The Story Teller

In my previous life I was a story teller. Dragging myself from village to village, where people would throw me some coins to weave fantasy around their mundane lives At my will I would make them cry and laugh. Children rolled over and clapped with joy as my characters faced the most absurd plots I [...]


The river flowed wide and deep. As the Guru and his young disciple wondered at the best way to cross it, they were approached by a young girl who asked for help. Having just taken his vows of celibacy, the disciple was alarmed. The more looks he stole at the young girl the more beautiful [...]

The Trip

The bus drove down the dusty road, The air conditioning was not what the kids were used to in their own countries. All carrying their ionized water packets and personal temperature controllers. The Chinese students immediately put on their pollution masks that were standard for any travel outside China. "But then", Geeta mused, " we [...]