Will McCain decide between Obama and Clinton ?

Have you noticed how the Democratic party has shifted from ‘Between Obama and Clinton, who will be the best next President of the United States’ to ‘which one of them can beat McCain’ ?? Senator McCain has (as I previously predicted on this blog) come in from behind and taken advantage of the political bickering between Obama and Clinton. The two are acting as if the is not a race for the Presidency of the United States, but a high school election. Personally I think the world outside would love to see Obama as the next US president- for it gives a great message that the US is going to once again open it ‘liberal doors’. I would love to see Obama as president
However, given the economic situation in the US, the war in Iraq is no longer the major pre-occupation of the people of the US…..

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Mythology and Culture : Open Forum

Where do our fundamental roots lie ? In Culture or in Mythology. Is our culture defined by our Myths, or is it the other way round ? Or is one inseparable from the other ? Can I, for example, live in completely different culture, adapt to that culture, and yet my being is incomplete with my own mythology ? I personally have been able to constantly adapt to other cultures (I am a gypsy) , but when I wake up in the morning I reconstruct myself from the night before by delving deep into my mythology. Not prayers, nor faith. Just Mythology. I guess being in NY and being part of a completely multi cultural experience in film making, where the other directors are Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, – this questions begs discussion. Any takers ?

Are Ghosts and Spirits real ?: Filming in the presence of Anthny Minghella’s Spirit

Koizen asked : you have opinions of Astrophysicist, gods, spirituality…why not Ghosts… spirits ? Koizen, I actually do not disbelieve in ghosts or spirits, nor do i subscribe to the fear factor associated with ghosts. I believe we live in the constant ‘presence’ of consciousness of all beings and thought, including our own consciousness too. But none of that is defined or individual. It is all interconnected and formless. However any passionate desire to ‘feel’ that presence will create an individuality of that presence in the form we imagine. It is not ‘present’ in it’s individual form, till our desire, fear, passion or love creates around us that individual presence.

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left right left right, and so life marches on in two conflicting brains

As I look back at my life, I have been accused of being impractical (I am), a dreamer (I am) a wanderer (completely), the famous comment ‘you treat life like it was just play’ – yes I do. ‘Act your age’ – I can remember forever. People have said I have an over active imagination (yes, completely), that I should be more serious about life (I agree, but I do not know really know what they mean). The point I have been making is that while I have always accepted these accusations, I have lived under the burden of guilt of all these accusations. I have consistently tried to change them, but neither have I been able to change myself, nor have I been able to be free of considering myself somewhat an irresponsible human being…

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Shia Lebouf, Julie christie, John Hurt in New York I love you

So I finished filming my episode and have delivered the first rough cut. When I arrived in New York just a few days before the shoot, we had no cast. But as we went through the lists almost as if by some act of destiny or magic my first choices were not only available, but also willing to fly from all over the world to come and shoot with me these two days. I think this was as much out of incredible respect for Anthony Minghella’s last script as much as it was for working with me. I do ot need t say anything about the talents of actors like John Hurt and Julie Christie. They are a pleasure to work with and have consistently performed outstandingly over the years. With John Hurt it was a double pleasure as we became incredibly good friends when we were both n the jury of the Marrakech Film Festival. But the surprise was Shia Lebouf…

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Priyanka visits Rajiv Gandhi assasination accused in prison

I was really surprised and would say moved when I read the Priyanka Vadera ( nee Gandhi) went to visit Nalini in prison- one of the accused in the assasination of Rajiv Gandhi. I have never met Priyanka nor do I know what transpired except that Nalini has made statements of how much she now respects the Gandhi family. Apparently Sonia Gandhi herself had asked for clemency against the death sentence on Nalini because of her (then) five year old baby. Priyanka apparently went to get closure for herself on her father’s tragic and brutal death. I guess I find this act of forgiveness and redemption not only very moving, but also that there was absolutely no attempt to make political capital of this visit from India’s most political family.

Water Film Festival : support it if you can please

Dear Shekhar
I have been volunteering as project co-ordinator for an international water film festival titled Voices From the Waters. The first edition was held in Bangalore in 2005. The second was held in June last year and it is still continuing as a travelling film festival across cities, small towns and institutions across the country. It has been concieved as a platform without any defined boundaries celebrating the blue gold and building awareness. The next edition of the festival is scheduled for September 2008. I have attatched below the call for entries. We would be extremely grateful if you could help spread the word or even offer us suggestions for the festival.
Please refer to the website http://voicesfromthewaters.com/ or any further information. It would be great for any help you could offer.best of luck,

hey mr. time man

hey mr time man
i got your number
i took away your sickle
and pulled off your hood
and found myself
staring back at me
wanna dance
mr time man ?

Larry King and the how to live longer. How about just play ?

Happened to catch bits of the Larry King show last night on how to live longer. My friend Deepak Chopra was on it – though he did not seem to get too much of a chance to speak. The one thing no one mentioned was community. That people that live in harmonious communities, or fulfilling relationships have healthier immune systems. Deepak did mention the idea of toxicity being not just about pollutants, but also how relationships can also be toxic. There is enough research now to show that loneliness is a great cause of loss of immune system and therefore the onset of disease. In modern society though, we see isolation almost as a pedigree to success. Almost masculine.
For those of us that come from in India, remember the word ‘Mehfil’ ? I remember my boyhood being spent on my bicycle going to friends houses and shouting at their windows to come and play. Play. That is what keeps harmony in communities. Play is what keeps relationships together. Play is how we defuse stress and tensions. Play is what keeps the immune system alive and healthy.

Time, love, eternity, is ’emotional time’ real time ?

The perceptions of time change so much even though we believe that ‘time’ is fixed. For the greatest measurement of time seems to be our life spans. And ageing. We even call what happens to our bodies as we age the ‘ravages of time’ as if time was this train that chugs along at it’s unchangeable pace, and everything seems to revolve around that pace. And yet we keep trying to slow down that train, hoping that we will age slower. In fact by living healthier (or trying to !). And often because we savour the situations we are in and never want them go away. And often blame time for those anticipations and situations for going away. So time at best is a perception that is based on the situation we percieve we are in, or how healthy we feel. Time sits so heavily when we are depresesed for example, we say. So why do we give time an ‘actuality’ like a precise ticking clock that reminds us of it’s tick tock every second. Imbibe upon time a ‘a law pf physics’ that is completely unchangeable, but every moment are perceiving time completely differently depending upon the current state of our minds.
Did you say to anyone that you will love them forever ? My guess is that if you really felt it, and if your being was engulfed into that one statement – then you really did sense the the word we call eternity. I have loved you through eternity and will love you eternally. Suddenly all perception of time for that moment has disappeared. The clock does not tick any more. In the holding of that one hand, in the harmonizing of the two breaths, eternity has been sensed.
So where are we at those moments ? ……

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