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  1. Osai Chella says:

    What is this one sir? is it taken or manipulated by Photoshop?

  2. shekhar says:

    it’s as shot. I was experimenting with a new camera, shekhar

  3. kavitha says:

    tried taking a shot of the space above by night (with the stars and the moon) with the same parameters on the camera? — wonder what THAT would look like…

  4. Mee says:

    m-o-r-e energy:)
    btw fisichella got force india to pole position in todays qualifiers. tomo’s race may just see force india get a podium and some points on the board finally:)

  5. Did you timed the camera And make it spin till it is clicked ???

  6. Looks like a pebble just dropped in the water and it created ripples,beautiful composition…NY is always on the move..,just as the water levels movement keeps expanding.The city never sleeps.

  7. kedar says:

    hahaha… nice shot… and it looks like a Top shot ( helicopter view)…how u did it?…click and rotate? (with auto multiple clicks)

  8. shot from a flight about to land?

  9. Sidhusaaheb says:

    Life’s a whirl…eh? 😀

  10. Nagesh says:

    Use some Latest cameras shekhar…
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