Garbage recycling in Mumbai : an appeal

Sanjeevani Bhelandi sent this in. It’s a really important issue in Mumbai, which is fast turning into an untenable city falling apart at the seams. Pleas support FORCE if you can. Sanjeevani is a beautiful singer famous in her own right and you can visit her website at
“Garbage is another grave urban issue strangely not being taken seriously. Mumbai garbage dumps are full. I know a remarkable lady Ms Poonam Huddar who runs an NGO called FORCE (forum for re-clycling communities and environment). She lives adjacent to the Deonar garbage dump and started this movement fed up of the daily stink. Garbage segregation is the only solution to this monsterous issue. Convert wet waste into manure through vermiculture and recycle dry one. FORCE encourages buildings to compost their wet garbage and gives employment to ragpickers. Garbage segregation at source also gives dignity to the lives of our rag pickers who otherwise have to rummage thru garbage for their livelihood. I personally put my kitchen waste like cucumber peels,methi,coriander stems etc into my pots and find my plants growing with so much vigour as they get fresh,free manure.there are no mosquitoes,no stink unlike what many people doubt. There is such poor awareness about this issue it is apalling. The open garbage bins on every corner of our roads are health hazards breeding infections,rats,mosquitoes.and in the rains clog drains. I admire the work of this simple middle class frail woman who works tirelessly to give us a cleaner Mumbai. Please lets all segregate garbage,put our kitchen veggies in our pots.we can grow our own tulsi,pudinah,kadhipatta,mirch(I do). Garbage is gold if seperated. Selling the dry waste generates income. Also rich manure is created thru composting. Dumping is not the correct way to disposing garbage. Burning causes pollution. Right way is to recycle thru segregation. Shekharji,your picture prompted me to spread word about this issue.

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  1. DQ says:

    We look down on the western world for reasons many
    They have qualites too which is commendable
    Throw their garbage in green bags to recycle, black bags for other waste
    timely collection of disposed stuff
    why do we have to run up hill only running up the economy ladder and not our basic needs
    for a healtheir, cleaner country I wonder
    Hiya Shekhar
    POizen urrf Jhandu balm where are you?

  2. DQ says:

    The poor as it is, have merely much garbage in life, they live with such basics of life
    whoes job is it then?
    crap of the so called rich, educated, well travelled, well informed people?
    ha! ha!

  3. Thankyou Shekharji for posting the issue and your kind appreciation of my talent.
    Just adding some info on FORCE:
    FORCE has a website
    their numbers are 9820421039 and 32931656
    If you can convince your society members to start vermicomposting in your compound,you can contact FORCE,they’ll construct the pit(6x3x2feet) and send their qualified staff to manage the composting for you regularly.The society can use the manure for its own garden,and sell the rest.The ragpickers who have FORCE i-cards,come twice a week and collect the dry waste.I failed to convince my own society about both vermicomposting and rainwater harvesting.they feared foulodour,said earthworms will crawl out..neither is true.many societies ban potted plants saying it spoils the paint.I put my pots in an aluminium trough,so the water doesn’t spoil the external walls and I can continue to feel connected to Nature when my pudinah grows wild and my jaswand smiles.
    Apparently the central govt is still undecided on a strategy that will direct the Municipal tak,lets take steps at the micro level,else Mumbai will be buried under the 7,500 tons of garbage it generates daily
    deepest regards,

  4. Neeta says:

    This is such a good idea. Thankyou Sanjeevani for being so enterprising about this issue. I hope you get more and more ‘societies’ to get creative with the garbage they generate. It takes so little but saves the earth one trash can a day.

  5. Shekhar, just picked up that you are the creative director behind ‘Live Earth’ at Mumbai on Dec 7th.I’m absolutely thrilled and excited for you. Best Wishes.Let us know how we could help with spreading the news and key messages.

  6. Rashid Al Fiyad says:

    The Government should take a part in sorting out India’s trash problem. They dont do much and should spend some of their military budget helping the cities out.
    (PS Shekur you spell Thru,,, Through. Not thru lol)

  7. Rashid says:

    Shekar You spell thru,, Through not thru. Nice work keep up the good work Shekar

  8. Asha.R.Lakhotia says:

    chanced upon this site & felt good after the knowledge it provided. IT is really a great source to curb pollution & at the same time lower global warming… everybody should think seriously about the project & work seriously individually or as a society.

  9. Jen K says:

    I am from USA, in Utah. I did a search for what your problems are in India with garbage and found these posts. I had some good friends over there years ago and they told me what they saw. I was just a child. The movie Slum Dog brought that memory back to me. I have been in a search for a country even a state here in the U.S. that would give my company a chance to teach people the opportunities we have in garbage. we don’t have to dump it and watch n smell it rot, we can recycle 100%. If governments or the people want an answer to a global problem I have it. we have built a prototype plant that recycles almost everything. Yes composting all the wet will benefit all. I am told we can replenish all the worlds farm lands by setting up composts for all our wet garbage. So the trick is to take and recycle the dry in one area and the wet in another. we can set up plants next to dump sites and start recycling and creating jobs for many, many, people. I have thought about this for many years. Your country could teach the world. I have the team and the plant. Anyone out there want to venture partner on an international level? The economy is bad but the garbage will continue to pile up and it is gold for the taking. My idea would be to take percentage of the profits and make better lives for many. Empty the garbage dumps and build housing with clean water, electricity, and dignity. NO MORE SLUM DOGS! it is time to teach our children what we CAN DO!

  10. Mrudula Navasa Palyekar says:

    A very healthy thought and action required to be understood by our society.Hope to see more information on the same and come up in active performance in the society at the micro level soon.

  11. mayuresh says:

    The article is excellent &the writer has good writing skills.

  12. Almost always I manage to take away my trash sensibly but it is occasionally depressing when I find out what some nations seem to be doing to the beautiful planet!

  13. sneha says:

    cai i have your contact details.i m from hyderabad i’m interested in doing this in my city

  14. Ram Ganeshan says:

    The guy from Utah says he has some solutions. His name is Jen.K
    You have his email and phone number?

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