Why does Indian Media give any attention to politicians ?

I think someone should tell Mr Rane, who was so dissapointed for not being appointed Chief Minister of Maharashtra, that no one in India will be surprised if politicians had supported terrorism. So he should just carry out his threat of spilling the beans. No one cares anymore. That is what we, the people of India now think of Politicians. As the citizens of Mumbai and the rest of India come to terms with the immensity of what is facing their lives, their children’s lives, the future fo their country, the politicians are back to playing games with the nation. One resigns, another takes over, another threatens to topple the government. Nothing changed. They are not listening to the loud and clear message of the people of India. That India needs an entirely new force of leadership, and the old guard is completely irrelavent. Why does the Media even give them any attention ?

5 thoughts on “Why does Indian Media give any attention to politicians ?

  1. Sir,
    Media in my opinion have their own loyalties to assure their exclusive bytes and news from these Politicians who call themselves Newsmakers. As for Mr.Rane, every loser has a right to rebel and make the best of everything, the only qualification any one needs in Politics.
    Vinod Agarwal – Better Politicians means fewer News Channels.

  2. Because they run our country Shekhar!. However much you abhor them, you cannot ignore them. Is India gearing up for a revolution? The temperatures are running high but all the news is from the metros. Nothing is going to change in India till the angst and unrest reaches the grass-root level. And the common man in India, is so resigned to his fate that nothing seems to arouse him.
    I sometimes think the only reason we managed to get up and fight against the British was because they were persistent in their atrocities keeping our angst alive. If they had adopted the good co-bad cop policy India would never have been independent!

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