Solitary Confinement

The mind looks to confine
to measure
to contextualize
to give meaning
to itself
for the ego
can exist only
in finite possibilities
needing to enclose itself
in a part of the universe
walled off
from the rest of creation
and from within that prison
to show itself off
yearning to be recognized,
to be individualized
to be admired
and from within that prison
to be loved !
that everything around itself
has confined itself too
imprisoned itself too
sensing the universe
surrounded by
imagined bits of similar prisons
a love you could embrace
the whole universe with
if only you came out of
the solitary confinement
your ego has imprisoned you in

53 thoughts on “Solitary Confinement

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    @Kavi Deepak Sharma
    Posted By Kavyadhara Team
    (Event Manager-Kavi Deepak Sharma)

  2. imaginary walls
    of solitude
    defined to confine
    cages unlock
    barriers shatter
    of the warriors
    of singular confines
    to take flight
    into the eternal confines
    of the entire universe
    of eternal creation
    winged migration
    from a stringed solitary note
    to the embrace of symphonic harmony
    confined only in eternity

  3. And the beauty of this confinement is that it is simple science.
    Some day when my book Self-Designed Universe will be understood fully it will be clear to people that all have to enter this confinement and hence develop ego at a certain point in time in their evolutionary journey and all will then go beyond at due time whether they do anything for it or not.

  4. Ego is not that easy to let go. After reading this blog, many like me would strive to let go off the ego and break the prison.

  5. Ego if used in the right purpose/expression can be of use for others as well. It helps sometimes in a big deal because you have a motivation to do something, but shouldn’t be negative or harmfull. This can be very much related to your “Self Esteem” as well.
    But I guess, should be used rarely but to be used for the benefit of others to help, improve or should have enough reasons to use it

  6. Loved the v.slightly self deprecatory, mocking sense of this.
    Disclaimer: What I see tells so much abt where I’m coming from. I know, I know. πŸ™‚

  7. how would you know light without darkness
    how would you know love without hatred
    how would you taste victory without defeat
    how would you find peace without duress
    what vishnu has deployed
    shiva will one day destroy
    what the ego has confined
    the soul will one day untwine
    the puzzle really is-
    should we toil,
    with the intention to unravel
    or should we simply flow
    with love in our hearts
    and faith in our spirits

  8. If only we came out of our prison…
    what a truly unique experience that would be…
    Shekhar, now I am reading “Freedom, The Courage to be Yourself” by Osho.
    As Ash
    I have surrendered
    To your fire,
    And burnt ~
    I come alive
    as nothing more than ash
    And scattered by some holy wind
    I reach every
    …as winds blow across
    the ashes of love
    to lands far away
    I rejoice in the thought
    of how many will share
    in this sacred dance
    …as one alone
    cannot behold
    such a great love
    it was meant for all the universe.
    Eric P. McCarty & Cinda

  9. Sir, I’m posting this comment with reference to ur post on “The end of Democracy in India ?”. I would like to bring to ur notice a gentleman called Jayaprakash Narayan(not the 70’s hero) who formed a political party recently called LOKSATTA. Jayaprakash Narayan fondly known to people as JP got an MBBS degree from one of the best medical colleges in AmdhraPradesh. He served the poor and needy for some years and later appeared for civil services and joined public administration after passing I.A.S. in 1980 standing all India second. He then served as an IAS for 16 years and was regarded as one of the best IAS officers ever. Some of his achievements include:
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    Dr JP was involved in formulating major policy initiatives such as developing an Info?City in Hyderabad to facilitate the growth of the software industry. Hi?Tech City, which has grown into one of the most prominent IT hubs of India.
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    He has also written columns in Indian news papers like Times of India, Economic Times, Financial Express, The Hindu and Eenadu. He also worked as Television host for political programs and election coverage shows.He started the Lok Satta political party in 2006 with clean politics and good governance as the main agenda. While launching the political party, he stated that this party aimed to enrich the political scenario in India with its true spirit and felt that it would be considered as an alternative to any other political party, since it aimed to create a true and faithful political picture in India.
    Lok Satta (party) contested in 2008 in the Assembly by-elections for the first time, and was able to secure second place in one of the four places (Khairatabad) it contested from. It contested again in the 249 Legislative Assembly seats in 2009 general elections, and Jayaprakash Narayan himself contested from Kukatpalle.
    The whole of A.P is eagerly waiting for the first time ever for the results to be announced and to see how many seats he would get. But unfortunately the media has not given the publicity that the party deserved before the elections. So though it is highly impossible for the party to come into power beating the traditional parties like TDP and congress, we hope that his presence in the assembly itself will change the system to an extent before the next elections when hopefully he gets the publicity he rightly deserves.
    Please check the youtube for his videos to know the kind of personality he is. Trust me sir, He is no lesser than OBAMA and in many ways better than OBAMA.

  10. Mind – the false.
    The more we ruminate over the mind, the more it breathes. In trying to saying what is not, it receives more oxygen.
    Mind, ego – and all such words and concepts should serve their purpose, take us to the doorstep. Watch that inner romance with word,concepts. and Let go!
    If there is a word to be used beyond that, it is ‘BE’.But then there is also no need for it too.

  11. Hiya Shekhar
    My mind is to rammed at the moment, can’t concentrate n travel in this in depth to catch the threads ….
    but a synopsis
    the ego certainly imprisons…
    I am pasting something….and was wondering could we not have done something for TIBET?
    Seals get a better deal!!!
    Europe passes a ban on seal products, driving another nail in the coffin of the cruel commercial seal hunt.
    Trouble with links or images? Want to share this email? Use this link:

  12. The ban on seal products was a global move….
    all over the world people voted and put pressure
    perhaps they were seals, a little less than lesser people of god
    Tibet pray for oil to get help…not rain or peace!!
    If you have oil the world will pounce to support you!!!

  13. Nice poem , Shekhar. It looks like you are trapped within your intellectual jail. There is a very simple way to get out of prison: open the door and walk out. There is no lock, no key.
    For those of us for whom these are mere words, we need the master to come, knock, open the door and let the breeze in.

  14. I have translated this poem in to Telugu. Here it goes…
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    ????? ????
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    ??? ???????
    ? ???? ????
    ????? ??????
    ???????? ?????????
    ???? ?????????
    ???? ??…
    ?????? ??????????
    ???????????? ????? ????????!
    ??? ??????????
    ????????? ???????? ??????????!

  15. Ego is a must
    so is flexibility of ego
    without flexibility ego causes damage!! Destruction!

  16. Harb,
    I find your wisdom credible, except for the fact that you assume that there are no books out there other than yours that can deliver the same realization. In fact there are quite a few that avail themselves at the opportune time to the seeker. ‘Be as you are’ by Ramana Maharshi and ‘I am that’ by Nisargadatta Maharaj are a couple of solid examples. These books have more wisdom than libraries and libraries put together.

  17. brahmastra, I have never used the word realisation in conjunction with my book. Realisation for me is the experience of Being which can come only directly while what my book tells is the how and whys of things happening in the realm of Becoming.
    The books you have mentioned point towards realisation, towards the experience of Being, obviously from the side of Becoming; my book points towards the details of Becoming obviously from the side of Being.

  18. Hi Mr Kapur…
    About your curiosity on that liana hanging by the limestone hill, I will find that out and let you know once i got the answers from the expert. My apology that i didn’t get to provide you the answer at that time. i have to get back there to take some shots & ask around.
    I was telling you about this blog on the boat this morning. Ego,yes, i’m a totally helpless ego homosapien when it comes to relationship… ha,ha,ha… I find peace in the great outdoors and nature.
    Is a pleasure to allow me to show you our mangroves and part of Langkawi.

  19. a soft stone falls
    the quiet pond reflects the infinite circle of life
    cause and effect
    ego shadows of the too many thoughts
    unconditional love efortless freedom
    guided by light

  20. On a completely different note Shekhar, the news around is that Ashutosh Gowariker is directing ‘Buddha’. While his directorial sensibilities are absolutely brilliant and he is one of the most keen observers we have, I always thought your take and view on Buddha would be ‘something’ to really look forward to. Are you involved in any way with it? I have noticed you normally do not answer questions of these kind here. It will not prevent me from asking though πŸ˜‰ .It would be great to hear from you on what it would mean to adapt Buddha onto the screen. What part of his story would you personally find most interesting to capture? Also to hear what would all the wonderful people who come here want to really see about Buddha’s life on screen?

  21. Dear Aniket,
    Deeply touched by your circumstances. I will forward your message to my networks, asking anybody willing and able to help to reach you at the contact info. provided in your blog.
    God bless.

  22. Dear Aniket,
    Sending you and your son loving healing prayers. May you aquire the abundance needed for the operation and therapy…and other expenses.
    Namaste and God Bless…om shanti

  23. The state of existence when one is one with all. The state of no fear and no ownership. Fame, Riches, Titles, Recognition do not matter. Calm and clarity prevail. But as one steps out in the world, one realizes that one is expected to have an ego and the fear, insecurity, the separation and the attachments that come with it. And thus, succumb to all the trappings that make this world. The choice rests within each individual mind. And then there are some who choose to put on a facade to humour and engage the world that surrounds them and to learn the lessons they have yet to.

  24. Dear Aniket,
    The Pangs of your child is best known to you alone…
    A silent prayer for thy family and thy child,
    May he heal, may the forces of nature, give ye strength, and thy child life~~~Blessings for thy baby~~~

  25. In some time the rains will start,don’t you think sir?
    Would be interesting to see what actually happens on those high tide- high risk days.

  26. exactly…
    missing you…
    hee hee he
    wondering ….

  27. Btw, I do blog…
    Well difficult to expect you to take time and visit some teeny-weeny post of mine [in the world full of thoughtful writings]. Still hope if you can-

  28. Let go of your ego.
    because on the body of universe,
    you are just an insignificant wart.
    like a sandgrain in the desert.
    Feel the pain of others in your heart,
    though a difficult art,
    yet give it a try,
    your ego will fly.

  29. welll…
    still no see…
    where are you????
    infinite possibilities …
    who knows???
    except …
    all well …
    up and down …
    we go…
    to find …
    what’s up doc???
    so it is …
    somehow …
    he ehee hee…
    the hard one …
    but then…
    that’s life !!!
    have a lovely day …

  30. Waiting
    Yes “Paani”
    Wish all is going great for you…
    And hope following maybe true,
    “I would love to be multiple”

  31. hummm
    yes …
    still poooooondering…
    what’s up doc???
    the cross roads…
    the new begginings …
    with wings…
    shining forth …
    rainbow hues…
    as if feeding us …
    here …
    on earth…
    how exquisite …
    this …
    that remains…
    oh yes …
    the dream …
    sometime ago…
    a level of pain …
    impossible to describe …
    and yet …
    a necessity …
    to the melting down..
    of the sacred script…
    how interisting …
    as mostly …
    we have no idea…
    and so it is …
    in this knowingness …
    the intensity…
    of the river’s flow…
    guiding us home…
    in whispers…
    of blessing tears…

  32. hey shekhar, we miss you. hope all is good with you.
    look frwd to some chit chat on here soon, love shivani

  33. Hello Shekhar,
    your flock craves to hear from you. Almost 4 weeks have passed without a word from you. In all these years of reading your poetry, your often brilliant essays and your insights into the depth of the human soul you have become our friend, our brother and fellow traveller. After such a long stretch of silence all those who care have become worried that you may no longer be motivated to keep your blog going or you may be suffering from blogging fatigue or a general burnout.
    If you need any encouragement to continue it is coming in abundance from me and I am sure from everybody out there waiting to hear your critical voice again, keeping the scoundrels of politics honest and giving us a glimpse into a heart that has so much to tell and bears so much love.
    With kind regards.

  34. Nice interview in the Indian Express today.
    btw Ladies Special on Sony seems to be rather good-as far as serials go.
    Did you get fed up of that rating of star blogs? Is that why you’re not writing?

  35. Sir, I’m posting this comment with reference to ur qoute on home page “I exist because you imagine i do”.
    May I request you to think and make a film on recent/ongoing “Racism attacks on Indians in OZ”.
    Most of the film i.e.’I am proud to be Indian’ just focus on attacks on Indians and a HERO comes to fight against it.
    In my view point it should be something real not just in true filmy style.
    A film which should have GLOBAL appeal and should be nominated for OSCAR for more popularity/viewing across GLOBE.
    Apart from attacks on Indians it should make OZ government and people realize what wrong they are doing and
    what steps government should take to stop this.
    As a Indian its my duty to bring this to the notice of a person whom I think can execute this project well.

  36. …and there is this silence from you Shekhar … ek sannata jo itni buland awaaz mein dastak de rahi

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