I do because I want things done but the more they are done the more I want done till i ask what did i really want to do ? and what was really done ? for the drug called 'done' is a finishing line that i am constantly and breathlessly running towards that seems to [...]

Israel declares cease fire in Gaza

After killing 1200 (or more) mostly civilian Palestinians, injuring seriously another 900, Israel has declared that its objectives have been achieved. I doubt it. If the idea was to destroy the Hamas leadership, then perhaps temporarily yes. But armed strength and invasion can kill people, not an idea. The idea is more freedom and less [...]

“Poverty is my art ….”

In a village in the interiors of Gujarat this man's family has followed the art of lacquer work on wood for many generations. Right from the making the thickness in castor oil, to the grinding and creation of earth colours, and finally applying it to wood to decorate anything from spoons, to furniture, to toys. [...]

Slum Dog Millionaire, time to celebrate

Lets get this right. Slumdog is an Indian film. So what if it the funds came from outside India. The funds for Bandit Queen came from the same source and it is considered an Indian film. The funds for Chandni Chowk to China came from Warner brothers, but it is considered an Indian film. So [...]

Innsbruck : room with a view

Love the mountains and feel spiritually lifted when I come back to them And I breathe easy out of the claustrophobia of the city. Innsbruck is particularly beautiful. Right now is the skiing season so I am told the town is full, but I am a few miles away in a place called Wattens where [...]