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  1. Dear Shekhar,

    I hope that your forthcoming movie ‘ PAANI” becomes an international success and creates awareness worldwide about the tremendous importance of water.

    I also suggest that before you shoot any more scenes on the possibility of a war / violence due to the water crisis and create a fear psychology in the minds of people you should visit ‘ GURU NANAK JHIRA GURUDWARA” and witness a miracle with your own eyes as it could be a divine solution for the current water crisis in India !

    I have also sent some important data to the editor of TEHELKA magazine on the criminals / political leaders that are responsible for the current water crisis so that India’s 1.2 billion people can take immediate action against them by launching a mass protest and revolutionary movement.

    Kind regards
    Manjeet Sabharwal

  2. Greetings Sir,
    My name is Siddharth, currently pursuing CA and I am in the final year. Since many years I have loved the creative art of acting but have always feared to take a leap. Acting for me does not mean fame! For me it is air which I need to breathe. I am not going to bother you with my delimmas but just want your advise. Like you left the field of CA after qualifying, should a person who loves something else do the same? Something which he believes defines him? I’d be glad if you good give me a suggestion as and when suitable…thanks for your time…

  3. Mister Kapur,

    i’m a student from Amsterdam and i’m writing my thesis on the convergence of media. I’m comparing two different interpretations of the story of Elizabeth (to see if there are media-specific aspects that are importent to the final interpretation, like duration of a story, or..or..), and ‘the golden age’ is one of them. I found an interview on youtube in which you answer the question why you felt the urge to do another ‘Elizabeth’ film, but now i can’t find the interview anymore! So i was wondering if you could maybe answer that question once more..? In that particular interview you said that you thought that it was too easy to end the story of Elizabeth with a big black screen and some text, so you thought that you’d been to easy on yourself.
    I hope you find the time to answer this question.

    Very nice website, by the way!

    Groetjes! (that’s Dutch, haha) Nicolette Pecht

  4. Sir,

    I wish to be an actor, i am indian, i am 32 and i live in France not far from Paris. When you are an indian, it’s very difficult to do the acting job in France. There is no indian actors in french movie industry or television. All i could get is sometimes (very rare) extras and one time a small part in a french movie « Chez Gino » directed by Samuel Benchetrit in 2010. Generally, they need indians to be extras on streets selling flowers or peanuts or to be a cook in restaurant. Nothing more, never a real part, a role in movies or television. I have been trying to do acting job for years after an acting course at « Atelier Fanny Vallon ».

    I keep an eye on indian movies and i saw that you were starring in « Vishwaroopam » directed by Kamal Hassan. And, soon, he is going to shoot an american movie produced by Barry Osborne. I was wondering if you could get me an audition for this movie or even for other things, that would be for me a great help.

    I know, i am in France, you, i guess in India. It appears to be complicated, but i am just trying my luck.

    Please any kind of help would be appreciated. While waiting maybe for an answer,

    My best regards,

  5. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    My name is Ruchika Dahiya and I am the Sub-Editor of Icons Of Glam – The Extraordinaire, a Planman Media Collectors’ Edition coffee table masterpiece showcasing the 100 Most Iconic Indians on the planet from all walks of life globally, releasing in United States of America on 25th June 2013.

    I write to you to congratulate you for being chosen as one of the Most Powerful and Inspiring personalities of the world and we as one of India’s biggest media houses are extremely humbled and honoured to present to you the prestigious title of Icon Of Glam – The Extraordinaire for your invaluable contribution to the cinema as a whole in his own unique ways.

    As an Icon Of Glam we would like to feature you in the exhilarating coffee table book – also known as Icons Of Glam – The Extraordinaire in order to portray to the world your unique glam quotient by the means of which you have excelled in your field and has become a role model for many. This book will be a pictorial representation of all the chosen Icons Of Glam globally and would be complimented by a felicitation on a national platform amongst the creme-de-la-creme indians during the launch of this masterpiece in June 2013 in Las Vegas.

    I request you to kindly let me know the process forward so that we can work out a suitable time and date for an interaction to take the process forward.

    Ruchika Dahiya

  6. Hello Sir,

    My name is Sangram Gautam an i am an Delhi based independent film maker. I am making a documentary film on Mani Kaul, for which I want to take an interview. Since y’ve worked with him and known him. I understand that y’re a busy man but i am just asking for a little time Sir, anyday, anytime. If it’ll be a inconvenient for you to give some time as of now, we can do it during Osians film festival also.

    secondly, my sincere apologies for tweeting you, regarding the above topic. Its just that i was not able to find any way to contact you directly.

    Looking forward for a reply.

    Sangram Gautam

  7. Hi,

    My name is Madhur Sharme. I am a “Script and Dialog Writer”.
    I have a wonderful T.V. Show “Concept” for You. I know You are busy
    But trust me it is really nice “Concept”. I hope you will like it .
    Plz Reply Soon because I am Waiting for Your “Answer”.

    Thanks With Best Regards


  8. hello sir
    I am a big fan of your work . you are one of the few Directors in India who have made difference in world cinema.. Besides that i have always admired you for your intelligence to choose subjects with difference . You have always chosen subjects which has appealed you intellectually and you never cared about the Box office collection.. I am looking forward to your upcoming series on Prime minister …
    I wanted your suggestion and to know what your take is on following topic ” Disappearance of Subash chandra bose ” . We know for the fact that Bose didnt die in the air crash and was infact living a secluded life in U.P by the name of Bhagwan ji . though the govt denies it but many people for the fact believe in this story .. weather this is story or fact we really dont know and also we know that truth behind disappearance of netaji is not something which govt wants to get into light..
    I feel that more and more people in india should be aware about Bhagwan ji and Bose’s connection which has been shrouded in mystery . And the best possible way to get it into the notice of wider audience is by making a movie on it.. This mystery is no less than Jfk assassination or Hitler’s disappearance .. And who else wld be the best man to direct movie based on such sensitive topic…

    I wld appreciate if you find time to go through this message and reply with your views about the same

    Looking forward for your reply

    Abhay Oberoi


  9. Shekhar Kapoor,
    The glamour concept for Indian film componies and Bollywood :
    The concept creator part : 1 and part : 2 has been morching to break the 26 Oscar awards of walt Disney with a big bang, both the parts of this glamour concept are available in the below mentioned blog.i cardially invite film industry to commercialise upon concept creation part one and part two. Including his autobiography in 10 books and 100 –secret file-the defecto BATMAN is entering into Glamour world.

    -Sanjay Nimavat

  10. Shekhar,

    I am Spoorthi Purumala and I work as a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte. Its 1:00 AM and I am super enthused to write to you and Meera Nair. I find myself smiling as I write to you and Meera just for the sheer reason that I strangely believe I am heard. I am not an actor yet but a theatre Enthusiast for now.

    I want to kick-start my journey with you and Meera Nair and I can see you laughing at this!
    If you ever want to hone a crude theatre enthusiast and need an ugly face to portray Indian-ness ,I will be waiting.

    Despite that I want you to know I really appreciate your work.

    Thank you.
    Spoorthi Purumala

  11. Dear Mr Kapur, You made two bio pics, Bandit Queen was made when bio pics were not in vogue and rubbed a few people on the wrong side. Then you made Queen Elizabeth, in a different setting. I am a journalist, for a feature i am doing on bio pics i would like to know what triggered this sudden spurt of bio pics in Hindi cinema? And why most of them come from the sports background? Is the individual journey becoming more important than the collective? Are these films well-researched? which Hindi bio pics you like and why? Do respond asap. cheers. Vandana

  12. Dear Shekar sir,
    I am big fan of you and watched almost all films and read about you. Bandit Queen protagonist Ms. Sima Biswas is my next door neighbour at Guwahati, Assam. Would like to give a proposal to make another film with same Sima to act as a bold Bodo lady based on the last novel written by late Dr. Indira Mamoni Raisom Goswami’s ” Sword of Thengpakri” think over.

    Dr. Maltesh Motebennur
    Rajiv Gandhi University,


    PROJECT “WE” is an endeavor to bring together all skilled talents of this country with latent business skills, and give them a platform that nurtures creativity under the ambience of Love. All our craftsmen, artisans & skilled people will be part of one big family & a network of talent will be established, who will support each other’s cause and sprout more talent.

    Along with uplifting their economic status in the society, “WE” will empower them with basic communication, business & marketing skills.

    Combining Sadhguru’s concept of Inclusive Economics with Telecommunication & Information Technology, “WE” will evolve a system that unites the Nation, and infuses back its true ethos and culture in every individual.

    Here’s for us—PROJECT ‘WE”

    “It’s Grace that has brought you here, and it’s Grace that will deliver.”

  14. Hellow sir,
    I am Kundan from Bihar. I am a big fan of your work. I have read in a newspaper that you are searching for some thin guys for your upcoming movie. Well sir, I am 16 years old presently in class 11th. I am really thin, which many times become a problem for me . But now I think to be a thin guy is not so bad. Sir if I could fit any role then please contact me.

  15. Hello sir,
    I am manushi. M really passionate about acting but situations don’t allow me to persue it. I hav been in search of a really gud guide and who could be better then u. I hav recentle read in a daily newspaper in my city that u need stick thin actors then let me tell u sir m really stick thin. More thin then required. I dont if I should have said tht or not but I felt like telling so. Sir I really need ur guidance to move ahead in this field.

    Thanking you
    Manushi shah

  16. Dear Mr. Shekhar,

    You deserve kudos for your TV Show “Prime Minister”, But I would like to say that story of decision to grant “Independence” to India was taken in August 1946 and its full dress rehearsal started with the formation of Interim Government on 2nd September, 1946 Jawaharlal Nehru as Vice-President. Muslim League, which Jinnah wanted to head the “Interim Govt.” but Congress refused & Muslim League initially boycotted it. Subsequently Muslim League joined, on the agreement to make Liyaqat Ali as Finance Member. One of the job of Interim Govt. was to draw a road map of Division & lapse of “Paramountance” of States. But it could not be properly finalized due to non-cooperation of Muslim League & Viceroy Lord Mountbatten had to play decisive role in important issue. This in fact gave as impression to “States” that they can act of their own.

    I feel some light on “Constitution of Constitution Assembly and formation of “Interim Govt.” on 2nd September 1946 and Muslim Leagues initial refusal to join & then conditional joining, was also a crucial period and back ground of subsequent events like riots.


    (CA B.B. Jindal)

  17. Dear Mr. Shekhar,

    You deserve kudos for your TV Show “Prime Minister”, But I would like to say that story of decision to grant “Independence” to India was taken in August 1946 and its full dress rehearsal started with the formation of Interim Government on 2nd September, 1946 Jawaharlal Nehru as Vice-President. Muslim League, which Jinnah wanted to head the “Interim Govt.” but Congress refused & Muslim League initially boycotted it. Subsequently Muslim League joined, on the agreement to make Liyaqat Ali as Finance Member. One of the job of Interim Govt. was to draw a road map of Division & lapse of “Paramountance” of States. But it could not be properly finalized due to non-cooperation of Muslim League & Viceroy Lord Mountbatten had to play decisive role in important issue. This in fact gave as impression to “States” that they can act of their own.

    I feel some light on “Constitution of Constitution Assembly and formation of “Interim Govt.” on 2nd September 1946 and Muslim Leagues initial refusal to join & then conditional joining, was also a crucial period and back ground of subsequent events like riots.

    (CA B.B. Jindal)

  18. Respected sir,
    I am a huge fan of yours and respect ur filma making capabilities and direction skills. I am in no way concerned with the film industry but as a student of history i would appreciate if you could lend me your ear.I wld like to express a few thoughts of mine on the vwell made documentary of pradhan mantri n i d b grateful if i cld gt ur email id . Thanking you

  19. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    I am based in Singapore and have greatly admired your work.

    Bollywood has started to nurture more variety in terms of script and direction.Felt very happy to watch some of the recent releases which offered a great movie experience. Wondering if you would be interested in a story modeled on the Japanese television drama ‘Oshin’.I have always been very touched by this series.

    In India a sudden resurgence of crime against women is being felt across the entire nation. Hope the medium of movie making, will help to create a positive mindset in the vast majority of people by encouraging more films based on a woman centered characters.

  20. Dear Shekhar Sir,

    A lot to say sir, initially here as an abstract view and then in detail by email correspondence.

    I am a research fellow, age 32, my academic domains are Mathematics, Ecology, Computer Science & Spatial Analysis. I planned to head for University of Queensland (Australia) as a visiting fellow in November / December. I want to be in touch with my research and as well in touch with your works.

    I got that your working on “PAANI” and “Elizabeth 3”. I love your dimensions in direction settings. I liked your role in Vishwaroop. I planned to join as like a associate in “PAANI” story & direction and as well planned to act as like a associate in “Vishwaroop 2” such as Junior RAW person.

    I do not want any offerings other than your presence/guidance next to me during my works. I had 2 times of mountaineering experiences. I am presently near Chennai. I wait for yours early response towards fine supportive steps regarding my additions at your end. Thank you. Yours Kiran (Mr)

  21. Dear Mr Kapur, Needed to get in touch with you for an Literacy event we The New Indian Express will be organising. What is a good way of speaking to you for a moment? Regards, Ayesha Singh

  22. Hi Shekhar,

    Can i have your email ID. I want to discuss something of very high importence. it is not related to me but for the wellfare of humanity. After puttting a lot of thinking I reached on conclusion that you could be the person who can help in this cause. Most of the others are running behind money. I searched your contact and mail on FB and net but didnt succeed.

    It is something i can not discuss on public forum.

    If you have problems sharing your mail on a public forum then kindly seek a moment from your precious time and mail me on , I will revert back with the details of subject where I need your help.

  23. Dear shekhar kapur …
    If a mountain needs to be conquered.. A team has to be Devine… A leader has to be craftful … And his soldiers need be brave… If ever there be a need for Visual creator (photographer) with keen sense of cinema.. Do whisper and there one stands to take ur command ..

    With regards

  24. Sir, I follow u a lot. I almost watched all ur movies.Heart breaking news news for me as Hrithik is playing te lead in PAANI..big disappointment for me…Hope u 2 work in future..may b you both wer destined for something more bigger than tis….all te best for PAANI..hope it ll be a game changer for Indian movies…

  25. Dear Shekhar Kapoorji,

    I am a citizen of India and a young man who is trying to know and understand his country in which he is born and brought up, in which he lives and to which he wants to render some service. I am thankful to you and your team of ‘Pradhanmantri’ through which I have been able to understand our country more. Thank You For Your Efforts.

    Here, I want to point out at the last few moments of the ‘Episode 6 – Indo-China War’. I saw you crying and I was moved as I also share the same feelings for Nehruji. As an Indian I am pained through two historical events – First, India-Pakistan Partition and Second Indo-China War. In none of this I feel Nehru was guilty. But yes he was a good hearted man – a Gandhian by virtue who failed to understand conspiracies either of British, Chinese or some of our Hindustanis only.

    My Actual Reason to write this email is to know what was going on in your heart when you cried at the end of sixth episode – ‘What were you feeling?’. You can trust me as these would not go to media. Your gesture would be a sharing of feelings which would be further shared with fellow Indians who has respect for India and pain of historical events. These historical events teach me something – particularly the mistakes which should not be repeated in future.

    Waiting to know your feelings. Please reply on my email.

    Yours Sincerely,

  26. Dear Mr. Kapoor,
    It’s needless to say that I am a big fan. I read your blog about Hritik Roshan. Strangely I felt the same way about him too when he first came in movies. I felt he had a personality to make it big at global level or Hollywood. But that may need a script as strong as his personality.

    In Indian cinema, I do not see any directors rising above the level of usual love stories. It might not be possible for them but it is certainly possible for you. You can make that magic happen. I adore your talent since the days of Upannyas (you may not remember!)

    This is just a humble suggestion since I do not have any background or talent in movies except that I love good movies. It would be great to see you and Hritik work together at Hollywood level with a Clive Cussler novel. His novels have great plots and Hritik seems to be a great fit for Dirk Pitt. Also, these stories are underutilized by Hollywood but have a huge fan base. Only important thing to avoid would be Bollywood style overacting by Hritik and songs :).

    I really hope you would read my comment and may be I might see this idea becoming a reality. I honestly think there is a great potential in this idea and you have the capacity to make it real.

  27. Hi,

    My name is Maya
    I have a wonderful movie “Concept” for You. I know You are busy
    But trust me it is really nice “Concept”. I hope you will like it .
    Plz Reply Soon because I am Waiting for Your “Answer”.

    Thanks With Best Regards

  28. Dear mr shekhar
    I viewed your programme Prime Minister..
    I have to inform you that I was student at the time when Shree J.P.Narain lead the so called student movement..
    I have a truth in me how the students were used in wrong way.. Thereafter the students were branded as gundas I have a pain for it.
    If you call me for even a small time then your episode will be very near to truth and the hidden agenda will be known to my countrymen.
    The emergency really gave a direction to country I compare it with the endeavour of Mr Sheashan who could be able to give new platform to election commission.
    Emergency was necessary at that time and it was the then prime minister who muster dare to do it and thereafter new and fresh wind blown..
    Dishyant Kumar
    Nayarit gain
    Near PAC
    Moradabad u.p.







    3. NO FLOOD




  30. Dear Mr. Kapur,
    I am CA from Bahrain and we would like to invite as Key note speaker in our CA conference on 29-30 November at Bahrain..Since you are a Classic example of pursuing your passion and even after doing CA, you moved to Film Industry to follow your dreams….

    Your Keynote speech would inspire many to pursue their passion……Kingdom of Bahrain would be indebted to you for your kind gesture. Hope to hear positive from you. Once I hear from you positively, we can discuss the logistics. Waiting to receive your kind consent.

    P.S.: From Mr. India to Bandit queen, I am die hard fan of yours….

  31. Hi Shekhar I am a director,screenwriter and novelist. You may not recall but we met at Mudra over a commercial while I was in the agency. I have moved on since. One of my romantic/comedy is slated for production as a Hollywood movie 2014.

    Just wondering if you would be interested in a delightful epic/drama script. It is an English movie spec script. I can’t divulge more in this open forum, a reason you would appreciate.

    I believe you have moved onto social cause genre but am still wanting to test the waters with you.

    Lemme know because I plan to pitch it at the London Screenwriters festival. If it evinces interest in you kindly drop me contact coordinates which can facilitate further dialogue.

    And while we are at it, I have also sent you a message on Twitter.

    Warm regards,


  32. Dear Mr Kapur
    I accidentally while switching channels came across the series Pradhanmantri and I have now seen 3 episodes. I wish congratulate on your approach which is evidence based a rarity in our country of origin. I am old enough to remember the events since 1970 that have been covered in the last 3 episodes, however due my age at that time and thereafter moving to the UK the information was pretty grainy. Your series so far has helped me fill a lot of gaps.

    Once more thanks for this excellent series.


  33. Dear Sir,
    I have got to know from some resources that your show Pradhanmantri in the episode will be showing Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in a bad light.
    I don’t care if this information was right or not, what I care about is you depict the truth and also try maintain peace in the secular country.
    As you know the topics of 1984 are really sensitive issues for Sikhs and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale who was a role model and hero for a lot of Sikhs, so the topics concerning these things can add salt to the injury of Sikhs who have still not got justice for the 1984 riots. Infact for reference you can see this speech of Sant Bhindranwale on youtube to understand what kind of person he was.
    Plz watch it with an open mind..
    And last request is that plz depict the truth and try thinking of how things can remain peaceful for the country.
    Thank you

  34. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapoor,

    Captain M.S. Kohli like to speak to you urgently. Please call him
    Neetu Singh
    (Secretary to Captain M.S. Kohli

  35. Dear Mr Kapur

    I had been a great admirer of your art and you as a person. The work you have done in cinema is exception and brought me great proud as an Indian. I have always felt an emotional bonding with you as you have a connection with Punjab.

    I feel very sad the way Pradhanmantri portrayed Operation Blue Star. It was biased, not researched at all, and did not bring views from both sides. The media reporters you had on the show took one side and they are known for the views against Sant Jarnail Singh and Sikhs at large. You did not show a single person to present view from perspective of Sant or Sikhs who support him.

    The job of media is to present the events as they happened without being a judge; and let the viewers decide. But sadly the clear tone of your narrative was like a judge who has already decided the guilty before the start of trial.

    You stated that events leading to Op Blue Start started after Indra forced emergency. This is not true. In reality is goes back to 1947, the partition of India. Sikhs decided to be part of Hindu India as they had and continue to have strong bonding with Hindus. They were promised that they would be able to practice their faith freely and with respect. But soon after 1947 all these promises were forgotten. Sikhs were declared criminal tribe on 10 October 1947 by Governor of Punjab Chandu Lal Trevedi (Reference Saachi Saakhi by Sardar Kapur Singh). Hindi media and organizations started movement against Punjab and Punjabi. Sikh leaders felt that existence of Punjabi (and region Punjab in large) is in danger so they demanded a state for a punjabi speaking population; they were labeled separatists and Sikhs were the only one fighting for this cause. Sikhs felt betrayed and let down in their own country. They were and are treated as second class citizens of India. Even today sikhs are fighting for justise in India courts (Chandigarh, river water, November 1984 genocide, killing of hundred thousands of sikhs youths in Punjab, sikh youths still is jails). Indian constitutions says they are part of Hinduism.

    Sikhs had been demanding their rights peacefully. But for many Sikh youths their patiences wore off when center and state started using voilent methods. You mentioned fight between Nirankari followers and sikhs in 1978 in Amritsar. You are wrong. Sikhs were protesting peacefully, and followers of Nirankari were armed and they opened fire on Sikhs. When police started killing and harssing innocents and raping women, many youths felt enough is enough. Police won’t help them, courts won’t give them justise, what could they do? When all modes of redressing a wrong having failed. Raising of sword is pious and just (Zafarnama). They were forced to defend themself using guerrilla warfare. They did not come from Jupiter. They were orinary youths who wanted to study, work, have a famly like most of us, but with dignity and respect.

    I won’t go into all details but your whole show was flawed and biased. You say it is portray of truth, but I disagree. Its how you see Operation Blue Star, but its not the truth.

    Its a shame that Sikhs who fought invaders from Afganistan to resuce Hindu women, who made most scarifices for freedom of India, who still are fight at Indian borders for safety of India have been labelled terrorists and separist by media and a section of indian society. For most people Sardar Ji means a joke, 12 baj gaye. Do you know Mr Kapur the historically facts behind 12 pm and Sikhs?

    I remeber one of my hindu friend telling me that I look like a terrorist; and being bullied just because I am a sikh and I follow my faith.

    I do not have any expectations for indian media, but I had a faith in you Mr Kapur. I don’t know why, but I had felt that person of your intellect would understand the pain and suffering of minorities in new India.

    I would like to end this comment, beleiving that you only gave your voice to the show unknowing the true facts.

    “Nanak naam chardi kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala”
    “Nanak asks for ‘Naam’ (name of God) with which comes well being, happiness and positive spirit and with your blessings, Lord may everyone in the world prosper and be in peace”

  36. Dear sir ,
    i red about your investigation,the big and old lie of the diaspora .i live in Trabzon in Turkey.i hope you will not judge us.The big lie genocide is a subject that must exanime by the historical researchs not by any other arguements films or newspapar articles .this is a big mistake which must be solved by historian academics.There ara lots of documents that proved the events in 1915 were not a genocide .İf you are really want to know the truth do not settle with your armenian search also talk with turkish historian academics .There you will see briefly the big lies called genocide .i never hate any other nations of the world.i never hate ermenian.Please if you reaaly want to make scene of the pain you can look paris airport orly crime .you can look at hocalı genocide in Azerbaijan .i hope you will not be subjective .i wish your succes going for ever without making extrajudicial executions…

  37. Dear Kapur Sir,

    Since my childhood I could never understand our past with so much transparency, beyond the books, or biased stories. Our youth will definitely come to know his past and can better decide how India’s future should be formed.

    I’m really thankful to you and your team for extreme hard work for making Pradhanmantri, and your name is written in golden words in the history.


  38. Tulsidas on demolishan of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya
    (Following evidence has been submitted before the Allahabad High Court in the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid case-—jagadguru-rambhadracharya-ji-)
    Goswami Tulsidas, in his ‘Sri Tulsishatak’ has clearly described the deeds of Muslims and Babur and the mosque having been built by Mir Baqi after demolishing Sri Ram Janam Mandir
    at Ayodhya, which runs as follows:

    Goswami Tulsidas Ji says that
    ‘Yavans’ (barbarians /Mohammedans) ridicule hymns, several Upnishads and treatises like Brahmans, Puranas, Itihas (histories) etc. and also the Hindu society (orthodox religion) having faith in them. They exploit the Hindu society in different ways.
    Goswami Tulsi Das says that forcible attempts are being made by Muslims to expel the followers of Hinduism from their own native place (country), forcibly divesting them of their Shikha (lock of hair on the crown of head) and ‘Yagyopaveet’ (sacrificial thread) and causing them to deviate from their religion. Tulsi Das terms this time as a hard and harrowing one.
    Describing the barbaric attack of Babur, Goswami Ji says that he indulged in gruesome genocide of the natives of that place (followers of Hinduism), using sword (army).
    Gowami Tulsi Das Ji says that countless atrocities were committed by foolish ‘Yavans’ (Mohammedans) in Awadh (Ayodhya) in and around the summer of Samvat 1585, that is, 1528 AD (Samvat 1585- 57=1528 AD).
    Describing the attack made by ‘Yavans’, that is, Mohammedans on Sri Ramjanambhumi temple, Tulsi Das Ji says that after a number of Hindus had been mercilessly killed, Sri Ram Janam Bhumi temple was broken to make it a mosque. Looking at the ruthless killing of Hindus, Tulsi Ji says that his heart felt aggrieved, that is, it began to weep, and on account of incident it continues to writhe in pain. Seeing the mosque constructed by Mir Baqi in Awadh, that is, Ayodhya in the wake of demolition of Sri Ram Janam Bhumi temple preceded by the grisly killing of followers of Hinduism having faith in Rama and also seeing the bad plight of the temple of his favoured deity Rama, the heart of Tulsi began to always cry tearfully for Raghuraj (the most revered among the scions of the Raghu Dynasty). Being aggrieved thereby, submitting himself to the will of Sri Rama, he shouted: O Ram ! Save….Save… Tulsi Das Ji says that the mosque was constructed by the wicked Mir Baqi after demolishing Sri Ram Janam Bhumi temple, situated in the middle of Awadh, that is, Ayodhya.
    Tulsi Das Ji says that the Quran as well as Ajaan call is heard from the holy place of Sri Ram Janam Bhumi, where discourses from Shrutis, Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads etc. used to be always heard and which used to be constantly reverberated with sweet sound of bells.”
    “22. In his work ‘Kavitavali’, Goswami Tulsidas while expressing detachment from the society and his attachment and faith towards Lord Rama has mentioned about the disputed site in the following lines:-
    “Dhoot Kahaun, Avadhoot Kahaun, Rajpoot Kahaun, Jolha Kahaun Kou.
    Kahu Ki Beti Se Beta Na Byahab, Kahu Ki Jati Bigaran Sou.
    Tulsi Sar Naam Gulamu Hai Ram Ko, Jako Ruche So kahe Kachhu Jou.
    Mangi Ke Khaibon, Maseet Me Soibo, Laive Ko Eku Na Deve Ke Dou.” (E.T.C.)
    “23. The Veda equivalent Valmiki Ramayana is considered to have been composed in the period of Lord While describing the time, climate, planets etc. of the birth of Lord Sri Rama in Sarga-18 of Balkand in the Valmiki Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki has clearly described the birthplace of Lord Sri Rama through the words ‘Sarvalok Namaskrit’ in the following Shloka-
    “Tato Yagye Samapte Tu Ritunam Shat Samatyuyah.
    Tatasch Dwadashe Mase Chaitre Navamike Tithau.
    Nakshatre-aditi Daivatye Swochchsanstheshu Panjasu.
    Graheshu Karkate Lagne Vakyatavinduna Sah.
    Prodyamane Jagannatham Sarvalok Namaskritam.
    Kaushalyajanayad Ramam Divya Lakshan Samyutam.” (E.T.C.)

  39. Dear Sir

    I am not able to register myself in film writer association as they are aking proof of writing like books or novels and reference of any producer or director. My name is Kunal Mishra and I would like to request an appointment with you regarding film project.I should be grateful if you would arrange a brief meeting with me on a date and time convenient to you with any director who is looking for a new script.
    Title- “My father is a hero” the story is all about father and daughter relationship who is an army officer who is at front and their struggle in the mission.

    Can we have some personal meetings with regarding film project. I want to work as an assistance for this project. I have written three projects. I will not disappoint you and I know meeting will be meaningful and truthful.
    Please Sir guide me.
    Thank You

  40. Dear Mr Shekhar Kapur,
    In a nutshell, your PRADHANMANTRI serial is indeed great, but I expected more from your stated endeavour for us “Indians to know about our country’s past”. As of now, your serials have only addressed how the Indian PM’s have largely dealt with the internal scenarios/ turmoil in our country. The notable exception was East Pakistan/ Bangladesh. What about the other external facets like Sri Lanka/ LTTE/ IPKF operations? (And more?) I was disappointed that there was no mention of it in Rajiv Gandhi episode (Episode 15-16). Given the increasing popularity of your serial, I believe that you would be ‘re-writing’ Indian history the wrong way if you do not cover the external dimension. Please note that India’s overseas interests and influence have begun to grow significantly since the late 1980s. I have much inputs to give you on this aspect, but I will limit my message to this for sake of succinctness.
    Wishing you the very best nonetheless
    Warm Regards,

  41. Hello Shekhar Sir,
    I would like to invite you for delivering a guest lecture in National institute of Technology, Jamshedpur which is a college of National Repute, during our annual techno-management fest OJASS in month of march, 2014. Every year, we invite guests from different walks of life. We had some eminent name with us in past years like Mr. Pawan Agrawal,CEO Mumbai Dabbawalas; Mr. G Madhvan Nair, Ex director ISRO; Mr. Ankit Fadia, Renowned hacker and many more. It would be a great honour for the students here to be inspired by your words and especially the passing out batch will be grateful to you for the kindness.

    Hope to here from you very soon.

    Yogesh Kumar Gupta
    Technical Secretary,
    NIT Jamshedpur

  42. sir i watch pradhanmanti on youtube but it is not upload after 15 episode so plz take notice of it

  43. recently saw masoom on tv after a very long time, i have seen this movie a number of times and always wanted to know what happned to little minni. I read her letter and was glad to learn that she is doing well. It would have been nice have a picture of her of recent time she reminds me of my own daughter.

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