Shia Lebouf, Julie christie, John Hurt in New York I love you

So I finished filming my episode and have delivered the first rough cut. When I arrived in New York just a few days before the shoot, we had no cast. But as we went through the lists almost as if by some act of destiny or magic my first choices were not only available, but also willing to fly from all over the world to come and shoot with me these two days. I think this was as much out of incredible respect for Anthony Minghella’s last script as much as it was for working with me. I do ot need t say anything about the talents of actors like John Hurt and Julie Christie. They are a pleasure to work with and have consistently performed outstandingly over the years. With John Hurt it was a double pleasure as we became incredibly good friends when we were both n the jury of the Marrakech Film Festival. But the surprise was Shia Lebouf…

I walked into his hotel in NY ready to pitch him the script, ready to try and persuade him to do the part. Afetr all he is being heralded as the next huge Hollywood star ! But imagine my surprise when he walked in, shook my hand, and proceeded to pay the character. He had been rehearsing the character for three hours even before I got there.
Siha is a focussed, intelligent and thinking actor. Everyone who saw the film were completely taken by his performance – and I am not going to give things away by talking about it. The film should be out soon.
Benoit Debie, the wonderful DP from Belgium (remember Irreversible ?) was my DP and my good friend Antonio Pinto is landing tomorrow to score the music (City of God).
I have throughly enjoyed making this film. So much that I would really make a few shorts more. It is fun trying to tell a whole story in such a short space of time. We had a hard two day shoot in NY – but I oved the crew. i think this is the first really independant film I making in the West and the crew are so different from the ones that work in mainstream Hollywood cinema. It was great experience and I really like the film myself too. It helped having a script by Anthony Minghella though. I really look forward to making some more short films. All segemnst are required to be under 6/7 minutes, But mine is based on a script that is the last script written by Anthony Minghella before he passed away, so we decided to be true to his vision. My film is about 12 minutes long.
Other directors include Scarlett Johannson, Mira nair, Bret Rattner, Fatih Akin (turkish but brought up in Germany), Natalie Portman, Shunji Iwa (japan), Wen Jiang (china) etc

8 thoughts on “Shia Lebouf, Julie christie, John Hurt in New York I love you

  1. dear shekhar
    there is something about this short format indeed! And the fact that it can really strike every time if done well focusing just one component of life at a time. It also has that present moment impact and can actually stay within the viewer more longer than a feature film. (..making a positive difference!?!!)
    sometimes i feel SHORT FILMS well made have a potential to even impart some of its audience a satori!!!!!!! (why not – if zen masters can do it with a stick or a koan)
    i just wish it also becomes a sustainable format so that larger audience sees it and people like me can also do something…life is short: )
    // Check out these in case U havent yet!! these 2 wonderful short films
    on Time(the illusion) – one is Histoire d’eaux by Bernardo Bertolluci based upon a verse ‘IT WAS AS IF THE MOUNTAINS WHEN SEEN THROUGH MANY MILLENIUMS WOULD RISE AND FALL LIKE WAVES IN WATER’ from the Mythology of Vishnu and the other The Enlightenment from AUGUSTINUS // and then say something!!

  2. My mouth was watering reading that Shekhar! You are a star, and I look up to you with great respect. You are setting the standards, and inspiring us young sub-continentals with dreams to create entertainment for the world to appreciate!!
    Keep going, and I’m coming

  3. Hi Sir,
    I’m very much inclined to intellectual thought process as you do…speaking candidly on many socio economic to myth and scientific subjects.
    But I was amused when you said in an interview that “Tamilians whose language we can’t speak or understand and never will. And for Telegus who we don’t understand and for Assamese who think they’re a different country anyway.”
    because there are certain guys who can really take off in several vernacular languages for I myself speak six languages…Its not the grasping power to be fluent but I think every language has a rhythm and pitch by which we can speak that language.
    Pls post me a comment on paani …for I think this is time wherein we need to project a film on such an issue.

  4. I’m wondering if the script is available to be read anywhere? I’m studying screenwriting and would love to see it.

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