Afganistan will be Obama’s Vietnam

No one has a won in Afghanistan. For there is nothing to win. The country has been ravaged by a centuries of invasions and attempts to control the irrepressible tribes. All there is left is the fierce pride of the people. And the British, the Russians, the Americans have all failed to control that sense of pride and independence. All that the US will achieve by sending more troops to Afghanistan (as Obama has promised) is to embroil Pakistan into the regions violence. And then for the next decade the war will go on. President Obama says that “the US cannot allow breeding grounds for terrorists to stay free to attack the US”. But this military intervention will cause the region and Pakistan too to become an even more fertile breeding ground for younger terrorists. The motivations are completely unclear as Osama Bin Laden after 9 years of 9/11 is more a myth than an enemy. Is it worth destroying the social structures of a whole region to search for one man ? What needs to happen for the US to have completed its objective ? What is the objective ? The Taliban will live as an idea after you have killed the last standing man in Afghanistan, and will explode again unless the young men of Afghanistan have hope of better and more prosperous lives. For at this moment the only way to earn a living in Afghanistan is to either pick up a gun on behalf of the highest bidder, or grow poppy. The wealth generated from drugs is one thing that keeps the generals of Pakistan Army and the Taliban tied together, not just fundamentalism.
The Talibanization of Pakistan is going to be one of the biggest problems facing India over the next decade. The shifting of the IPL to a foreign country is just a sign of things to come. We will have a Vietnam on our doorstep and we will get embroiled in the conflict.

15 thoughts on “Afganistan will be Obama’s Vietnam

  1. well let’s see……..
    If America does not send troops,If the drones stop blowing up 10 civilians with 1 Potential or otherwise terrorist, If Pakistan is deprived of all the aid and arms it is getting and left in the Hands of the so called Democracy,If, only If America for once starts minding its own business and let the others do the same Will It Help????
    I am not too sure…
    The questions that you are asking are more or less like The one that is every Anti-BJP Party’s favorite(Not that i am fond of it). “Hamne To Kandahar nahin karwaya!!”
    But is there/was there/will there ever be another option?
    An answer that can leave both sides of the coin happy at the same time?
    —-Speculation is no answer it is mere speculation….—–

  2. Well, Obama does appear to be mindful of the fact that the US has to have a clear exit strategy for Afghanistan, if his statements reported at and are anything to go by.
    In a statement made yesterday, reported at , he said an extra 4,000 US personnel would train and bolster the Afghan army and police, and he would also provide support for civilian development.

  3. Only way for Obama is to talk to Omar and then to Osama. Sending 17000 additional troops and spending more is not going to work.

  4. If there is no buffer in the form of Pakistan-no matter how porous-we will be in deep trouble. NWFP and beyond has always been ungovernable.
    off topic: have you seen Kabul Express?

  5. Sir,
    Vietnam or Afghanistan or Pakistan!! Western world is and has paid for it and will bear the consequences in time to come.
    What leaves for India is dirty regionalised and polarised Political Agenda. IPL is more of a victim to Politics versus commercial BCCI (Trust) autonomy, influenced again by Politics.
    I don’t subscribe for the fact to make IPL as the mask of security concerns in India. India is more insecured due to cross and diverse political ideas to grab POWER.
    Our Judiciary is also becoming a cause of concern as a matter of fact that they too form the part of society and how far they can keep them selves untouched.
    Our neighbours all around us are well aware of the fact of the compulsions of Democracy and regional divide and diversity. This has made us an easy target of disturbing Peace at our borders.
    If an opportunity arises God willing I believe we will be able to overcome any insurgency caused by the PATAL-isation. (A synonym for PAk and TALiban sent to the Patal LOK).
    Vinod Agarwal – Suddenly patriotic lol…

  6. Lord Shiv
    for the planet
    sends Ganga from swarag
    life flourshes
    Never Ever was so much need for Shiv and blessings …
    Yes, Today the need is
    let there be awareness, care
    and not the greed etc …
    People needs to learn to live being Humans

  7. Did you realize
    Did someone inform you
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    Please take care to be healthy …

  8. ‘unless the young men of Afghanistan have hope of better and more prosperous lives’
    I wish the US works and communicates persistently to this effect to the general populace.
    Otherwise all the military action will only end up feeding the unconscious rebellion.

  9. ‘unless the young men and women of Afghanistan have hope of better and more prosperous lives’
    I wish the US works and communicates persistently to this effect to the general populace.
    Otherwise all the military action will only end up feeding the unconscious rebellion.

  10. Here in America a majority of the people are for more troops and cash to Afghanistan. I am very very torn. I agree with everything Mr. Kapur and all of you state that America should mind its own business. However, a counter argument is when we ignored Afghanistan during the Taliban’s reign well you know what occurred. Obviously the argument that there is no military victory in Afghanistan is also an excellent and as the Soviets illustrated a provable theory. I do have so much more confidence though that my President (Obama) has an idea what he is doing then what my former President (ugh do not worry I never voted for him) had. Great discussion everyone!

  11. The Curse : America knows it cannot win in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the “graveyard” of super powers. Britain, USSR and now USofA. However, that realisation has not yet dawned. Another 10 years., 25 thousand body bags arriving back-home (to the US); maybe then they realise and call it a day.
    However, they cannot pull back today. It is a matter of saving face. America is already battered and bruised financially. Financial paralysis (Trust world-wide) is not something to be taken lightly. US Dollar today is just like any other currency. There is the symbol of US as a Military Super-power. Walking away from Afghanistan would attest demotion on that front too.
    Obama is hoping against hope for a miracle which wont happen. America is in a state of denial. Even if they drop nuclear bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan they cannot win. Military option is a non-option in the theatre there.
    They must pull back all the forces (to the last man)., and instead announce a USD 100 Billion Marshal Plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan that is development-centric.
    As regards policing / military, they can ask neighbours to contribute, and build military and police force from the ground up – which may take 20 years.

  12. Rule no 1: If America is not at war with a nation it cannot justify its existence. It has to be! To know its identity! Sad but true
    Rule 2: How does it demonstrate the need to hog the headlines across the globe? By being in the thick of the developing zone- Asia! Before it was the MENA region.
    Rule 3: By ‘owning’ Afghanistan thru a proxy war it cliams final sweepstakes to control the last mile on oil rush. And next is the takeover of water.
    And finally do we all really think Usa is fighting a war in Afghanistan? Common people! They are not after Osama Bin Laden at all. There is bigger fish to fry, with a front called Osama! The war is happening elsewhere! For other more precious things! This is politics we are talking about!!

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