major Western cities going to be more dangerous to live in? Can you be involved in a War and keep absolute peace at home?”
    Shekhar, bomb scares and blasts are physical manifestations of war. Some die, and some get numb to the mindless violence over time. Much like when you watch a child play ‘God of War’; blood and gore for him are reduced to routine things over time. People in war torn areas learn to live with what they face – Srinagar, Beirut, Colombo…those who do not succumb to death, succumb to life.
    As Western cities that have always been seen as ‘safe zones’ – are they really safe? Just stand at a traffic light and watch people – they are all fighting to live everyday. Psychological wars that damage as much as the physical ones. We are all war victims, and not even aware of it.

  11. It is nearly impossible to curb terrorism. I fail to understand how the western world especially the US is able to prevent terrorist attacks. There hasn’t been a single terrorist attack on the US after 9/11. It must have been due to near God like intelligence. That is the only way terrorist attacks can possibly be prevented. May be the US intelligence is helping Britain also and that is how they got over this present crisis. How long is this intelligence going to work is the question. Soon the world will have to find novel ways of living if we have to find any kind of security. The only solution that I can see is paperless money. That wont wipe out terrorism but atleast it would ensure there aren’t any hardline supporters or funders in every nook and corner.

  12. Figure this out about the two most notorious characters associated with terrorism, mayhem, murder or whatever you want to call it. One lives in a cave as a roving nomad, the other smack right in the middle of urban society in his three piece suit. The only similar trait between them, the total belief that realigion motivates them to accomplish their mission on earth. Where does that leave normal souls like us who believe in love and compassion? Still trying to find the answer to that one.

  13. This is proved in the nature that things are interrelated. Results are never separated from the deeds. As you rightly pointed out that we cant live at peace at home if we are causing war somewhere.
    Not very irrelavent to mention a dialogue from Subhash Ghai’s Karma.
    Anupam Kher slaps a policeman and Dilip Saab comes to jail and slaps Anupam Kher and asks “Did you listen the sound of this slap”.
    We cant slap someone and believe that we will be at peace after our actions. Somewhere by someone we will get the reply.

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