Waltz with Bashir

Probably the best film this year. If the film was in English, it would be a serious contender for the Oscar. It left me moved and shattered at the same time. It is psychological, political and mythical at the same time. And about our modern day politics. It is animation, but it draws you so deep into the characters that you forget that you are watching an animation film. You find yourself searching for expression and meaning in the faces of characters as if they were real.
I am told some of that was done by filming actors and then turning them into animation. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was a the most innovative form of Cinema I have seen recently.

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  1. Mee says:

    I felt like that when I saw Shekhars ‘Passage’- so layered, so symbolic, so mythical and also so real and simple.

  2. justbe says:

    Waltz with Basir, excellent!
    where can i find Passage or Passaage in India?

  3. Izaq Singh says:

    Mr. Kapoor,
    As far as i know, it is still a strong contender at the oscars. And most probably it will win the oscar for best foreign film. Ari Folman (the director) has done an incredible job. Certainly one of the most innovative piece of filmmaking in recent times.

  4. Sibin says:

    Yeah, it looks like a fantastic movie. Although the technique is not new. It was also used to make another brilliant movie, “A Scanner Darkly”:

  5. Chetan.S says:

    I absolutely love thee look and feel of the movie… Although, I’ve seen this technique being used in the past, it never ceases to amaze me.. It brings in a sense of surrealism, you’re automatically transported to the realm of the subconscious.
    I saw this technique being used when I watched ‘Waking Life’ (2001) Dir. Richard LinkLlter, who also directed ‘A Scanner Darkly’. I was completely blown away by the visual flow of the narrative.

  6. Sha Zamman says:

    Waltz with Bashir truly was the best film ever. I thought it was very original master piece because it was documentary set up at the same time I thought I felt like I was in a dream and imagining what each character experienced. The music was also amazing and went really well with the movie and the vibe it gave.

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