“Thy Will be done”

Thy Will be done
Is part of the christian prayer
that I always assumed was part of a strict adherence
but then, if you let go
of any attachment to result
as the Bhagvad Geeta asks us to
and if the ‘Thy’ is God
and God is the Universe
then it means the same thing

13 thoughts on ““Thy Will be done”

  1. Yes it is the same thing. Thy is the God and Thy will is the explanation for anything that happens to you. Sounds fatalistic to some, complete surrender to some,letting go of any attachment to some, escapist to some and perhaps acknowledging and bowing down to the power of the ‘Thy’ by some. For me, it is the last one.

  2. Thy Will be done
    Dont attach to results
    Know that everything will happen according to the scheme of things
    are all the same
    With the only difference though that:
    Thy Will be done will be taken as Christian
    What Bhagvad Gita will be taken as Hindu
    The scheme of things when properly understood can be taken as universal.

  3. The Islamic equivalent being, Insha-allah ( God willing),
    the sanskrit word for ego being ahamkaaar , kaar is short for do, which means a sense of doership is the ego, which means total surrender is the egoless and the ultimately blissfull state.
    Have you been to Ramesh Balsekar, the Advaita man of mumbai, Shekhar? He will remove the last trace of doership in your intellect .
    If you are not in Mumbai, read about him in my newly released novel, A Grasshopper’s Pilgrimage. I haven’t changed his name. 🙂

  4. Thy Kingdome come. Thy Will be done, on earth, as in heaven.
    Your (addressing God) Will – as in God’s Will – may it be done on earth as it is in heaven. That is, let us hold Him in glory on earth as he is honored in heaven.
    Does Man letting go of attachments to results ensure God’s Will is done on Earth?

  5. You are not the doer of any action here, O Rama; so, why do you assume doership? When one alone exists, who does what and how? Do not become inactive, either; for what is gained by doing nothing? What has to be done has to be done. Therefore, rest in the self. Even while doing all the actions natural to you, if you are unattached to those actions, you are truly the non-doer; if you are doing nothing and are attached to that non-doership (then you are doing nothing) you become the doer! Page 131
    It is only the egotistic and ignorant person who thinks I do this, whereas all this is done by the different aspects of the one self or infinite consciousness. Page 398
    For, it is the will to do or not to do that binds, and its absence is liberation. Page 487
    – Yoga Vasistha

  6. #8 reminds me of a poem I wrote on an other blog, when a person was overly worrying about economic recession and sort of over-planning in beautiful words as to how to check it.
    Beautiful words
    signifying nothing
    what will happen will happen
    has been happening
    ever since big bang
    yet it will be good
    for, every contruction
    is followed by destruction
    but every destruction
    if followed by consctruction too
    That is not to say, though
    that you should sit idle
    you must do whatever
    your knowledge dictates
    yet it will serve only the above
    scheme of things
    so while doing the best we can
    we should also know that
    it is time we become a bit of stoics
    New way of thinking?
    ah, yes
    those who think
    all are separate
    should learn to think
    that all are united, one
    but how all will think
    as one, as One
    this is the question
    for an other day!
    For the time being though
    we can take solace
    in the understanding
    that if all is One
    then One must already
    be thinking as One
    perhaps thinking like this
    ‘He’ is already taking his scheme of things
    where he will
    all we have to do is only understand
    that all is well
    PS: How about naming this poem “glimpses of perfection” lol.

  7. The direct meaning is obvious and non-debatable. But if someone is looking for more there are metaphorical interpretations that could be applied beyond what is obvious. It is upto the temperament of the searcher to find the hidden meanings.

  8. every thing is the doing , we we call life ,god ,demon etc. every one is on the either side of doing,so the conflict.one has to enter the opposite of his own doing, to come to conslusion of knowing that both are false. he will remain with non-doing, that day he will begin to see.
    I guess god too if it really matters

  9. thy will be done = unquestioning surrender, which , if achieved will bring in tow trust, joy, peace and hope.
    stoicism is the net result with joy and peace coming as imperative bonus.
    a formula worth trying.
    not easy tho. not one bit easy.

  10. Hi,
    I don’t think it really wise to draw parallels between two religions. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can talk philosophy, the point is what is the truth meaning who is the true creator. Where are we going to after death? These are questions we should be concerned about rather than trying to delve into the similarities between faiths.

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